Tuesday, February 5, 2019

If you don't generate a heaven realm to live in, Who Will?

There is a saying: "God helps those who help themselves." I agree with this and that this is how God helps us to create our own heavens here on earth and beyond.

As I have studied many things on earth including enlightenment it has scientifically occurred to me that Time isn't ultimately real and neither is space.

So, What is real?

Being and Non-Being are real and that is all. But they really have nothing to do with Time and space at all in the end unless you think they do.

So, taking personal responsibility for creating a state of being: (whether you are in a cave or in a city or in the country or wherever you are, is important if you ever want any peace or heaven in your life at all.

Where does one start?

I have found after studying philosophy, Anthropology, Computer science, psychology and Sociology that: "God is where you find Him, Her, The Being."

Enlightenment is where you find it also.

Learning to live in a state of enlightenment is important too.

However, there is a good joke about that which goes something like this:

The yogi had been at the ashram doing asanas now for 6 months and then 1 year and one day he thought he would share his wonderous enlightenment with the whole world by walking through the city to bless them all with his exquisite enlightened state. As he walked in his robes through the city someone going too fast bumped into him and he said: "YOU SON OF A BITCH!"

He wasn't as enlightened as he thought he was was he?

But, beyond this learning compassion for yourselves and for all others is the real key to enlightenment. You begin to see all beings as your friends or your children (usually both) over time.
So, you want to help and protect your friends and children don't you?

So, you do what you can to help all beings and yourself with kindness along the way.

Right mindful Kindness can and will prevent human extinction on earth if enough people are wise enough and right mindful enough about how they live their lives.

It might only take one more wise and kind soul to save mankind from extinction this century.

Won't you be that one?

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