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Experiencing 4 days of no water no food

The blog article "native american vision quest" internet word button below outlines what happened when I did a 4 day vision quest under the supervision (4 miles away) by a Native American Medicine man. But this article was after I thought about how empowering it might be for people to know that they could survive this whether or not they were searching for visions from God to Guide them in their lives. I was incredibly empowered by this experience and it made me much more fearless and strong in that I knew I could survive almost anything after this experience of learning I could go 96 hours without putting anything in my mouth (not water not food not anything). I wrote the Vision Quest article before this one you are presently reading.
A Native American Vision Quest
I was thinking about how it might be important for people who haven't done something like this in regard to "What happens to me if I don't have water or food for 4 days?"

Answer: This greatly depends upon your mental and physical state and whether or not you are alone and what the weather is during this time and whether or not you are in any kind of physical danger at all. It also depends upon whether you have spent much time out of doors or wherever you happen to be where there is no water or food.

So, the first thing you need to do is to use your emotions if you start to freak out when you find yourself in this kind of state by using your terror to focus your attention upon what you do have, what shelter is available, what water in whatever condition is available and what kind of living things might be there for you to eat in an emergency like plants, worms, birds, or animals. But staying calm and focused through all this tends to keep you alive. Just exploding your mind over and over in terror because you aren't used to this situation will only lessen your chances of surviving the situation if you continue this freak out for more than a few seconds. Your freaking out is a natural reflex to focus your mind on ascertaining what is actually going on. If instead, you just keep cycling in paranoia you will just eventually wear yourself out and possibly do something stupid and die.

For example, My wife when I first met her was a really good person on a camping or hiking trip as long as the person who was injured or frightened wasn't her. So, one day we were very remote and she was wearing beach walker sandals and a hornet got somehow between her toes and the sandals and kept stinging her again and again. Since she was on the edge of a cliff right then and I knew she might get hysterical and fall off of the cliff I quickly climbed up the cliff and grabbed her foot and lifted it into the air so she wouldn't accidentally jump or fall off of the cliff in her hysteria. I then proceeded to suck out the hornet venom from between her toes and though it made my tongue numb from the poison so I couldn't talk right I just kept her foot up in the air so she couldn't go anywhere and kept sucking out and spitting out the venom.

One of the reasons that I did this is that when I was 8 or 10 years old my father also saved my life in a stituation something like this. My Dad and I were in an old fashioned attic in our house that opened to the outside with louvres and to a ladder up to the second story that my father and I had climbed into the attic to fix the electrical lighting for the house in our ceiling inside the house. So a hornet got under my t-shirt and began to sting me about 20 times. So, I began to scream and run for the 2 story exit. My father knew this likely to kill or maim me and grabbed me by the t-shirt and squeezed the hornet to death with his bare hands through the t-shirt. Otherwise I would have run outside at the 2nd story level and died. Since I couldn't run with him holding my t-shirt and squeezing the hornet to death between his fingers I was saved even though I needed a lot of baking soda and water to pull out the venom. Sometimes, people used baking soda (thick) with water or sometimes bread with water to soak out the venom.

But for my wife I sucked out the venom like you suck out snake venom in an emergency like rattlesnake venom. However, if you do this be sure you have water to rinse out your mouth or it could be serious for you even if you spit it out because it could have already coated the inside of your mouth.
Sucking hornet venom out from between my wife's toes just numbed my tongue. I don't really want to find out what sucking snake venom out of a wound would do. You know what I mean?

So to return to the no water no food scenario the more experience you have had out of doors and knowing the weather in the area you are in the better. The less you know the more psychological and physical problems you will tend to encounter. And they might not be anything like you would expect.

For example, the problems I thought I would have during 4 days(96 hours) were mostly not the problems I expected at all. First of all I thought I would be hungry. Most of the time this wasn't my problem. I never really got hungry. However, I did get quite thirsty after not drinking water for 4 days. What really amazed me is that I was still urinating during the whole 4 days. I was surprised by this a lot. The most medicinal time to drink your own Urine (if you have no other choice) would be the first time you go in the morning. Many people around the world do this as a matter of choice as a "natural medicine" because it has many many immunological properties that will tend to build up your immune system. So, if you have no other choice this would be the best one to keep your immune system working well during this time.

The next thing that I thought was that it was going to be a different experience entirely. The best way I can explain it was being simultaneously one of the most boring and amazing experiences I have ever had. When I was in "Normal" human consciousness where I was used to reading books, watching TV and talking to people I found it boring. But simultaneously it was also one of the single most amazing four days in my life. As I "Slowed down" I became one with all of nature. And all the birds and insects and animals sensed that I was a part of them because of having "slowed down" to their telepathic communication level. So, in some ways it was as amazing as when in Walt Disney's "Sleeping Beauty" where all the animals and birds and mice came and talked and danced with her. Unless you have actually experienced this at onement you can not imagine just how amazing this can be.

The following might horrify some of you but this is an example of just how different one can get during this time. At this point I was at least 2 to 3 days in with no water or food. I was really tired of hornets trying to fly up my nose. They seemed to want to get at dust and mucous up there. I got tired of shoeing them away and decided that I should be more masterful at this. So, I centered myself and talked to them in my mind and said, "Hey. If you want to clean my nose I will let you. But if you sting me even once I will kill you. Do you understand?" They seemed to understand and were grateful that I helped them in this way. So I let the hornets climb up my nose and spend about 5 minutes each cleaning out both my nostrils one in each. I was pretty amazed that this could happen and just remained still and calmed them with my mind and by my being centered. Hornets smell fear or hate and when they sense either it is then that they tend to sting the most. When we are afraid or angry we emit pheromones which trigger their actions. So this is a good thing to know about many stinging insects. So, unless you are around one of their nests they likely won't sting you as long as you aren't afraid or angry. (similar pheromones) Since I was no longer afraid they finished and politely they left happy. I was just very very amazed at this whole experience.

Over and over again for 4 days I had experiences that I never would have believed could ever be possible for me or anyone else I knew. It taught me most that when we slow down we are accepted completely as forest wildlife by all creatures of earth. This kindredness I can never properly convey because it can only really be experienced. In a sense there is no real difference between us and them in their minds (except) when we run neurotic city energy and then this makes them think we are crazy and dangerous (which also might be true for many people).

So, if you can let yourself slow down and really experience what is happening to you when there is no water or food  for awhile you will much more likely to survive the whole situation. Staying calm, you begin to access your (Primordial senses) that were developed by our ancestors for exactly these kinds of situations. Remember, your genetics and mine survived Through the Cave Man and Cave Woman days. So both our DNA is really powerful to not have died out back then. In order for ANY of us to be here now there is an unbroken line of people who lived long enough to breed and then find someone to raise them and so on and so on. So in each of us there are completely unbelievable capabilities and senses you may have never thought were even there. And you only discover them when you absolutely need them to survive. That is what is really amazing about the whole thing.

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