Thursday, February 7, 2019

I have been suspicious of people who told me they were "celibate" since my teens

Because, for most people being celibate is an "Unnatural State". It's sort of like saying to me, "I'm not going to eat food anymore." If you said that to me it wouldn't be that different than saying to me you are celibate.

What happens when you stop eating normal foods or drinking water?

Without any food at all you might live (if you were warm enough) 2 months without food maybe 3 before you died.

Without water, you might live up to 10 to 12 days under the right circumstances. I myself have done a vision quest where I drank no water and ate no food for 96 hours and I was okay doing this even though you are no longer in what I would call a "Normal" state of consciousness, especially after about 2 days to 4 days into this. What you go into is sort of a combination of a dream state combined with a conscious state which is very different than most people are used to except when they are sleeping or just going to sleep or just waking up.

So, when people tell me they are celibate, I immediately become suspicious of them and realize they are likely out of balance psychologically. OF course then there are some people who are non-sexual or asexual and this is different. About 10% of people are either non-sexual or asexual and don't need a partner possibly ever in their lives on a sexual level.

But, if you are the other 80% or 90% of the human race, sexuality might be important and often is. So, many people either are going to need to either masturbate or have sexual congress with the right person.

I used to counsel male  Juvenile offenders in California ages 12 to 17 and one of the things I believe that causes them to kill each other as young gang members is that most gang members don't believe in masturbation which is a sure way to cause young men to kill each other between the ages of 12 and 30. There has to be some release of sexual tension either through masturbation or sexual congress or else murders often occur from psychological imbalances especially among young men.

It is very important to understand this if you want to reduce gang violence and murders around the world.

The way we would speak about it to our friends who were boys often was in the early to late 1960s was: "You are like a loaded Gun just waiting to go off!" This basically meant that someone was so full of anger and rage and sexual tension that they might kill someone very easily. I could easily spot someone like this a mile away and if they weren't a good friend I would usually stay far away from them so I wouldn't be knifed or clubbed or shot by accident back then.

If they are a friend that will still allow you to "Talk them down" then that's what you try to do before something really bad happens.

If you are a young man and you aren't looking out for yourself and your friends, you soon could be dead today just the same as in yesteryear or yesterday. If you can safely help your friends you should be brave and try to keep them alive too. Maybe they might even make it to 30 or beyond because you made a difference in their lives.

By God's Grace

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