Saturday, May 14, 2011

Blog Articles on Tibetan Buddhism and Crazy Wisdom

  • Note: Tibetan Buddhism and Crazy Wisdom are not synonymous. However, there are some Tibetan Buddhist practitioners who also manifest in a Crazy Wisdom way. They tend to be the types that meditate in caves for years and often become siddhas or Mahasiddhas. I think Naljorpa is one of the terms as well. When I think of Crazy Wisdom I think of people rescuing children just before they get hit by a car. Being Crazy wisdom you might think nothing of risking your life to save the life of someone else. Also, Crazy wisdom is also referred to "The Wisdom beyond knowledge".
  • The Tibetan Dharma Experience
  • Dzogchen 
  • Dragon Father 
  • Drukpa Kunley's Words 
  • More on The Divine Madman
  • Crazy Wisdom 9-24-10

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