Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bears on PBS

I was watching a Nature show on PBS that starts in Anchorage and goes all the way up to Prudhoe Bay at the north of Alaska. He(a northern English or Scottish Guy) rides all the way up there on his BMW motorcycle in I believe August and September with a side trip into Denali Park (Mt. McKinley) to visit bears in a VW Van as motorcycles aren't allowed there. There is a tan smaller Grizzly there in Denali that I had never seen before in which mostly female Grizzly Bears have this kind of Whitish Tan color that sort of looks like Honey and their legs look like they have been running through mud but is actually their natural brown coloring on the legs and some on the undercarriage I believe. He also showed how people in Anchorage, Alaska have to deal with Bears in their city more than any other large city anywhere. So, mostly the Fish and Game don't bother the Bears unless they start harming people or breaking into homes or garbage. The nature series showed bears in Anchorage climbing up trees wooden fences and even talked about them climbing up the sides of wooden houses to get at whatever they wanted. In this documentary the bears wanted the bird feeders because the seed is very concentrated food for them and useful to them. So mostly fish and game try to redirect the bears back into the forests around Anchorage and when necessary tranquilize them. These are not Brown Bears or Grizzlies as they live further inland. These are Black bears which are smaller and don't usually attack people unless people are stealing their babies or something like that.

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