Monday, February 4, 2019

Tornado today near Fresno, California?

Now I think I've heard about everything. First we have at least 5 years of relative drought then this year we get El Nino weather now which is actually kind of Scary at this point. The drought was scary in a whole different way. For example, I was worried that they might not be able to reopen Highway 101 because I prefer to head north on 101 because this time of year the Grapevine often might close from Snow (I-5). However, both one by one opened up fairly quickly last Saturday even though we found out that power was out that morning on our house from trees being blown over in the storms hitting the coast where we live. We talked to our housekeeper and housesitter and they both said it was very difficult to go roundabout roads to actually even get to our house because so many trees were down blocking regular roads they would have normally traveled to get to our house. GPS maps can be very helpful on your smartphones at these times (as long as you have Data available to find different alternative roads on your maps and you have cell service). Otherwise you might need a physical map for rerouting if cell service is also down from the storms or you could ask passersby how to get somewhere on storm days when most roads are closed wherever you are.

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