Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sun, moon, Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Mars all together in alignment

Mercury, Venus, Mars & Jupiter Converge in Night Sky

It is thought by some that what happened in the Japan Tsunami and Earthquake also had something to do with this coming alignment. It is my hope that no more really extreme events are triggered by this convergence. 

However, it is possible that when the sun and moon converge in the same region of the sky unusual things could happen. I have wondered recently for example whether the increased tornadoes and flooding have some kind of relationship to this event as well. If changes in gravitic pulls can create things like earthquakes and tsunamis then maybe they can also affect the kinds of weather we have. Since this is still a pseudo science and not yet able to be scientifically calibrated fully this is all just conjecture. However, I think all of us should be prepared for unusual events as long as all these convergences in the same part of the sky keep occuring.

Like they say in the above article people used to panic during these convergences in the past. Though we might all think this was just superstition what caused this superstition to come about? If the reason is other events prehistoric happening around these times it is something to think about.


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