Saturday, February 9, 2019

It's raining in Santa Barbara

Today we went for a walk on the beach (my daughter and her boyfriend). It was a nice day but cooler than I'm used to in Santa Barbara at about 62 degrees Fahrenheit for this time of year. But, the sun felt nice and I found it warm enough to go barefoot walking along the beach today. My daughter picked up a live sand crab near the water and showed her boyfriend who had never seen one before because he doesn't live near the ocean in Europe and hasn't been near the ocean likely for 8 years or so and never in the U.S. in California before either. So, it was a fun experience for all of us. Then we threw the sand crab back into the water and watched it dig it's way into the sand.

Tonight I looked online (after I got the internet working once again where we are) and noticed it was supposed to rain tonight so I put on a weather app which would show me the exact moments when rain would come down and it was right when the first drops showed up on the ground here. So, Now it's raining (at least for now and is also raining to the north and to the east as well as far north as Stockton and Red Bluff. But likely it might be snowing in Red Bluff and to the east that far north tonight. Because it is a pretty cold night to the north lately with it snowing in Seattle and likely in Portland by Monday and Tuesday.

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