Sunday, February 10, 2019

Autoencoders and Advertisements

I used to take pride in "Cleaning" all articles I quoted from advertisements so you could have an advertisement free experience here at this non-profit blog. Since I have never received even a penny for the work I do here at this blog I consider it to be a Non-profit Blog and a public service Blog that travels all over the world everywhere that Google Goes.

However, programmers that work for advertisers have gotten smart and learned to defeat this pride in bloggers like myself by creating programs that delete the article itself if you try to delete the advertisements often now. So, I delete advertisements when I can and leave them when I can't so you can have the most useful information worldwide on all subjects that I see and sense are important for you to be aware of especially here in the U.S. but also all around the world.

So, I try to make your experience here as informative and pleasant as possible while still giving you the information that will save your lives here in the U.S. and around the world ongoing.

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