Sunday, February 10, 2019

The Slow Move Underground for mankind

Let's say you own property that includes a hillside somewhere. So, you burrow into the hillside a little and build your home and refill the dirt and plants after you have built your home there. This way your roof is dirt and rocks, 3 of your walls are dirt and rocks and you have one side of your home looking out at your view from the hillside.

What did you just accomplish by doing this?

You reduced your heating and cooling costs almost to zero just by doing this. Then if you put a solar array outside of your home you likely won't ever have to pay much for electricity anymore either. You might even be completely self sufficient if you have a Tesla Storage battery and a gasoline or diesel generator for backup ongoing.

This is just one way to prepare for the future here on earth. This obviously will be a slow move underground for mankind over the next several hundred years. But, without it human extinction is almost assured from overpopulation above ground where people build where they should be growing crops to survive instead.

I have written before about how the best farmland on earth which is the Salinas Valley where most of the lettuce crops are grown in the U.S. is slowly being turned into subdivisions. And this sort of thing is also happening worldwide. The same is true of the Sacramento and San Joaquin Valleys in California which is likely the largest 4 growing seasons a year farm lands in the world as well. So, as you can see this doesn't make sense when you have 8 billion hungry people trying to get enough food to stay alive.

Unless we preserve enough farmland soon worldwide, only the richest people will be eating soon and about 1/2 of the present population of earth will be gone by 2100.

This is the present track we are on of losing 1/2 of the human race within 100 years. So, it's up to you and to me to create a better future than the one that is coming. How do we do this? Let's get creative and find a way where civilization doesn't end through overpopulation and we can be self sustaining instead.

Remember, only about 1 billion people can be sustained on the surface of the earth for thousands of years the way things are going right now.

And if you cover the best farmlands with cement and roads and houses worldwide, how is that going to work?

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