Sunday, February 10, 2019

It's expected to snow some every day for the next 7 days in Mt. Shasta

Weather is extremely cold for California up through Washington. In Washington they are having record snowfalls.
Washington Gov. Jay Inslee declared a state of emergency on Friday ahead of the snowstorm. This storm pushed the February snowfall total at the airport to 10.6 inches, making this February Seattle's snowiest since 1949. A total of 13.1 inches fell that month.3 hours ago

 Snow levels down to as low as 1500 feet in the Santa Cruz Mountains right next to San Francisco and San Jose is pretty amazing too.

Though it is lightly snowing in the north of the state the largest part of the storm now hitting California is hitting from Fresno to Santa Barbara to Los Angeles right now as of Sunday at 11:00 am PST here in California.

My daughter and her boyfriend decided last night not to travel north to Portland because they might not be able to safely get there before the next really big snowstorm hits Monday night with high snowfall on Interstate 5 north of Redding, California. Driving likely is very dangerous many places in California, Oregon and Washington right now even if the roads you want to travel are actually open. Flying to where you want to go might be the best option right now if it's in Northern California, Oregon or Washington. And even getting around Seattle if that is your destination might be a problem on taxis and buses and rental cars now.

Interstate 80 is still closed from Colfax in Placer County to State line. Interstate 5 is still open as of now throughout California though. Not sure about north of California into Ashland, Oregon though. There's also snow in Mendicino as well. Also, snow in Willow Creek.

Here's Caltrans where you can find out about all major roads in California:

For localized Twitter updates including road closures: follow Caltrans on social media by regional locations

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