Sunday, February 10, 2019

Applying the Scientific Method to Everything is useful

I studied about Saint Germain Growing up and my parents told me that Saint Germain started out as the illegitimate son of Queen Elizabeth I in the 1600s I believe born 1561 named Francis Bacon. He later developed the Scientific Method because he was a scientific Genius of his time. They also believed he never died and eventually became the "Comte De Saint Germain" of France. So, it was an easy jump to realize that if Saint Germain started the Scientific Method and also wrote the Shakespearean Plays that applying the Scientific Method (in other words breaking down everything into hypotheses, Theories and Laws) would make perfect sense too. So, I categorize every bit if information this way that I receive from any source whether it be scientific, logical, spiritual or religious.

So, as a result I have an unlimited amount of hypotheses (that could be true) and a more limited group of Theories (that are almost always true) and a very limited group of Laws I have formulated (that are almost always true absolutely). But, I also reserve the right to change any point of view I have as I receive more information as time goes on.

In this way I apply the Scientific method to everything including spirituality and religion and my life makes sense to me because of this.

Unless you develop your own criteria for everything you become a victim to everyone and everything around you all your lives.

So, use the scientific method to protect yourself from liars whether they are conscious liars or just sincere fools who don't know any better.

By God's Grace

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