Tuesday, February 5, 2019

When you hear Crazy Talk you are usually listening to a Crazy man

which is what people were listening to tonight. When someone calls for unity while putting you down and wanting peace on his own terms you know that this person isn't playing with a full deck or at the very least cares nothing about you, personally or anyone like you or in this case doesn't care about whether anyone who isn't a billionaire lives or dies but just pretends to.

We have all had this feeling listening to used car salesmen or people who sell things they shouldn't world wide always. Whenever someone is lying to themselves first and lying to you second they might as well be just talking to telephone poles like crazy people often do because everyone else  should know enough not to listen to them at all ever.

The same has always been true of Trump. He might have fooled 30% to 40% of the people but around 60% have always known Trump was completely crazy and self serving only sort of like a Mafia Boss (and maybe exactly like his Russian  Boss Putin).

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