Monday, May 8, 2017

If you are an intuitive often visitors from other times or planets aren't as worried about your dying of shock

IF you are like me and know what people's motivations are without them saying anything you are much less likely to die of a psychotic break realizing what people (or beings) are really thinking and feeling.

In the past, often when people were visited by time or space travelers (or usually both) often people just had a stroke or couldn't cope or just started a religion around their experiences or all three at once.

However, if you are an intuitive like me then you won't necessarily lose it like many do. So, my reactions to extreme events might be to be somewhat afraid like when you encounter any serious anomaly in your lives like a traffic accident you might have to get involved in or a war or a police incident like that.

This is often what an "alien" encounter is like. It's sort of like dealing with an unexpected accident that might permanently change your life in unpredictable ways.

How are you going to cope with these unexpected changes?

That's right. You don't know until it happens unexpectedly when you least expect things to happen or to change.

However, having the ability to sense motivations in all beings can help keep you alive through very strange experiences. So, this ability can be a life saver and also important to your and everyone's survival here on earth as well. So, if you have this ability it is worth developing like an athlete develops their muscles in specific ways for certain events in the Olympics.

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