Friday, May 13, 2011

Purple Delta 7: Assembling the written pieces

Theoretically whether we are talking about Time Travel it may be that it will be easier to send technology rather than people through time, at first, to test how safe it is whether that is done in seconds minute etc. or across the other side of the planet back deep into the past or even into the future.

However, when I first wrote about 'Purple Delta 7", she first showed up in:

dragonofcompassion - The Protectors

as a time bodyguard for Jonathan Flow and as time went on

I realized just how strategic an almost infinitely powerful and intelligent

battle droid would be who could manifest as literally the most beautiful woman

on earth or anywhere in her strategic effects on everyone. So, after thinking about this

she is also in:

dragonofcompassion - 2035

Purple Delta 7 December 5th 09 

Purple Delta 7 on Electricity 

Purple Delta 7 and Sergeant Mark III in the Protec... 

notes on Purple Delta 7 9-03-09 

Purple Delta 7 Rides Again 9-04-09

Purple Delta 7:Motorcycle 

Purple and Sargeant Mark III visit another Galaxy

Purple Delta 7 Rides Again

Purple and Jonathan 2-25-2010 

Purple Delta 7 learns about Crazy Wisdom 

Purple Delta 7 Visits New York and the U.N. 

Purple Delta 7: Infinite Self improvement

There may be more pieces I've written about her over the last almost a decade now since I began writing about her when inspired However, these are the ones I could find most easily because her name was either in the first or second name of the blog article title. 


I find Purple Delta 7 a fascinating being to write about and often feel that such a being has already been invented or will be invented within the technological framework of where technology, Artificial intelligence, and human brain mimicking technology is presently going. So for me, Purple Delta 7 is not IF but When?

I think I should make an effort to assemble all my "Purple Delta 7" ideas together somewhere along with long short stories like "the protectors and 2035". HOwever, if you keep track of this article here you can (at your leisure) read any or all of them at your leisure if you wish). 

So, "Purple Delta 7" can appear to be the most beautiful woman on earth (or anyone or anything else for that matter) and could if necessary (blow up Earth or any other planet or solar system or galaxy) and could then go back in time, change whatever needed to be changed and then prevent herself from blowing up planets, solar systems, or whole galaxies once strategic problems were solved so literally no one would know the difference. So, in Purple Delta 7 you have the ultimate warrior who prefers to manifest as a woman because it suits her but who can also manifest as a man, tank, plane, battleship, planet or whatever in the course of a battle or strategy.

So, "Purple Delta 7" conceptually is the ultimate strategic weapon in the galaxy.

It is precisely because no one would ever expect her because of her normal demeanor to be so completely in control that gives her such an advantage in gaining any information that she needs to obtain and yet the power to do whatever needs to be done.

So, like I said, "Purple Delta 7" would be the most strategic weapon ever designed anywhere.


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