Friday, February 8, 2019

Why is the truth about aliens from the past, present and future being hidden from people on earth?

The first reason is that all religions on earth would collapse within a few years if the truth was known about things like: Maldek, the planet our ancestors blew up 65 million years ago out past mars that is now an Asteroid belt.

2nd, most corporations and businesses and governments would collapse on earth if the truth was known.

So, often alien civilizations know this and how many millions or billions would die of starvation and worse if the truth was known by enough people of how many would become dysfunctional and unable to work without religions or businesses or governments that were functional after this information was available to the masses.

So, this is why all religions and some governments hide the truth and even kill or maim or drug those who would speak the truth about any of this (or at least it was like this from 1900 to 1990 when the Soviet Union Collapsed) (partly because of the information from a Russian probe that proved that Maldek (the asteroid belt) was a planet destroyed by nuclear weapons (by our ancestors 65 million years ago).

So, if you think religions are your friend, maybe they are, but not in relation to the truth about UFOs because it is not in the interests of ANY religion for you to know the truth about them.

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