Saturday, February 9, 2019

My Theory likely will be proven correct within a few hundred years

The Research of a lifetime

Here's the thing. The amount of evidence corroborated by so many researchers means that my theory postulated in: "The Research of a Lifetime" above cannot be proved scientifically yet. However, by postulating my theory it can be proved over time to be correct or at least partially correct just like Einstein's E=MCsquared wasn't proven at first when he postulated it.

What is the biggest single obstacle to proving my theory?

I would say first religions not wanting their religions to be disproved and 2nd governments not wanting their governments to fray away from the truth and 3rd corporations vested interests and the vested interests of some learning institutions worldwide wouldn't want this truth out there for various reasons. Understanding that all this is true, How can my theory be proved if it is true?

For now, those of us who know it's all mostly true can have the satisfaction of knowing something like this can still be printed SOMEWHERE still on earth.

By God's Grace

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