Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Made it to Santa Barbara from Orange today

Yesterday we visited my adopted daughter in San Diego and her husband and son. One of my other daughters and her boyfriend who hadn't met them before from Europe came with us so she could introduce her new boyfriend of the last 6 months or so to them while he is visiting the U.S. now for awhile. So, after having a nice dinner with the three of them at their home near San Diego we drove north to Orange to my cousin's house there. This morning my daughter's European Boyfriend wanted to see Griffith Observatory because it has been in many American movies over the years. I told him and my wife and older biological daughter that I had grown up in Glendale and had ridden my bicycle over to Griffith Observatory because we liked visiting there and riding our bikes on or near the roads and trails throughout Griffith park then in the late 1950s and early 1960s. We even used to catch Crawfish or Crayfish in streams running down near Griffith park then but since Global Warming it is possible that the crawfish have all died or not. I couldn't find anything on them in Griffith park anymore but there appears to be some still in Echo Park Lake:

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Crawfish in Echo Park Lake?!
Martin Cox photographed the sneaky Echo Park crawfish while hangin' with Jenny Burman
Up in the mountains in northern California, we call them crawdads, but whether you call them crawfish, crawdads, or crayfish – they are pretty much the same. One thing I never expected was for them to show up in the murky waters of Echo Park Lake, but Jenny Burman of Chicken Corner has the proof.
This fancy-looking guy or gal showed itself yesterday while Chicken Corner was taking a walk around the park with her pal Martin Cox, dog Chyla, and for a little while Dave Foster, who manages the park on site for Park & Rec. The crayfish stayed in view for about 40 seconds, then hastened into the crack in the cement (mid-ground in the photo), exactly where it was headed at the moment Martin snapped the photo with his cell phone.
A little bit of research revealed perhaps, just maybe, could it be the crawfish found in Silver Lake back in 2005 by LA Weekly columnist Joe Donnelly? Nicknamed Iko, the crawfish was found on a sidewalk in Silver Lake, and transported to Echo Park Lake, where it “quickly disappeared into the murk.” I don’t know how long crawfish live, but perhaps it is an Iko sighting?

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