Friday, May 13, 2011

Free Thinking and Free Choice

Most people who spend more than 1 year in college tend to become free thinkers and tend to believe in Free Choice. College teaches Critical Thinking which allows a person to look at literally anything and to decide for themselves by analyzing it whether it is useful to them or anyone or not. This gives people who are educated sometimes an advantage in weeding out behaviors or groups that are not useful to themselves or others more quickly than the average person.

However, along with Free Thinking and Free Choice it is usually necessary to have both intelligence and common sense in this. For as Albert Einstein is reported to have said, "Intelligence isn't very useful unless you also have common sense." I personally have seen many intelligent people without common sense come to difficult situations and difficult ends because of their basic lack of common sense. And then we have people like "Forrest Gump" which is one of the best examples of heart and common sense without great intelligence. In this movie we watch intelligent people have all sorts of problems while Forrest just sort of waltzes through life having had a good mother and a good friend. And even after the good mother and good friend have passed away, he still goes on in life alone raising his son. This movie brought a tear to my eye and those of my generation who knew people like this as peers and lived through that era as people around the same age as the character "Forrest Gump".

So, Free Thinking and Free Choice are the basis of personal survival and prosperity (in all ways) as well as group survival and prosperity( in all ways). People often think that their basis is their family and their church and even though this may be true, without critical thinking and free choice things will come up in their lives that they won't be able to overcome because no traditional system is perfect. So without Free Thinking and Free Choice one's individual and group survival options are very limited.

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