Friday, February 8, 2019

Veiled Memories

My belief is that everyone who can read or write any language on earth has "Veiled memories". In other words things have happened to all these people worldwide regarding aliens from other worlds that are hidden from their everyday view. So, my belief is that though it is possible to "Open up" these memories, most people likely would rather let "Sleeping dogs lie sleeping".

But, some of us like myself are brave enough to actually face the truth of all this.

So, many of my "Veiled Memories" were allowed to open up in the early 2000s once I had been forced by health to retire. So, often I have access to the truth of many things others don't. So, I tend to understand many things that others don't too. Does this make me a better person? I'm not sure that makes any sense to me. But it likely makes me much more aware of all that is going on regarding the constantly changing time lines of earth and why the secret agencies of the largest nations on earth put Trump in charge to thin out by half the populations of earth this century in order to prevent human extinction between 2080 and 2090 on the 2nd and 3rd timeline.

But many or most might not survive the truth of the relationship of all humans to aliens from other worlds and times and dimensions.

By God's Grace

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