Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ally McBeal 1997-2002: comedy TV Series

I had been married a few years to my present wife and our new daughter was a toddler then in 1997 when this series first began. I was a fan from the first moment. Somehow it encapsulated the pain I felt then from my divorce in 1994 and 5 and not being able to get full custody of my then in 1994 5 year old daughter. I found myself lost in the honesty and yet humor of this series which dealt with the pain of loss of the loves of our life. Ally McBeal finds herself in a Law Practice as a lawyer alongside the love of her life who is now married to someone else. She doesn't know he has married until she joins the firm and considers quitting the firm. She meets the new wife and becomes best friends with her(strange bedfellows) in this very funny  in terms of visions and dreams and feelings all over the place. In other words things all askew in our emotions just like in real life but shown in a really funny way. This series was just so artfully and yet realistically  done in other ways that I think I will always be a fan of it. I started re-watching it tonight on Netflix. What Fun!

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