Monday, February 11, 2019

What is a mystic?

There are Christian Mystics. There are Islamic Mystics like Sufis and Also the Bahai are also mystics too I believe.

But, to me, the basis for me as a Christian mystic is this: "God is Where you find "HIM HER THE BEING".

Another part of being a mystic for me is: "IF an ant is your guru, feed him!"

So, to me, God is everywhere I look. So, I see God into everyone and everything I meet. And so this changes people's lives often for the better in amazing ways full of Grace and helpfulness.

At one point God led me to Tibetan Buddhism as well and I studied with Tibetan Lamas in the U.S. and India and Nepal during the 1980s a lot. But, there is no conflict between being a mystical Christian and Being a Tibetan Buddhist simply because Buddhism to Christians is not considered a religion but rather a Philosophy called "Tibetan Buddhist Philosophy". So, most Christians can also be Tibetan Buddhists as well as mystical Christians at the same time with no internal conflicts at all.

Many priests and ministers around the world also consider themselves Christian Priests and Ministers as well as practicing Tibetan Buddhists for this reason as well. This is far more common than you might think especially among well educated Mystical Christians and Priests and Ministers around the world.

By God's Grace

While I was in Dharmsala, India in the foothills of the Himalayas at about 6000 feet elevation in January and February of 1986 with my family I was sent to meet Ling Rinpoche. A monk that was a student of Geshe lobsang Gyatso I was traveling with was given permission by High Lamas to let us visit Ling Rinpoche. Many amazing experiences like this happened to me and to my family while traveling in the Himalayas especially in India and Nepal.

We hiked many miles up from Dharamshala into the hills to about 7000 or 8000 feet elevation until we were way out in the country away from the city of Dharamshala and were taken to a humble rock house with a slate roof where Ling Rinpoche was. We had no idea what to expect this time and we went in and Ling Rinpoche was sitting on a table cross legged in the Maitreya Mudra position with the right hand raised in the teaching position that I would call the "Radiance from the hand" teaching position. The left hand was in the lap in the receiving position. I asked the attending Tibetan Monks whether he was coming back from his meditations and they said "no". So, he had been like this sitting on this table for 1 or 2 years already. But, his body wasn't decomposing either and it was radiant with heaven realms beaming from it. I began to cry because I had lost my father only 6 months before and this Monk who had ruled Tibet for the Dalai Lama before he came of age at 18 was sitting here before me channeling like a new father of mine, Maitreya's heaven realm back to me and to my family. This was one of the most profound experiences of my entire life!

By God's Grace

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