Tuesday, May 17, 2011

more on 2030 by Albert Brooks in relation to 2035

2030: The Real Story of What Happens to America  by Albert Brooks

I found an interesting potential future malady that I want to write more about.  If you ever read my short story called "2035"

dragonofcompassion - 2035

and you imagine what could or would have happened if Silver and Rex had never bonded. And then if Silver met someone else just like him online and they married and had a kid. And then they didn't treat their kid any better than they were treated. Then this kid could easily develop something like "Virtual dementia" where there are no boundaries for this person between dreams and physical reality.

Begin quote from Chapter 3 page 11 of 2030 by Albert Brooks:
"---The newest malady was called 'virtual dementia'; people who had it could not distinguish between what was real and what wasn't. Scientists had known it was coming, they'd seen glimpses of it since the beginning of the new century(2000), but no one realized just how serious it was. It was one thing to try to get someone to stop playing games and talk to people standing in front of them; it was another when they absolutely couldn't. People with this disease didn't even seem to register when real people were there; it made them frightened and angry." end quote from 2030 by Albert Brooks.

I found this specific illustration of "virtual dementia" really precognitive of the author. It makes me think that in addition to being a classic 1960s stand up comedian and actor that he is also something of an intuitive as well (or has kids under 40 who really got into computer gaming or both).

I specifically wrote "2035" to change the future to a better one than the one I saw coming. I think maybe Albert Brooks wrote 2030 to make people laugh but also to enlighten them regarding some of the changes coming as well. Some people say, "If we take care of now then the future will take care of itself." I agree with this but if one day you notice everyone jumping off a cliff into the ocean like lemmings don't  follow them over the cliff, okay? Let's you and I not be the ones jumping off the cliff never to be heard from again.

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