Friday, November 30, 2007

The New Cowboys and Indians

The New Cowboys and Indians.In this article the Cowboys are the Israelis and the Indians the Palestinians. The present leader of Israel said that if they can't establish a two state peaceful Israel and Palestine that he is afraid that the same thing will happen to Israel as what happened to the white South Africans through Mandela.

Now for a little history. When Israel was first established after World War II, Palestine was a little third world nation and couldn't really stand up to the 1st world or their first world Jewish refugees who had survived the Holocaust in Europe. Europe helped establish Israel out of guilt for the 6 million gased and tortured Jewish people in nazi concentration camps. The United States helped because they felt bad about the holocaust too. At the time Palestine being 3rd world had no real hope of stopping either Europe or the United States, Canada and Australia from establishing a Jewish homeland on ancient Palestinian land. Both the Jewish peoples and the Palestinian people had been persecuted for thousands of years so they actually have a lot in common in some ways throughout history.

However, now everything has changed 60 years later. Most middle eastern nations have gone from Tribal based societies to at least feudal capitalistic states. So from 3rd world nations mostly without organized governments they have gone to where most european nations were about in the 1800's. So Europe and the United States can identify with this. Not only that nations like Saudi Arabia and their citizens are beginning to bail out large US based multinationals like Citigroup with billions of dollars after the subprime meltdown which is ongoing. So everything has changed in every way.

Like the cowboys of the wild west of the United States Israel has always been able to do more with less than anyone else in the region. Like American cowboys for years they rescued their nation with bravado. But now the heroes of both sides are gone from the political stage like Arafat and Sharone. Without these two the old cowboys and Indians are gone. And unlike America there is no smallpox to decimate the indians so that 95% of them were dead even before the cowboys arrived on the seen. By the time the cowboys arrived all there was left was a few people left in severe grief. However, I believe Olmert is right. It might be that Israel like Hong Kong might have to pass back to the locals. Because of world changes there may be no other long term choice.

Even Hong Kong is demonstrating itself to be only an instrument for mainland China as two American minsweepers were turned away from Hong Kong in a storm. They were refused refuge in a storm! Then two American Aircraft Carriers have been turn away from Hong Kong as well. What is going on?

Anyway, all I'm saying is that the world is changing and not in a way that Europe, Israel or the United States likes. But change is the nature of things and those who survive must be pragmatic enough to deal with those changes!

Being a Free Thinker

Being a Free Thinker. When I watched the movie "National Treasure" tears came to my eyes when the little boy in the beginning of the movie was discovered and knighted by his grandfather for this was the kind of relationship I had with my father as well.

My father taught me to be a free thinker always. I remember he would set me up in a debate in the car with my mother listening. He and I would debate almost anything. He was teaching me to be a free thinker and to analyze even at age 8 or 9 any given situation so I could make good critical decisions at all times with whatever information that was presently available to me. He also showed me how to research whatever facts I needed to make even better decisions. He said that "One must make decisions throughout ones life but the important thing was to never be frightened of decision making. One must plow through all the decisions with whatever information one could garner in the moment. He also said that most decisions can be modified in some useful way when more information is learned as time goes on. In this way he said, one could constantly modify according to available information all aspects of life. He said that this was how people had moved from being cavemen and cave women to where they were today.

My father also always wore his blue sapphire ring with a diamond in the center of it to church as he was in charge of our Los Angeles church and head lay minister there from the time I was 6 to 12 years old.

I was reading an article today that brought all these memories back to me. It was an article about Dan Brown's new book that is based loosely upon freemasonry and the history of our founding fathers. Washington, Franklin and many others at that time were free masons and so the design of our capital was set by Washington along free mason engineering ideas and concepts. Here is the article which reminded me of reading the American Heritage publications that my father subscribed to most of my childhood that I always read with great fascination about all these remarkable people who started our country.

To Cool a Market Meltdown

To cool a market meltdown. I finally found an article that addresses the problem that I
spoke about in my article "Doomsday Scenario". I found an article at the Christian Science Monitor called "To Cool a Market Meltdown Apply Aid Carefully"

In this article I began to find some answers. He says that because of some of the mistakes of banking and other investment companies those instituitions probably need to be allowed to fail if their mistakes were too extreme. To bail out companies that shouldn't be bailed out because of basic monetary incompetence doesn't make any sense. Even though the operative word in capitalism is greed rather than "from each according to his ability and to each according to his or her need", still that greed has to be practical for all concerned. If it is in the end not practical then that institution needs to be allowed to fail. For example, if a person stands in front of an oncoming truck that person likely will die. If banking or financial institutions metaphorically do the same things then they will die too. It is simply a fact of life and no amount of government interference can change that unless the government itself wants to collapse in unreality eventually just like many third world governments do in these kinds of situations.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Spontaneous Accomplishment

Spontaneous Accomplishment.Compassionate Spontaneous Accomplishment is the goal of all naturally occurring Saintly beings in the Universe. A Naturally occurring Saintly Being would be defined in this case by: A being who has suffered and who has witnessed the suffering of countless other beings to the point where that being makes a vow to permanently end their suffering and the suffering of all sentient beings no matter how long that takes or how many lifetimes that may take.

Another name for such a being in the eastern traditions is a Bodhisattva. However, this type of being is known throughout the universe by an almost infinite number of names.

One of the ways such a being moves toward their goal is to seek the leisure to practice. Through diligence I reached my goal of leisure to practice in 1998 when I almost died of a heart virus. So after 10 years of leisure to practice I see it as a mixed blessing. One the one hand leisure to practice brings the time and money one needs to help people in amazing ways. On the other hand one has to deal with oneself in a way that one can usually escape from when bound to tasks like career and raising children and other family obligations. So even though in my case it has meant that I don't have to struggle for money through career I am still raising a daughter and also taking care of my wife and likewise they also take care of me.However, new problems arise in how to perceive myself and my life and my purpose. The big goal of ending the suffering of myself and as many others is on its way. But still I struggle with being as physically and mentally youthful as I am at 59. I have the health that most people when I grew up at least had lost by age 35 or 40. I still have better health than that at 59 so though it leads to many more possibilities it also takes me into uncharted territory.

What I presently believe is that those of us baby boomers around the world have an obligation to set new records for mental acuity and physical health. I believe we will shove up the possible age of good mental and physical health into the 100's during this century. I believe following generations might take it even further. So all you baby boomers let's all get very creative with our Spontaneous Accomplishment!

Saving Lives

Saving Lives. It is in my nature to save lives whenever I am able to by God's Grace. I was born with precognitive gifts. Precognitive literally means "seeing before". In my case it means I see danger, moments, days, weeks, years, centuries or longer before the danger arrives or occurs.After seeing danger sometimes I can do something about it and sometimes all I can do is pray for others who likely would not believe me even if I told them. I believe this ability was prayed for by me and received in other lifetimes and so I brought this ability into this life to save my life and as many others as possible. I have no doubt at all that I and many others are alive today because of this prayed for and received gift by the Grace of God.

The strangest and most difficult time of this gift was during the Loma Prieto Earthquake on October 17th, 1989. It did a lot of damage from San Francisco south to Watsonville and killed at least 50 people. However, my experience of it was very painful for me as I knew it was coming two weeks before. I took my family to Hana, Maui,Hawaii and watched it live on CNN cable there.

Before I left I told people it was coming. One of my friends, a childhood friend of my then wife's was told and her house was torn right in half during the earthquake. She was so traumatized by the event she hasn't spoken to me since. I had been in family student housing at UCSC when a few weeks before the earthquake I had a dream and the grim reaper came to me in a dream one night. The black shroud and the skeleton and the whole thing. The grim reaper held up two boney skeleton fingers right in front of my face. I woke up right after this and told my wife as I was shook up by this dream. Death had never come to me to tell me something before. I and my wife realized the two fingers meant that two of our family might die. My wife and I were both psychic so we cross checked and at first were not sure if it was going to be an earthquake or nuclear blast. Finally, we realized since there was no conflict going on between nuclear powers with the U.S. that it must be a bad earthquake coming. So to protect the lives of our family we got on a plane to Maui during the week we expected it and then when it happened we watched it on TV.

However, we paid a price for this protection of our children's lives. It cost us our marriage within 6 years. That was the price my wife and I paid to save the lives of 2 of our children. I think most parents would gladly pay such a price if their children lived. It wasn't easy but everyone lived and is still alive. The epicenter of the earthquake turned out to be only 6 miles from where we were living in family student housing at our University.

This was the most out on a limb I have gone to use my gifts to protect my family and children. The most out on a limb I have gone since then is that after I almost died in 1998 while I was in Stanford Medical waiting for an Angiogram and electrical Heart stimulation tests at Stanford Medical I realized that my fear of publishing my life story in legendary form from this lifetime and all relevant lifetimes as well as creating an ongoing journal that is now called a Blog was something that God wanted me to do. I believe my doing this regularly is one reason I am still alive.

I don't want people to build a religion or anything else around my book. I just want people to see it as a map into the future during the next 1,000,000 years of human evolution as we colonize thousands of planets during that time. First, we have to pull together as a human race to the point where we all work together better and then we will be accepted by the Galaxy better and other civilizations won't be so leery of us like now.

Arcane in "Memories" my online book I have already incarnated as. Flame, I have already incarnated as. Jonathan is me now and the flying cave yogi was me from around 1850 until around 1930 when I passed on. I was reborn in Nagasaki, Japan and died from the Nuclear blast there in 1945. I then was born in Seattle, Washington in 1948.

I also sense as a psychic that Star Wars was a past life of George Lucas. It is also told as a legendary truth. So there is a sense that both American Graffiti and Star Wars are biographies of his soul experiences, American Graffiti in this life and Star Wars in another. There are 11 memories gui buttons at the following index page.

Though the book is probably rated PG if you only view it as science fiction. But, for me, it is not science fiction it is past, present and future histories of the human race, at least as it has been my experience in multiple lifetimes. So, be careful if you choose to see it beyond science fiction. If you see it as a real experience then it is going to take you unbelievable places and one must always be prepared for that sort of thing so be careful.

The whole site I would rate PG-13 because I have done a lot of experimental writing. Since I became a conscious soul traveler through bi-location when I was about 22 it has changed my world paradigm a lot. I find it very practical to take angels with me if I soul travel otherwise I don't consider it safe enough. Also, I don't usually soul travel unless I have been given a mission by God. I've found it just isn't safe to soul travel on a lark. I almost died one time just being curious and soul traveling without a mission.

The online book "Memories" is as you will notice not fully edited. My wife has promised one day to edit it as she has an 3 degrees including an Master's in Business Administration in non-profit fund raising.

I do not consider myself to be a very good writer as I hate to edit and it shows. However, I do inherit being a good storyteller from my father and grandfather who were both storytellers before there was television to entertain people. I grew up listening to their anthropomorphizing animals. I believe this skill eventually became Disney cartoons and the like. My grandfather was born in the 1880's and his father was in the civil war. My grandfather grew up in Kansas but lived as an over 35 adult in Washington and Idaho mostly and died on his mining claim in Idaho in 1970. My father grew up in Washington and passed away on Yucca Mesa in California near Yucca Valley on his way to the hospital in an ambulance in August 1985.

That night I was working as a Fire Lookout for CDF. My father's brother, Tommy came to me at the lookout (he had passed on in 1942 in a plane crash). When Tommy came I was surprised as I hadn't seen him since I had been suicidal from 1969 until 1971. He came to me then to keep me alive. So when Tommy came into the Lookout at night I was very surprised to see him. Then I realized that he had come for Dad's soul and that he was letting me know like a good uncle should. He wanted me to call Dad and tell him that he was coming for my Dad. So I called Dad and Dad said, "Son. I don't feel very good. I don't want to talk now." So I said, "Dad. Tommy is coming for you. Look for your brother Tommy." Five hours later Mom called and said, "Freddie, your Dad's gone." I told her about Tommy and she wasn't surprised as she is gifted this way too.

I always have been grateful to Tommy for coming as it has given me great peace to know Dad was in good hands with family on the other side.

At 17 I decided that the most important thing I could do both for myself and all mankind was to become enlightened. So that is what I have been doing the last 40 plus years. Jobs have only been something I did to support myself and my family. But I have always seen my career throughout multiple lifetimes as becoming enlightened to bless not only myself but all beings and to help permanently end their suffering. So saving lives and helping people not commit suicide has been what I have really done with this life. As a result I am a part of great spiritual and financial wealth. If you remember nothing else, remember that all this came from just helping everyone that God sent to me to help for him. If you continue to help the people God sends you then similar things will happen in your lives!


Mahasiddha. Please forgive my ignorance if you are reading this from a culture that has much more knowledge about Mahasiddhas than I do here in the U.S. The word Maha I was told while I was in India for 4 months in 1985&6 means "King" or "Supreme". The word siddha means "magic user". In western terms I guess a siddha might be someone a lot like people believe the legendary "Merlin" was. There are even circles of thought especially in the United States and Europe that Merlin might have actually been Padmasambhava since they were incarnated around the same time and since both were described with a "pink" complexion like European peoples even though Padmasambhava is reported to have originally come from Afghanistan. This might have been a story Merlin made up to throw off people from guessing he was really from England. It is also my present belief that Jesus likely studied sometime between ages 15 and 30 with one or more Mahasiddhas in the vicinity of Nalanda University in India as this was the foremost place on earth at that time to learn about compassion and forgiveness.

And here we have probably one of the most famous Mahasiddhas, Padmasambhava which literally means "born from a lotus" or "lotus born".Padmansambhava is considered by most to be the father of Tibetan Buddhism. He allowed the local shamanic religions of Tibet to meld with Buddhist ideas and philosophy which is now called Tibetan Buddhism and headed by the Dalai Lama. At times I myself have wondered since my childhood spiritual teacher's spiritual name was "Lotus", was I "born from a lotus" and since I was born in old Oregon territory in Seattle was I lotus born in the land of Orygen as Padmasambhava is expected to have been born. Then if you include time travel and other supernatural acts that Mahasiddhas like Padmasambhava, Jesus, Krishna,Tilopa, Merlin?, and others like the Legendary Saint Germain(the man who never died of Europe sometimes called the Count de Saint Germain, Prince Ragocy of Transylvania etc)are purported to accomplish all the time then there become far too many questions and very few solid answers.

However, to embark on the path of a compassionate siddha I believe is a remarkable goal. To attain Mahasiddhahood like Jesus and Buddha makes the lives of all humans here on earth and beyond worth living. This, to me, is the most worthwhile goal of any human being on earth!
To become a mahasiddha is my goal too. In order to accomplish this goal I have embraced both the mahayana and the Vajrayana with sucess! However, since one must be very serious and steadfast in these endeavors such goals should never be approached lightly without supreme commitment. Such endeavors should be approached like marriages used to be approached. Marriages in past centuries took very seriously, "Till death do us part"! And since Mahasiddhas live reincarnation they keep right on going until they get it Right!

On Being Faithful

On Being Faithful. Being faithful to ones friends and lovers is mostly about self respect and integrity. If you can't be faithful then don't make commitments you will break. I found being faithful to any girlfriend very difficult and sometimes impossible from the time I was 21 in 1969 and stopped being a technical virgin(even though I spent nights with my 21 year old girlfriend when I was 16) until 1983 when I was 35. I was faithful to most of my girlfriends and even when I wasn't I told them as I was very 1960's and believed in total honesty even if it was after the fact.

I was faithful to my first wife for the four years we lived together. When we separated I didn't even date anyone for two years, first because I was a single Dad (of a 3 year old son) then and second I felt really upset by the breakup even though by then I realized there was no chance it could work. However, that didn't stop me from still loving my first wife even though I knew there was no way it could work.

By the way I have been faithful to my present wife since 1995 when we first married.

I recently counted up all the ladies in my life that I at least dated and kissed. I was surprised that there had been over 300 and less than 400 total. I also realized that there were 75 to 80 very intimate relationships and I also found this remarkable. However, I have always been more of a serial monogamist in that I preferred to date only one woman at a time. This not only prevents a lot of wear and tear and confusion and violence but it is also just practical.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Capitalist War and Global Climate Change

The Capitalist War and Global Warming.Violent wars of themselves are a thing of the past. Nuclear weapons made this a necessity. Violent wars like Iraq and Afghanistan are now sort of a trick to take attention away from the real war, The Worldwide Capitalist War going on around us. The players are mostly corporations and a few rich individuals, the casualties are all the common people not rich enough to become investors in these corporations. All those who aren't investors in corporations will eventually be left behind to starve and to die on the vine of Global Warming. I know this sounds cruel but so is this ongoing capitalist war and Global Climate Change.

Slowly, we are watching first hundreds dying in floods and droughts and then now thousands dying and soon millions I would say within 20 years. When will the people fight back? I think by the time earth's billions unite against the Capitalists it will be too late for both to survive what is coming. Of course I speak as a Precognitive psychic who has watched what he has seen come true so far at least 75% of the time. The other 25% of the time I have been able to change the future by preventing deaths by redirecting people out of danger both with or without their knowledge.

This capitalist war is not really about any one ideology even though some people might give lip service to one ideology or another. It is really about the consolidation of power through money. When is someone rich enough? For the richest, the answer is never. Even if there was only one dollar left on earth that wasn't theirs they would take it even if it meant everyone else would starve and die.

Capitalism isn't pretty and only a few of the very rich become philanthropists like Bill Gates. Even Bill Gates might not have become so philanthropic without his wife and daughter to introduce him to this kind of giving and the rewards of it.

We have passed the time when nation states and nationalism have the meaning they once did in the 19th and 20th centuries. Now, here in the 21st century there seems to be only one question: Are you rich or poor? To the rich the poor are to be written off whereas the rich are potential friends and investors. That is the cruel world we now live in. In some ways it was always like this. But now it has taken a meaner turn with global warming.

However, I see this new turn as extremely dangerous for everyone both rich and poor alike. Because the danger of no accountability of the rich only leads to a worldwide French revolution where the rich and leaders are systematically guillotined in public. Yes, I am being metaphorical but one must realize how close we are to this. It wouldn't take much right now anywhere on earth for this to begin in earnest. The likely start of this right now would be the disenfranchised in China. Those who aren't in the 300 million who have a standard of living like the United States and Europe. It is the 700 million to 800 million from whom everything has been taken and who have had to sacrifice everything for the 300 million who have a decent life. If it starts there it could then move to France and to all countries who have disenfranchised poor young people with or without an education.

Unless the rich watch their back and include more of the functional but disenfranchised I see a new French revolution coming not only in China and Europe but Globally. After all, the rich live in glass houses and the poor like to throw stones!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Rich and Poor

Rich and Poor. I was raised lower and the full middle class. So I psychologically don't fit into this category. However, since I now spend a lot of time around rich people I notice that rich and poor people tend to be mirror images of each other. Being poor is based upon fear and staying rich is also based upon fear. Most self made men or women start out very poor but with a good education they soon become rich. But the self made rich men and women also have a quality that is sort of like hollowed out like poor people also have sometimes. It is the most intelligent and most unhappy with being poor that become rich. But then they find that being rich doesn't make them happy. It just pays the bills, and feeds them. So if they were unhappy before then sometimes when they get rich and realize no much has changed they get really unhappy and sometimes suicidal.

So there is this quality of unhappiness that pervades not only the poor but the rich as well. In fact, there appears to be more of a chance of suicide in the rich than the poor because of this. When one is poor one is often angry. When one is rich it is less useful to be angry than when one is poor. Because if you are too angry then someone might sue you and take all your money. So staying rich is about being very very practical not angry. So once you make money if you don't study all the time of how to invest it and grow it and to create a diversified portfolio that covers all financial angles in a conservative way then you will slowly lose your fortune in a multiplicity of ways or if you are really ignorant in only one way.

But there is more to it than even this. When I was young and didn't like rich people because I thought ignorantly that they were inherently evil I didn't understand many things. The first thing is that without any rich people we would all starve to death pretty fast. It is rich people investing in and starting businesses that people need goods and services from that allows all of us rich and poor to have the lifestyle most of us have here in the Western World. Without it the lifestyle we all have wouldn't be possible.


Mentoring. When I was young I hated rich people mostly because the poor and lower middle class people I grew up with hated rich people mostly out of ignorance more than anything else. As I grew up there were enough benevolent rich people in my church that I started to change my opinion of rich people. A good friend of mine, Richard, who passed away 1 1/2 years ago was 3 years older and from a very rich family and mentored me into desiring to go to college and to make something of myself. My father said, "You can do anything you want to. That wasn't the case with me, son. My father wouldn't let me go to college even though I got the highest score in math and penmanship in the state of Washington." When I heard this it sort of confused me.

Later as I grew up I found that rich people weren't at all what I had been told by my poor and lower middle class peers. By this time my parents had become full middle class and so new opportunities of intelligent and rich people came into my life. Slowly, through education and diligence I moved upward in life but not in the way I had expected.

What I am getting at is that if you are young and poor or middle class begin to look for someone who is good at mentoring you into success. School, even college is only theoretical at best. Unless you have someone who has been there and succeeded then college alone won't help much especially in the realm of being an entrepreneur. Really successful people like Bill Gates and others with luck after success also become philanthropists. The Gates Foundation is now the wealthiest and most efficiently run not for profit on earth at present that I'm aware of.

So if you are smart and young, find a mentor that you can trust to teach you the real ropes and not just the theoretical ones you will get in college. Only a mentor and the school of hard knocks will take you to success. After success remember all those who helped get you there, all the parents and friends and teachers etc. After that if you still have enough left over start a foundation just like Bill and Melinda Gates did and REALLY change the world in whatever way you think it needs to change!


Trust.Please forgive me if this is too much for you. However, I have always written to stay alive. Writing as self therapy enabled me to live from 12 to 25 when otherwise I would be gone now.Now I'm almost 60.

My Mother is dying and I'm trying to cope with it. One of my daughters that lives with my ex-wife is almost 19. She still lives with my ex and her half sister, who is a lawyer on a ranch in Oregon. These two people, my mother and my older daughter give me the most grief in life. My mother since I had to institutionalize her so she wouldn't kill herself or someone else in a fire in 2001, a month after 9-11. My daughter and I were relatively okay until she moved with her mother to Oregon which has no reciprocal
custody agreements with California where I live in 2002. So my joint custody became moot when she moved to Oregon with her mother. After not seeing my daughter for 2 years we began to ski together on Mt. Shasta about 1 weekend a year. It has pretty much remained that way since she was 15. She is now almost 19. I also have an 11 year old daughter who loves my almost 19 year old deeply but has been forced to live without her by sad life circumstances.

Though my mother is dying I struggle every day with how to cope with what my mother has been through in her life. She is a very traditional woman. Her life always has revolved around family. She was born in 1919 and had me when she was 29 in 1948. Her father left her mother when she was 18 and never returned. She went to work to support her mother and her in 1937. She worked for about 10 years supporting them both working at first a shoe and handbag manufacturing company and later working as a customer service representative at Bell Telephone in Seattle.

I had a bad experience with one of my male cousins that I saw as a brother when I was 8. Since then I don't trust men. I also had an experience of someone older than I that held a knife to my throat for a long time and told me he would cut my head off when I was about 9. I struggled and blood ran down into my shirt but I lived. This happened again with a 2nd cousin. Later his mother and then he killed himself. After this I became a believer in abortion for unwanted children. So the unwanted mistreated ones don't do what they did to me to others.

Trust shouldn't be freely given. It should be earned by trustworthy actions observed frequently. This is what these experiences taught me to the deep deep core. It made me a more scary person in some ways but someone who always survives when others might not. If a plane crashed and 3 people survived, I would be one of the three.

As I grew up I learned that "All Men are bastards and I am one!" I learned that men tend to use women. (this was in the 50's). But also that women tend to use men. Everybody uses everybody to survive. If they don't they don't survive. This was what I learned. I learned that you can never trust a man because he must do ANYTHING to survive once he is on his own. Every man knows that 95% of the homeless on the streets are men. Women are almost always taken care of by someone all over the earth. But men, if they don't succeed by their late 20's or early 30's are basically dead and all men know this and all men are horrified by this. Being a man isn't easy and it is amazing to me how many women don't understand any of this. If women just understood the full horror of this for all men then I think the world would make a lot more sense to everyone.

So as a result of all this I know not to trust men because I know first hand that a man will do literally anything to survive. Oh yes. There are golden boys who water ski all over the top of all this but real men never take that kind seriously. They are a joke to the rest of us survivors. I think that this is one of the reasons that so many men chose to live as women because they just don't want to be cruel enough to be a man. Because if a man isn't capable of being cruel enough he won't survive. I'm not talking about going out and hurting people with a knife or a gun. I'm talking about the cruelty of making decisions. Every important decision a man makes has negative consequences to someone. When that man survives and succeeds, 10 others don't. Any sane man knows this. Oh yes. That man might delude himself with religion and say all sorts of things but how can anyone take a man like that seriously.

In the end it is survival of the fittest. Those that do that sometimes survive. Those that don't don't survive. In the end that is the sad truth!

That is why I can't trust men because I am one! God help me! I survive anything. That is what a real man does! No matter how horrifying you deal with it and move on. That is what a real man does!

I'm not stupid enough to trust men. I trust women! But I understand their limitations unless they are fully liberated and empowered. And then they are more like men anyway. What a joke life is!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Sincerity and Truth

Sincerity and Truth. I am sincere. Am I truthful? As far as I can tell. However, is truth subjective or objective or both? When I read most blogs here at blogspot and other places I get the feeling that people are sincere or at least feel that what they are doing is worthwhile to at least themselves. In the end it is less important who reads each blog. It just needs to be in some way important to the person who is writing or performing their blog.

Sincerity usually rings true. Truth is sometimes more difficult to discern both for the writer or player and for the reader or listener. If you want to test what truth is, just expose 10 or more people to any experience and then interview them about what they experienced. It will blow your mind how different all the reactions might be. This same problem is why witnesses to a crime or other event can get confused as to what actually happened. Usually, the most powerful and scary witness prevails as he or she scares the other witnesses into submission. It doesn't mean that he or she is correct. It just means that that usually becomes the accepted truth.

For example, young people were asking me recently about free love and wife swapping of the late 60's and early 70's. The most accurate thing I could say was that all the cliche's of that era have become a caricature and more of a cartoon about the era more than anything else. However, the truth was that most people were just responding to a whole lot of sexual repression for at least 100 years and were venting. That only worked until people started getting sexually transmitted diseases in greater numbers and AIDS started happening. Then everything ground to a halt. People under 30 years old today may never really understand what that era was all about because they didn't have to live through the Cuban Missile Crisis when people believed that humans were going to be nuked extinct or through Viet Nam where the government didn't listen to the people much like now when more that 65% of the people want the war over. Free love and wife swapping had more to do with the desperation of that era than anything else. People had no hope just like now because things were so crazy. I think 9-11-01 until now and ongoing are equally crazy to the Cuban Missile Crisis in I believe 1961
until Nixon left office in 1974. We had a relatively peaceful time between 1974 and 2001 when all hell broke loose once again. If the last time is any indication things won't settle down until around 2014.


Thanksgiving. I started the week being kind of pissed off. I knew why. My mother for the second Thanksgiving couldn't talk to me because her senile dementia has taken her away from me. I visited her recently. There was only vacancy in her eyes. The volunteer spooned food into her mouth but there was no one present even to look at. I walked away numb.

I knew my son would try to have Thanksgiving with extended family. We would drive four hours and he would only have to drive 3 hours to be with us. Traffic was okay I think because gas, even regular was about $3.50 a gallon. Since my lexus gets about 19 miles per gallon you can figure out what 4 hours driving about 75mph would cost(each way)

Since my son is in medical school he now has to study at least 12 hours a day. But since he is 33 he enjoys this kind of challenge. Besides, it appears he has a new girlfriend, a 21 year old nursing student. Since we worried about him since he broke up with his wife permanently last spring, it is nice not to have to worry about him relationship wise for a while, at least.

On Friday, was sailed past the Queen Mary and a Cruise liner docked nearby out the breakwater on the White Eagle with my Cousin and his wife. It was a rental boat as they had finally sold their sailboat after 40 years. My cousin and I had started sailing his Columbia 22 to Catalina in 1968 before he got married and had a family. His kids now are 33 to 37 years old and married with their own kids.

I had to use the head down below and got a little barfy from all the bouncing below, so after I came above I stood next to the mainmast and leaned against the mainmast while supporting myself with the wire lines that support the mast. Eventually I realized as we jumped the waves with a good wind that something was coming up soon. So I went to the side closest to the water and threw up a couple of times into the ocean next to the boat. Amazingly, I felt great after that and greatly enjoyed the rest of the sail.

We noticed a Hanjin Container ship coming in with a pilot at about 8 to 10 knots so we didn't want to be run over so we got out of the way and followed the huge ship into Long Beach Harbor.

The next day my 11 year old daughter rode one of my cousin's horses for a while. However, a horse nearby must have thrown a rider and when it ran by at about 30 mph riderless it spooked her horse and my cousin had to grab the halter so he didn't jump the fence with my daughter. That same horse had spooked recently and put a female adult rider in the hospital. I could see that my cousin was seriously considering getting rid of the horse my daughter was riding.

Saturday, the Santa Ana winds had spawned a fire in Malibu. On our way north we stopped on Las Virgens Canyon Road to get gas and I drove a little further down the road to take pictures of the black smoke rising and all the air tankers dropping fire retardant including one DC-10. So that was interesting to watch even though I felt sad for the owners of the multimillion dollar homes that burned. I think they lost about 50 totally and another 30 partly burned.

We then went to a barbeque with extended family in Santa Barbara. I think there were about 50 of us with at least 5 or more new babies which is always nice energy especially for someone like me whose mother is dying with no grandkids yet to shower my attention towards.

All in all it was a pretty good weekend. However, I realized that life will never be what it once was again. But maybe that's a good thing?

Staying Alive

Staying alive.I'm coming up upon the big six zero. Sixty years old next april! I find that I have reasons to stay alive for my children and my wife but one of my 3 best buddies from childhood died last year, my second best friend has early alzheimers and my last best friend went hiking with me to Heart lake in the Cascade Mountains recently. It was great to see the high mountain alpine lake with ice on it and the incredible view from there! Money is not a problem anymore like it was in my 20's and 30's. There likely will be enough not only for me but for my children unless the whole world economy melts down so that, at least for now is not a problem.

No, the problem I'm facing is finding my way forward. I have my wife's stepfather who flew his v tail beechcraft bonanza until he was 85 four years ago and who still plays golf. I have my wife's father who still is kicking at 89 also and hosting parties for hundreds of people. But for me, I'm not a country clubber. I guess I'm the wrong generation for that. I grew up blue collar. My father was an Electrical Contractor and every summer from the time I was 12 to 17 years old I learned the Electrical building trade to the point where I was able to build my own house from the ground up by age 32.

I don't play golf. Instead, I like to mountain bike, ski, and hike with my dogs. I might be flying planes now except my brother and sister in law died in their plane in Idaho a few years ago and my uncle died in his plane in 1942 so those things sort of put a damper on flying for me alone in my own plane. However, I soloed in 1989 in a Cessna 152.

I have a covenant with God that I won't get a new motorcycle license if I would get injured riding. So I'm still waiting to pass the test before I buy a Kawasaki klr 650 dualsport. I'm an off road rider and only need the license to get to where I want to ride on my bike. I plan to mostly tow it in a trailer behind my motor home to beautiful scenic places to ride. The army has converted klr's to diesel as they are the most reliable licensable go anywhere motorcycle now made. It's a no frills motorcycle that has stayed relatively unchanged since 1984 but will get you literally anywhere you need to go without breaking down.

My wife worries about me riding a motorcycle again but she doesn't understand that I have been riding motorcycles since I was about 10 years old. It is like walking to me or riding a bicycle which I have done regularly since I was 5.

So, mostly what I'm dealing with is finding ways to make life meaningful enough to stay alive. I still have pretty good health now the doctors found out that my thyroid glands weren't working right for a long time now. So with 95% of my health problems solved I'm a new man with no real limitations other that overcoming old concepts of what it is to be old. As I, like previous generations break down old stereotypes a whole new world of healthy 100 year olds will be born. It will take some time I know but someone has to make these breakthroughs into the future where people might live 100, 200 or 300 years regularly. Some of us have to be first!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Natural Disasters have quadrupled

Natural Disasters have quadrupled in Two Decades. Please read study online at yahoo.

Doomsday Scenario!

Doomsday Scenario! I think this is a very important article to read if one cares about not only the US Economy but also the world economy.My question is how did we ever let it get this wrong? if the Savings and Loan Crisis was a 1 this is a 10. My next question is: Who will benefit the most from the chaos from all this? If it is the richest Disaster Capitalists on earth then I think people should be very angry everywhere!

The problem with this article worldwide is that everyone will suffer from the consequences of this credit meltdown. What I don't understand right now is why the government isn't stepping in? All that needs to be done is to step in and give all mortgage holders a fixed government rate! This could save us from the subprime meltdown. It is a vicious cycle.
1. The subprime borrower leaves or defaults or both and likely at some point has to go bankrupt in a chapter 7 or chapter 13.
2. The lender might be forced out of business by thousands of these defaults.
3 . The banks and other institutions may go bankrupt.
4. Because the value of the property that borrowers own goes down they have no real reason to stay in the subprime because their property has lost too much value to stay.
5. If too many banks fail the government might not be able to federally guarantee savings or checking accounts.
6. There would be runs on the banks and many people would lose everything.
7. This looks as bad or worse than the Great Depression

HOWEVER, if the government simply stepped in now and guaranteed low interest fixed loans to all borrowers all these businesses and the value of properties and the stability of our government and all free world governments could be stablized.

HOwever, if this is not done soon, the collapse could be so severe that they United States and free world economies might not recover ever to what we have seen the last 100 years. I don't think enough people are looking at just how serious this scenario might become. NOthing exactly this bad has ever happened in the History of the United States. Maybe somewhere in history there is some other country that went through something like this. I don't know.

What I do know is that if all loans aren't guaranteed with low interest and fixed rate for everyone who already has a home loan that it will be bad in a way this country and possibly the world has never seen!

Also read my latest article "To Cool a Market Meltdown"

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Problem of Raccoons

The problem of Raccoons. Out in the country raccoons are great away from major populations. However, unfortunately for cats, dogs and people, raccoons now live in storm drains, wood sheds and anywhere they can sleep without being disturbed during the day. Also, where I live there are many deer which is okay as long as you know where they are and they know where you are and you don't have a dog off a leash. Because if you do then there will be trouble between the deer, buck and the dog. And usually, the dog loses this tussle because deer are bigger and faster and have extremely sharp hooves that they really know how to use. Bucks with antlers simply throw a dog twenty feet with their horns. I've seen dogs that have had this happen with their chest flesh torn all the way to where you can see their rib bones.

A few days ago our friends dog "footsie" which is a greyhound chihuahua mix went over to explore a raccoon. The raccoon says to himself, "Wow. Dinner running towards me and went to work with teeth and claws on the dog." Our friends boyfriend grabbed a chair from a nearby house and knocked the Raccoon of the dog so the dog lived. A quick trip to doggie Urgent Care and stitches and antibiotics and the dog could walk with us in the forest with our two dogs today just 2 or 3 days later.

My Daughter's friends father also said his dog had been attacked recently also. So maybe its the time of year going in towards winter.

Three years ago we lost our dog which was a Jack Russell Corgi mix. She obviously, was being the Jack Russell side when she attacked the Raccoon who was in our trash can. Our other dog knew enough to stay away from crazy raccoons and survived. She got the raccoon too so they never came back because she had his blood all over her mouth but the raccoon got her pretty good in the chest and she died of kidney failure about a month later.

The problem with raccoons is that older folks whose kids have moved away feed them when they are young and make them pets. However, then they just breed and become a problem for everyone in the town they are in. Survival of the fittest takes hold then and the raccoons that survive are always the biggest meanest ones that are a danger then to children and pets at night.

Within the past few years there have been several incidents where a family of raccoons have gone after pets and female owners of the pets have tried to step in only to wind up in the hospital themselves with scratches and bruises from the family of raccoons.

I have a great deal of respect for all animals. The most problems come when people unfamiliar with raccoon behaviors leave their pets out when it gets dark or who don't leash their pets when they walk with them at night. I have no problem walking alone at night because I have excellent night vision but even I if I hear raccoon or deer sounds turn on my flashlight to investigate so unfortunate events don't occur. If raccoons or deer or mountain lions are in your area learn all you can about them. They are not pets and if you are ignorant of their behaviors at night they will put you in the hospital or worse.

I have had interesting experiences in my life with porcupines, skunks, deer,mountain lions, raccoons and bears, black, brown and Grizzly and Buffalo. In some ways the least dangerous animals are the deer. However, I know of one instance of people in Yosemite National Park who were from Europe put their 5 year old on the back of a deer for a picture and the deer killed the child in about 2 seconds. Whether they live in cities, in the country, or totally in the wild these animals are wild. They can be nice sometimes but other times they can be deadly. Not to realize this is to put yourselves and your children and pets in unnecessary danger.

By the way, the animal that kills the most tourists in the United States actually is the Buffalo. People think they are cows. No, they are not. The buffalo bulls might even try to stand up to a Grizzly.

A Buffalo simply knocks you down and stomps you flat. It only takes about a second or two and you're gone. Don't forget to respect these animals, big or small, they are wild. Without your respect for these animals you endanger not only yourself, your children and your pets but also the wild animals themselves.

The Right to Own a Handgun

The right to own a handgun. The following New York Times article about the supreme court getting involved in the right to own a handgun is very important to all of us.

I live in a very safe neighborhood. Many people do not. The law abiding citizens who live in very dangerous neighborhoods keep their neighborhoods safe just by being there with weapons. Most people who live in dangerous neighborhoods assume everyone has one or more weapons in their houses. That is a given. Without the right to have a handgun available for emergencies many law abiding citizens in that community would be forced to move to a safer community if they are to obey the law. So taking away the right to own a handgun is to give away hundreds if not thousands of neighborhoods in the U.S. to people who will not obey the law no matter what and whose lifestyle is based upon that. Taking away a person's right to own a gun and thereby protect themselves just by having it available only takes our country further down the road to ruin and anarchy.

Seeing the Future

Seeing the Future. I think we all do it to a greater or lesser degree. As we mature we sort of know that if you put, for example, a small child in a non child proofed house that both the child and the house are in danger of having multiple accidents.

I suppose what I and thousands to millions of people around the world do is a lot like this. Only our experiences are also intuitive and instinctual that we have also proven accurate to ourselves. When you see an acrobat do something completely amazing you don't ever expect to do like he or she does. Likewise, if you experience someone who has trained in other ways and is equally accurate in his or her ways of knowing, then after you see this person be accurate on multiple occasions you might just start to trust their senses. This is how it has been with me and my family and to a degree my friends over the years. If I really get something really strong it is usually going to happen unless I or someone else or some group of people changes the future.

What I'm experiencing lately could most accurately be described as a meltdown of lifeforms on earth. What I mean by this is that I and other gifted intuitives are all experiencing something very troubling. All life on earth is interconnected in almost an infinite amount of ways. So when any one species starts to go extinct(there are presently thousands going extinct as I write this) all of us are affected by this whether we know this or not.

I propose what is taking place is a change equal to when the great dinosaurs went extinct. The financial meltdowns on earth are only symptomatic of the death of species that we all feel in our gut if not when we are awake then when we are asleep and dreaming it all becomes too real to deny. So the fear that is engendered by both Global weather changes and extreme death of species is experienced by us all. Running away from this by taking calmative drugs and the like only makes us all live in denial and moves us all toward further insanity.

Like our ancestors in the past, the ones that survived faced their problems head on. Those that didn't usually didn't live very long or very happily. By facing the real problems on earth there is hope, otherwise there is only death, quicker than any of us expect.

Saving Fortunes

Saving Fortunes. One of my best friends complained to me yesterday that he had a whole lot of money to invest and that there was no safe place to put it. I called it a trifecta. He understood this too. All the main places to invest i.e. property, stocks, and most other investments are risky right now. Even when I asked my broker about investing in China indirectly through American mutual funds invested heavily there, he said, "The government of china might be able to hold it together until after the Olympics but you really don't want to long term invest there now. The ten percent per year growth there is not sustainable. There has to be a serious correction at some point." He also said it might be time to sell Citigroup just like Goldman Sachs said yesterday. I felt really bad about this because I thought maybe I could hold on to this stock so it could in a small way stabilize the US economy but I saw that if they aren't able to give dividends next month the stock could tank so sadly I agreed with him. So sadly, I began to see the trifecta forming of No Safe Investments. It reminded me of my grandfather burying $25,000 dollars in a coffee can under his lawn during the great depression because like now banks may not be a safe place to put your money unless the accounts are federally insured and under 100,000 dollars.

It also reminded me of the Savings and Loan Crisis after the Viet Nam War in the early 1980's when all the Savings and Loans collapsed or had to become banks instead.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

"I married the Bard"

"I married the Bard." In ancient times mostly before the Gutenberg Bible(the 1st printed Bible) the Bard was the one who remembered all the histories and stories in poem form and sang them to music. The Bards were the only ones who knew all the histories and travelled from Court to Court telling and retelling the ancient histories to poem and song. They each knew 10's of thousands of lines that they had memorized. To harm or kill a Bard would be like Burning all the Bibles and all the printing presses on earth for the Bard was like a Bible in that they remembered the wars, the kings, the histories, and most importantly, the wise even then knew that those who don't remember history are doomed to repeat it. Just like Iraq is a smaller rerun of Viet Nam.

Tonight I had taken my wife to see "Beowulf" again because she hadn't seen it yet because she was away in San Francisco with her best friend since babyhood for the weekend. I have been struggling with being 59 and watching my mother slowly die and not being able to talk to my mother because senile dementia has claimed her speech and her knowledge of who I am about 1 year ago. They hand feed her now.

Anyway, I had been feeling old and dealing with a lot lately. Starting at about age 10 years old women started taking an interest in me and so a lot of my young life had been dedicated to making sure that I was worthy of the love so many young women wanted to give me.
3 marriages and three biological children and 2 stepchildren and 2 God daughters later I'm tired. I identified with both Hrothgar wanting to jump off a cliff and the old Beowulf trying to keep going and dying in battle like a Viking. I felt strongly those two sides of myself.

I was getting into a weird place tonight and realized that I had to talk to my wife about what I'm dealing with. I said,"I'm having a problem. I will stay alive for you two and the rest of my children but I feel as I'm getting older that I have no reason to stay alive for myself.

My wife looked at me and said, "You're angry you didn't die when you were 25." I said, "Yes!"
Obviously, my wife knows me well. Then she said, "Fred. I didn't marry who you think. I married the Bard!" I didn't know what to make of this at first until she handed me a book called "Bard:The Odyssey of the Irish" by Morgan Llywelyn.

It got me to thinking about how my wife saw me which is quite different than I see myself. Though I have always loved to write and by writing I have saved my own life many many times especially between the ages of 13 and 25 by writing and then rereading what I had written. At those times I would reach a gestalt by writing and then a few days, weeks, months or years rereading and understanding myself from whole new direction as I grew and evolved into different people with different viewpoints over the years. Through this long process I have reached a holistic level of self awareness that I find the most people don't ever seem to reach. I have noticed only about 25% of people ever seem to get to this level of understanding and truth.

"Truth can be terrifying but without enough of it we all go crazy and die young!" Being brave enough to tell the truth to yourself most of the time will save the life you are afraid to lose! Telling the truth to others in a compassionate and wise way may save their lives too.

I was amazed that this is how my wife sees me as someone who is a story teller that tells important stories to people so they can not make the same mistakes their ancestors made. What is funny to me is that I started out in life playing piano for ladies in my church and later I met many girlfriends playing piano and singing at parties in my teens and twenties. I took 8 years of piano lessons from age 8 to 16 and 1 year of organ and have played keyboards, organ, flute, guitar and several other types of instruments and even played violyn from age 9 to 14 when I got tired of being teased at being 6 foot 3 inches for carrying a violyn case anymore at that time. Anyway, I sang and played for women of all ages over the years. I have been a writer since I was first discovered by my 4th grade teacher to tell great stories. I wonder if Mrs. Krell knew what she started in my life?

Lately, I have been slowly reading "Eat Pray Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert. I was walking from the end of Everitt Memorial Highway up onto Mt. Shasta at about 9000 feet recently and as I returned from about 10,000 feet I saw a woman who looked a lot like her jump out of her car and run to the edge of a cliff. She had the same looks and vibe that I would imagine was her. She reminded me of a graceful elf or swan as she ran toward the cliff and looked out over the sea of clouds below. It was raining below 5000 feet from Mt.Shasta all the way to the ocean. We could see 100's of miles toward the ocean over the sea of rain clouds below. Where we were it was about 35 degrees Fahrenheit and windy. I thought of walking over and introducing myself but we two were the only ones up there and she seemed scared and out of her element and amazed to be there. I decided I didn't want to spoil the moment for her whoever she was. So I just got in my car and drove down into town. Besides, I'm over 6 foot 4 inches with a mustache. Not many people want someone my size walking up to them when they are alone on a mountain unless there are other people around.

I envy the way Elizabeth Gilbert writes. There is an honesty and a talent there that is amazing. Once again I would like to say that women who want to be empowered should read this book.

If you want to evolve past just being another silly woman who blames men for everything just like silly women have done for thousands of years you should read this book. Every guy in the world knows what I'm talking about.

I'm married to a woman who accepts responsibility for who she is and doesn't blame me for anything really unless I spill the milk or something real like that. It is so refreshing to be with a liberated woman who accepts responsibility and is mature enough to face life with me. Sometimes it is like living with a guy except its better because she's a woman and that's what I like.

The World Wide Problem of Iraq and Afghanistan

The World Wide Problem of Iraq and Afghanistan. In the world we live in today there are many U.S. allies but even they have a problem with America's perceived cruelty. Is America's cruelty real or imagined or both? I'll let each one of you decide for yourself. However, in the world we live in perception is everything. No longer is there just NBC, CBS, ABC and BBC worldwide. There are many numerous networks like CNN out there worldwide. So even though we have Republican propaganda networks like Fox there is also in the world Al Jazeera which is an Arab propaganda network. I actually thing at this point that the Fox News network is actually a propaganda response to the worldwide derision of their point of view.

What is even worse is that there are only millions watching Fox news but there are billions watching networks like Al Jazeera worldwide. So because of this international Arabic propaganda is actually stronger that Fox propaganda. However, I don't think the people that believe in Fox have fully comprehended that world public opinion has not only outnumbered them by billions but has turned against them. Not only that this world public opinion is doing everything it can to drive down the dollar and to destroy America's economy.

Long ago in the 1970's my generation taught everyone to vote with their dollar. Now the whole world votes with their currency exchange against the dollar. This is one reason why the U.S. is in trouble economically. Since Viet Nam our American economy has been financed more and more by foreign capital. However, the United States as the dollar drops more and more is becoming a bad investment. The single most important thing we could do to protect the dollar would be to vote in as president someone the world likes better.

I have no doubt that President Bush is Sincere. However, right or wrong world public opinion has not only turned against him but our whole nation. The most important thing we can do as a nation now is to vote in a president that the world likes better. I'm not recommending anyone here. Just think about it? Who would help the dollar rise back to a good stature again? Who would the world like to see as president to the point where they would reinvest in America?

In the past America, after World War II could do no wrong. After Viet Nam and twice in Iraq and once in Afghanistan those times are long gone. We need the world now to continue to survive as a Great America!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Multiple Realities

Multiple Realities. In the worlds of men and women and children on earth there are basic cultural realities. If, while you are in those countries, you abide by those cultural norms you usually won't be harmed except by criminals. Those of you, for example, who have left your states or countries and visited other states or countries, have learned first hand that to act like you would at home some places might get you killed.

Not only is this true country to country and state to state within the U.S. but it is also true that people have a very wide version of realities that they actually live in part time or full time anywhere you go. I learned in the late 1960's and early 1970' by watching my college friends that it didn't matter what people thought was going on internally as long as they could somehow in their actions appear to resemble something normal. However, this was quite a surprise to me then as I didn't differentiate then that much between what one was saying and what was really going on inside that persons mind, spirit and emotions.

So, as a lifelong psychic I never look at what someone is saying. I always look at what vibes they are transmitting first. People can and will say almost anything but if you can't read what they are really feeling you could be in danger. Body language is also important to give each of us clues about what is going on internally in another person so we can protect ourselves or the other person from harming others or themselves.

We are viewed by other civilizations throughout the galaxy mostly as sort of the children in the book and movie "Lord of the Flies". So mostly we are not viewed here on earth as an adult civilization. If we can survive the next 2000 years or more without nuking our selves(or our planet like the asteroid belt) into oblivion we might just start to be taken more seriously. A good statement of how earth is seen would be what we used to be called by Asians in the 1800's. We were called in Europe and America "The Mechanical Barbarians". This would also be how we as a planet would be thought of. To most civilizations of the Galaxy we would remind them of all being about like the "Beowulf". In other words we would be considered quaint but Galactically uncivilized.

Herein lies our problem as the human race of earth as far as the Galaxy is concerned. In order to demonstrate our adulthood as a world culture we must demonstrate "peaceful Unity" as a planetary civilization. Since we can't do that yet really we would at best be considered a sort of schizophrenic adult or incompetent teenager, one of the two. This is not to denigrate either classification but to illustrate a good example of how earth is viewed as a world culture and how safe we are or are not considered to be.

Yes. There are always thousands to millions of non earth born beings on earth at any given moment. Most of them are monitored by agencies of 1st world government at some "above top secret" level. This level is like Area 51. If you you've seen any of this physically then you disappear permanently. I have no physical proof of what I'm saying. If I did I wouldn't be alive right now and able to write this for you to read.

I wonder sometimes whether Steve Fossett just landed his plane in area 51 and started exploring somewhere off of earth or in another time for the "Above top secret" types. This was my first reaction to his plane going missing in Nevada with what I know.

Since I am a precognitive psychic you can bet that if I'm writing something there is an above 51% chance it is true. Usually I only write in the 75% to 100% true range because I self monitor
to keep my factuality very high. It might be useful to understand that I use my psychic abilities to stay alive all the time, whether I'm driving a car, talking to a person, where I go, when I go, How I go and on what form of transportation I go. I am always monitoring so that I can be in the right place at the right time intuitively just like Jesus, Buddha and all the Saints. As a disciple of both Jesus and Buddha I practice compassion and spontaneous accomplishment just like they both taught us 24 hours a day if I'm able to. Every day I get a little better at this. So will you if you start right now!

Trying to Change theClimate

Trying to Change the Climate. Many people want to change the climate back to the way it was. In the first place that isn't going to happen. The best we can hope for at this point is that some humans survive what we have already created 1000 or 2000 years from now. I know this sounds pessimistic and bizarre but I have found I can trust my precognitive senses pretty much over the years. If I get something really strong, it usually happens.

It is my present belief as a precognitive psychic that even if we got 80 to 90% of the population of earth to only use wind and solar generated power we still couldn't stop what is coming. I'm sorry but it is too late for that. Our progeny will hate us and our ancestors for the hell they will experience. They will hate us for our ignorance of what we have been doing for hundreds of years on earth now.

However, the single most important thing is to create ways to preserve technology and culture and religion underground where winds or water can't blow or wash it away. That way future citizens of earth can find these caches of knowledge and have access to the use of some of our technology, culture, religions and philosophy. The other alternative is to do nothing and let our progeny become cavemen and cave women once again.


Beowulf. I went to see the new Beowulf movie last night with a friend and my daughter. My daughter, being 11 had to hide her eyes through many parts of this movie as it is very intense in a historic Danish Viking kind of way. Since the legend takes place in the 500's AD Christianity is just beginning to reach ancient Denmark.

I thought the movie was excellent I would give the historic legendary dialogue an A and an A for the actors voices. I was thrilled at how well they depicted the way people thought back then and could see the logic of it given the times they lived in.

However, the graphics were strange and surrealistic and beautiful; sometimes believable and sometimes not like a computer video game. Every person was enhanced including Angelina Jolie's body to the point where I don't think they would have gotten a pg13 if it wasn't considered an animation. So on many levels it is very adult and primal in every way and in a very ancient way one doesn't often see in the western civilized world at present.

Overall, I found it to be completely amazing from beginning to end. I would recommend the movie to anyone interested in this period of time that has a strong stomach for blood and guts and directness of the Viking times. Nothing is subtle about this movie that was also a sign of those times when people usually didn't live much beyond 40 or 50 unless they were of very strong stock.

Friday, November 16, 2007

The Ups and Downs of ESP

The Ups and Downs of ESP and other assorted abilities. I'm sure most of us who are adults have met people that were just so intelligent that they might just be so preoccupied with their intellectual thoughts that they would walk in front of a bus and then would be gone unless there was someone more present in the physical around them. Then there is the type that is just so very co-ordinated and physical that they are so in their bodies that they take larger and larger risks to see what the limits of their physical abilities are. I have known people like this and they are lucky to live to 20 or 30 years of age. I count myself lucky as my abilities have always been fairly well integrated into me. I have always been physical and jumping off of roofs and the like as a child. In fact, I found out from a podiatrist when she x-rayed my feet that I have hundreds of micro fractures that I got as a kid jumping off 1 story or higher buildings on a dare with my friends.

Also, I used to jump my motorcycle so that the rear wheel was 8 feet off the ground so you must land perfectly every time not to crash. So I guess you could say I have always been a risk taker in this sense. But along with this I was always given common sense to know when to stop to keep body and mind together in the physical.

The most useful tool for me personally is to as much as possible go walk alone or with my dogs in a forest at least 1 mile from the nearest person. This allows me to relax my aura and to become at one with the forest.

If I'm around people I try to create harmony so no verbal or physical fights break out. I do this with my aura as this is a very strong but silent ability. So if I'm close enough to people I'm always doing this. It is a way to protect all beings from unnecessary harm.

Sometimes, I must be even more focused to prevent physical or psychic harm to myself or others. I have learned from Tibetan Teachers how to keep others from gaining bad karma in trying to harm me or others either psychically or physically. However, sometimes people are just exploding with misdirected anger and I have no choice but to put up a forcefield and instantly return their karma. The usual result is that they have to "eat" what they are sending out. There are many reactions to this. One, is to be afraid and walk away. Two, is to realize the harm they were doing and stop. I think you can imagine for yourself what karmic return does in more serious situations. But remember always that people are only getting what they are dishing out so as a soul they are learning "As you sow so shall ye reap".

So, no matter what set of abilities you were born with it is most important to become both integrated and comfortable with these abilities. Learning to love yourself and to accept both your abilities individually and collectively is vital to your survival both physically and mentally long term. People may come and go throughout your life but if you can't be your best friend and love and accept yourself then you will be miserable. That is a given for all of us.

The first rule to be able to love and accept yourself for life is: Don't ever do anything you can't live with for a lifetime knowing that you did it.( Otherwise, if you do something you can't live with you might injure or kill yourself eventually.)

There is a Tibetan statement and truism that I would like to share with you, "Be kind to all Beings because friends sometimes become enemies and enemies sometimes become friends."
I have found that over 20 to 30 years or more this is very true. Sometimes your best friend or lover has a problem with you or themselves and you have to live without them the rest of your life and other times people or nations that were once your enemy become your friends, sometimes your best friends.

The development of any of our abilities is usually based upon the need of the moment. So, no matter what your abilities the ones that you will tend to develop the most no matter what your abilities are will be the ones you most need in any given moment of your life.

So, because of this there will be many abilities that one will overlook because the need of using or even knowing about this ability might never arise unless there is some kind of emergency and out of complete desperation you find out about this ability. So, unfortunately, the only way to know your full abilities and capacities is to put yourself in some kind of danger like in traveling to another country, area or state. It is important, however, not to do these things lightly in an unprepared way otherwise instead of opening up your awareness to your full abilities you could destroy yourself permanently. So always be mindful of the risks of whatever you are planning to do.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Arcangel Michael and his Band

Arcangel Michael and his Band. My first memory that makes any sense to me took place when I was around 1 or 2 years old. I was being rocked to sleep at night sometime around Christmas in my Grandmother's (mother's mother) lap in a stuffed rocking chair of the kind they had in the 1940's. It had to be around 1950 around Christmas if I was 2 1/2. It would be 1949 if I was 1 1/2 years old. My grandmother (Nana) was singing "Hark the Herald Angels Sing!" While she was singing, Arcangel Michael and his band of angels appeared in the room with us. They all smiled at me as if I was with them or a part of them. They all had shoulder length hair and no beards or facial hair. They all wore different colored armor up to their necks so the jeweled armor glistened from their inner light and power. Arcangel Michael had the lightest colored hair but there were angels of all colors of hair and eyes with him. All were male and seemed prepared for battle.

This experience because I was so young burned into my memory so intensely that I still remember this as if it happened yesterday. Since I'm not still a child with the clear senses of a child when I see an angel now I can't see their faces. I only see an oval of light. In Michael's case he manifests to me as a life size oval of blue light, especially if he is there to protect me from serious danger. This has happened several times in my life which has resulted in me still being alive and healthy now.

I had sort of a humorous experience when a friend just answered the phone. "Blue Angel" she said, "I laughed and said I had been writing something about Arcangel Michael and how he appears as a blue oval of light life size to me now. She said, "Oh. I was waiting for a call from my friend in Maui so we didn't stay on the line long. Anyway, I felt the need to write of Arcangel Michael and his band as the world just doesn't feel right somehow. Speaking of Arcangel Michael and his band and witnessing this to you increases his power to help not only me but you in these strange times on earth.

If your Dog gets Hit by a porcupine tail

If your dog gets hit by a porcupine. I was rereading an article I wrote called "Our 500 year American Gun Culture" and decided to write this piece. I have had two experiences like this. one with a friends dog and one with my own. It is usually a medium to large dog that doesn't know what a porcupine is and walks up and bites it. However, if people aren't around the likelihood is that the the dog will die or in other cases go blind and then die.

The problem is that the porcupine barbs are designed to push in ever deeper so when the dog fights to get rid of them the usual result is that the barbs are shoved up into the dogs brain and the dog dies.

If you are rich enough you could just take the dog to a vet and have him remove the quills after tranquilizing the dog. However, when both these incidents occurred there just wasn't money to do that.

So in the first incident I was visiting some forest acreage belonging to a friend of mine in the 1970's when my friends female black Labrador dog started yelping and screaming. We came running and found her in a terrible state. Never having seen this before I was horrified. My friend was upset but knew what to do. He said, "Fred. Go get some rope off my truck. We have to hog tie her. I'll try to calm her down. Also, I've got a pair of pliers in my tool box. Get those too." I was sort of freaked out not really knowing what to think at that point but still helping my friend in this crisis. I was a little worried that his dog would injure one of us because she had about 30 to 50 quills in her nose and inside her mouth. One quill was dangerously near one of her eyes.

So, when I returned he said, "I'll hogtie her legs so she can't run. She's a good dog so I think she'll let us do this. (If you have a really macho dog you might have to sedate him or her somehow or you will get hurt by the confused and injured dog).

So after he hogtied the animal he said, "Fred, you've got to hold her head to the ground on this towel so she can't bite us out of reflex. So I did as I was recommended. I watched him pull the quills out of her mouth one by one. Each time he pulled one she screamed in pain. However, we both knew if someone didn't do this the dog would die. To keep her from jamming the quills up into her brain I finally had to put a 2 inch stick across the back of her mouth so she wouldn't accidentally kill herself by shoving a quill into her brain by closing her mouth. Since the quills are designed to go in deeper and not be pulled out there was some blood as we ripped each quill out. Also, one must be pretty strong as it may take at least a 50 to 100 pound pull and grip to pull each quill out. If one is lodged in a bone this may increase to 200 to 250 pound pull to get it out.

Finally, we counted about 50 quills we had pulled out. There were couple that had broken off under the skin that we hoped wouldn't kill the dog but they weren't headed for the brain and likely wouldn't be fatal.

We gave the dog a pan of water to recover from the shock and extreme pain she had had to endure. The dog lived at least another 7 or 8 years after this incident so it all went fairly well.

Also, if you take you pet to the vet expect to pay at least $1000 to have this done and possibly more if an anesthetic is used. These fees would pertain more to California and the pet culture here.

So when my own dog had exactly the same experience on some acreage I owned then in Mt. Shasta I was prepared and had my wife and children then help me save the dogs life by hogtying her with rope and removing the quills with pliers.

Money Market Funds

Money market Funds. I was walking with my family yesterday to a restaurant. I walked past a newspaper stand and saw a usa today article that said something like, "Money Market Funds in Trouble". That concerned me some so when I went home I talked to a friend on the phone who is a full time investor and so studies this kind of thing between 4 to 8 hours every day. He said that where he and I were invested we were okay but that there are many companies that have invested their money market funds less conservatively into sub-prime mortgages and some of these are in jeopardy. So it might be useful if you have money into money market funds to find out what those funds are invested in and if your funds are in jeopardy now.

Lions for Lambs

Lions for Lambs. When I read a lot of the viewer reviews(?) for the movie "Lions for Lambs" I wondered if they had even seen the movie that I had. The movie is mostly about asking questions. 58,000 men died in Viet Nam because the right questions weren't asked at the appropriate time and so they died. The largest number of these men were exactly my age. At that time and now there is this, "My country right or wrong!" and "America love it or leave it!" attitude prevailing. However, thinking this way is only useful if our country is being decimated by bombs going off right now in our cities and we were all fighting for every inch of ground. That is not the case today.

As a Coastal Californian I actually question Authority no matter who the supposed Authority is. I don't believe something just because they say it in print or on TV. I especially don't believe 95% of what I see on Fox as I consider it a Republican infomercial 24 hours a day. So I know right off there simply is NO bipartisanship ever on Fox news. If I watch Fox news I know I will only get a conservative Republican opinion and slant on everything. Sometimes I watch Fox just because it is useful sometimes with some issues to be a little paranoid. And Fox is paranoid a lot in the way people were paranoid during and just after World War II. However, then after the hell they had been through at that time they had a right to be paranoid but not so much now.

The Title Lions for Lambs referred to the ineffective generals "the Lambs" on all sides of World War I who got literally millions of Lions "soldiers" killed for no reason but incompetence during world war I. It now refers to the totally incompetent way the Iraq war was handled from the beginning and of all the men and women killed because of the incompetence of their generals now. This situation is true for both sides as well now. Also, like World War I there is an incredible amount of war profiteering and corruption going on on both sides.

Then as now it is vitally important for people to keep their eyes open and to protect the lives of their children and not just to flush their children down a corrupt toilet of a presently corrupt Government. Wars always bring out both the worst and the best in people. The soldiers who went to this war have all been very brave and idealistic and noble. However, their leaders have completely failed them. If we don't question our supposed leaders then we fail not only our leaders but we fail our country, our children and our world.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Cycles. Today I'm the last man standing in my family. My wife and daughter have a serious flu. Hopefully, I don't get it as I need to take care of them.

I was talking to a grief therapist my family talks to regarding originally the passing of my wife's mother and now the eminent passing of my own. I was talking about how the business world and economics in general reminds me a lot of when the Savings and Loans collapsed in the early 80's. Then they collapsed in part due to the craziness of Viet Nam. I could also say that the Subprime worldwide financial loss is also due to 9-11 and the wars that have followed. There is always a craziness that lends itself to any war. There is also a group post traumatic stress disorder that ripples through any nation at war as the psychological and physical casualties cause repercussions throughout all eventually in our nation. There is always similar lack of accountability in the financial arena that accompanies any war as well. It is as if all the normal sane rules of functioning go out the window during a war.

It is not that torture of one kind or another hasn't happened in any war. It is just the way it is done and the way it is viewed changes from era to era. The most tortured from these last wars are actually everyone on earth almost equally for now like Thomas Friedman's book title says, "The World is Flat", in other words the rules have now changed and the opportunities are becoming more equal worldwide. What that means for us in the U.S. is likely a general lowering of our standards of living even as other parts of the world increase their standards. While still other areas people will just tend to starve and die because of changes in the weather.

As a psychic I expect (unless major changes in terraforming and weather controlling technology are invented) a population of about maximum 2 billion people to remain in 2100 on earth and 1 billion or less in the next century. Whether this is a bad thing or not to you probably depends on whether it is your friends and family that genetically go extinct during this century. Generally speaking I expect the population losses to in ratio be just about the way populations and ethnic groups are on the planet now.

World population right now is expected to be between 6.5 Billion and 6.7 billion. The United States is expected to be 308 million by 2010. China is now 1 billion 330 million approximately.So if I take the total population of the earth and create a ratio between 6.7 billion and 2 billion its closest approximation would be 30%. So if you take your calculator and multiply by .3 what your nations population is an approximation of what population I believe as a psychic that will be left in your lands as of 2100.

Pandemics can take away as much as 95% of an affected population as well. So if there is a major pandemic in your nation then this is a totally different thing.

Each of us creates our own future and the future of our wives, children and friends by all the decisions we make (or don't make) now. Not only that, people we don't know that may not be educated at all in another area of the world are affecting our lives and futures by the decisions they make or don't make right now as well. Therefore educating the masses as to the full consequences of their actions might be the easiest way to create more survival for all of us. One way to do this is the XO computer being built by MIT and others to cheaply bring hand crank laptops capable of wireless wifi communication in 140 degrees farenheit basically anywhere on earth as long as there is a wifi compatible computer or hotspot to log into. By educating 3rd world children who can not only access most knowledge but learn to program open source technology for all to use we might be able to begin saving ourselves.

So in regard to population changes that are likely if major changes aren't implemented, the U.S. likely (if nothing changes) will be around 92.4 million people.

In regard to China their population likely would be 399 to 400 million people. In regard to your country just do the math if you are interested.


7028. The first time I saw them(the friends from the future year 7028 that claimed to be reincarnations of my parents) it was 1969 not 1974. However, in this situation they appeared as silvery ghosts through some kind of technology I have never heard of then or now unless it was some kind of holographic projection. At the time in late 1969 I had been excommunicated from the church I was raised as a child in and had broken up with my girlfriend ( who I had planned the next 20 years or more around) who also wasn't allowed by the church to speak to me ever again as well as thousands of friends around the world. At the time I didn't see much point to staying alive and was communicating with God through prayer that I felt it was time for me to die.

Right about the time when I was considering how to disconnect myself from my body permanently the male and female future beings appeared. What they said to me is that I could not take my life because something I would do in this lifetime would be pivotal to the survival of mankind and life on earth. I had no reason to disbelieve them at the time. I said that I would live on on behalf of the survival of life on earth even though I might never have a desire to live for myself ever again. I took this vow seriously and have ever since. They also said I might have to live far beyond the normal span of years to accomplish this task. Though I didn't know what to make of this I agreed to this as well.

Within one year of this time I took a course in cultural Anthropology in college and found that the definition of shaman is one that lives between worlds because psychologically that one has already died but their body lives on for God's purposes. This has been my experience. At one point I saw myself as the Ghost who walks. After that I saw myself as father and husband. Now I see myself as householder yogi, father and husband.

Since then I have had no fear of death because I have already died. I live only by the Grace of God for his purposes. So I live for my children, my wife, my friends and my family of all life on earth and beyond. This is what keeps me still in a body on earth.

The two silvery beings that returned this time with a time space ship that looked like a saucer shaped ufo about 25 to 30 feet in diameter have always been an anomaly to me. If you were driving down the road and you came upon a bear in the middle of the road you likely would stop until the bear moved. My experience with them would be a lot like that. (By the way I have had this kind of experience with a bear too.)

To have these kinds of experiences one has to respect the power of the other to come away from the experience successfully and alive. This is not just a fairy tale I'm making up it is my life experience. I'm not really asking you to believe me I'm mostly asking you to entertain the possibility of what I'm saying. To demand that you believe me might only traumatize you and unless you have had this experience too your reaction might be unnecessary to your survival as a being in a body. However, to deny the possibility that what I'm saying is true is to render oneself incapable of necessary survival adaptations in case what I'm saying is true!

It would be like denying that the bear is in the road and getting out of the car to take a pee and have the Grizzly slice you in two with its paw and claws because you are walking on his turf.

I write what I write so that you and your children can survive in a real world and not the fake one we are told to believe in now. We are all like the Hawaiians when Captain Cook first came to Hawaii. The Kahunas (Government intelligence officials) tell us that if we believe in UFOs we will be ridiculed and lose our jobs and livelihoods and families. So we hide our heads in the sand collectively and buy into complete bullshit in order to keep our jobs and families. Well, I'm sorry just because you don't believe in them both UFO's and Grizzlies are real and to deny their existence doesn't mean they aren't here right now.

There are two Men In Black movies with Will Smith in one of the leads. I propose to you that even though the movie is very humorous it is really the way things actually are.

This is my experience. You don't have to agree with me unless this is your experience too. If this is your experience and you live in denial of it then you have some pretty serious mental issues. Each of our survival is predicated upon being pragmatic enough to deal with whatever comes in our lives. To deny the possibility of something simply prevents one from coping when that possibility walks up and shakes your hand or cuts you in two in the case of the Grizzly.

So my approach to life is that if a ufo or in my case future humans from 7000+ AD come and say "Hi!" I have to entertain the possibility that what I'm experiencing is real. It does not deny the fact that I also live in the 21st century in the United States. It does however mean that I don't just bring these facts up anytime. I only write here about my experiences because I'm disgusted with the human race for being ostriches with their heads in the sand while they are stalked by lions. Whether these are lions or bears or aliens it doesn't matter. If we want to survive as humans we have to be ready for anything just like our ancestors were in the wild west of the 1800's here in America.

Feeling safe is always an option. However, actually being safe might not have ever been a real option since there have been humans on earth. To deny that life is dangerous is to just be another ostrich with your head in the sand. Life has always been dangerous and always will be. Denying this basic fact only leads to all our premature deaths.

Nuclear Jihad?

Nuclear Jihad?

I was reading this commentary about a potential nuclear jihad so I just looked as a psychic at the situation in Pakistan today. What I saw is that there is a potential for an Osama theft and use of a nuclear bomb of approximately 100 times what it was one week ago. I can see that Osama's people are looking for an opportunity to capture a nuclear device now and are close to it. They plan to blow up government headquarters in Islamabad or Kabul to throw the world into turmoil and to bring down Pakistan's democracy or Kabul's. It might be necessary for all governments to be more aware the next 2 months in regard to this problem.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Galactic Sentient Being

Galactic Sentient Being. For this article to make any sense at all it might be useful to read: The Real UFO Experiences,and also Former Pilots and officials call for new US UFO Probe. Otherwise if you didn't read those articles first then this one might not make any sense at all. However, to each his own.

In my last article I spoke of how I was sort of tricked into meeting the Galactic Sentient Leader who said to my friends from 7028 the he wanted to see me. I now believe the reason I survived this encounter is that somewhere in my past life memories I remembered this being. It would be like something that happened to you after you were first born. Like that. And then something triggers that memory and you find you can cope after all.

The other thing that allowed me to cope with this was that other teachers from earth(Gurus) had also mentioned that I would one day meet such a being and then become permanent. At the time I didn't really understand what this meant. However, now, I can best understand it in relation to the Vajrayana which speaks of such things. One becomes "Diamond or Permanent through ones vows to life. I suppose a good analogy would be honoring marriage vows or honoring priestly vows or honoring ahimsa vows of not killing anything except in self defense. So to become permanent one becomes "not transitory" one becomes "diamond" therefore one honors ones commitments to life and therefore becomes permanent. Both Jesus and Buddha are examples of two beings who became permanent through the honoring of their commitments to all life and by their 24 hour a day actions of compassion to all beings and for all beings.

Another thing that teachers spoke about was all the Buddhas and Bodhisatvas of the Ten directions and three times. At first this just sounded sort of like science fiction to me until I started piecing together what was actually being said. First Buddha spoke of thousands of planets or more and almost unlimited people and beings on these planets. So this either meant to me that Buddha had been a soul traveler like me and had actually seen a lot of these places like me or that he had had encounters with off world civilizations as they also tend to honor compassionate commitment beings who live truthfully and compassionately as much as is survivable in any situation.

Many off worlders (beings not born on earth) also tend to be both mentally and spiritually gifted, especially those that have the courage to travel the galaxies.

Also, The Buddhas and the Bodhisattvas of the Ten directions and the three times are all beings in the universe in our past, present or future that are compassionate and wise and are able to manifest their compassion in any space or time because of their understanding and attainment. I was accepted into this group alignment consciously in my thirties. At first I was terrified of the change for about a day or two and then I realized that I would never have any real reason to fear anything ever again. For the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas of the Ten Directions and the three times are all the Buddhas, Christs, Angels and compassionate wise beings that have ever lived or live now or will ever live on earth or anywhere else in the Universe because once one experiences fully that time and space are temporary and that Compassion, Wisdom and Being are all there really is then if one experiences this 24 hours a day one is there!