Sunday, February 10, 2019

It's presently 45 going down to 36 tonight in Santa Barbara!

These are pretty low temperatures for Santa Barbara by the way. It's also 44 in Orange County where we were staying earlier last week. It's going to be 38 there tonight. So, it's cold all over California tonight. What's different down in SoCal is that often thermopane windows and extra insulation in houses often aren't required by code when houses were built. But, I suppose as long as things don't go down below freezing where you are maybe it's okay. Strangely enough, it is only in the low 40s where I live near San Francisco tonight. Strange weather all over the west coast tonight with 70 year records for snow fall being broken over and over again in Seattle this February going back to 1949 so far. It's snowing in Mt. Shasta with a low of 19 degrees Fahrenheit tonight by the way too. Bakersfield further inland is 37 degrees right now going down to 34 degrees Fahrenheit.

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