Wednesday, February 6, 2019

More regarding Orange to Santa Barbara

We left Griffith park and left my daughter and her boyfriend in another car because we didn't want to hit bad traffic. I think we left there around 2 pm and did hit traffic a couple of places mostly because of traffic accidents between Griffith park and about Camarillo up the coast a ways. My daughter I guess looked at the GPS after they hiked up towards the Hollywood sign and then drove down to Hollywood and Sunset Blvd. All the way to the beach and then drove up Pacific Coast Highway all the way to Oxnard I guess because it was the only way they could make it fast to Oxnard and beyond to Santa Barbara between 5pm and 7:30 pm so this is what they did. They drove through Malibu up to Oxnard along the coast. I had thought of doing this coming down last Friday from the San Francisco Area but at that time the mud slides had closed Pacific coast Highway between Oxnard and Malibu last Friday I believe or around there. So, I didn't want to be stuck there with no easy alternate route. However, today was sunny because the storms have all passed for now at least. So, they had a really great treat of both missing all the traffic AND driving up through Malibu and Oxnard right along the ocean. But, remember to GPS on Google maps this route on your smartphone before you do it in case it closes because of mud, rock, rain and all that again.

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