Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Jonathan Muses about what is actually changing on Earth

"Everything feels different", thought Jonathan. "Nothing feels the same. It's almost as if the whole world nuked out of existence when Osama was killed and we now live in the Golden City as Planet Earth."
Once again he reached out with his senses and expected to feel "normal earth" and "Golden Heaven City"
Earth in a simultaneous fashion. Nope", he thought, "Physical Earth appears to be gone and all that is left is Golden Heaven Earth." He thought about this some more and concluded that another thing might have happened as well, "What could have happened he surmised is that the two blended into one because it was awfully confusing to be living in two realms at once." Lately, everyone had been seeming pretty irritated he had noticed. He wondered if it were just in his own extended family or if this was a national or international event. Either way, everything has changed. Earth was not just earth anymore it was a heaven realm and he was having to get used to this and at this point he thought that people were irritated because everything had changed and were struggling to get used to the changes. Jonathan thought about how similar people were reacting to when people died when they first crossed over. People often get very irritated at first in the adjustment. But he thought it was great most people didn't realize everything had changed. He smiled. "It'll be better in a month to a year" he thought.

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