Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Area 51: The Book

I was listening to Annie Jacobson talk about her new "Area 51" book on "The Daily Show" and thinking about what was being said there. She said she interviewed about 74 people who used to work there in the  1950s and 1960s. Though this all made complete sense some things did not. For example, since it is likely that anyone working there actually because of the level of technical secrecy involved in this area would have a higher security clearance than most CIA operatives worldwide whatever they told Annie would have been exactly what the Government wanted Annie to know and nothing else. Because people with security clearance levels this high know for example that one word about anything truly secret and they would simply disappear no questions asked. The other thing is that no other credible book that I know of has ever made it on a large TV show like "The Daily Show". So even though I will likely read the book to ferret out whatever truth might be there, I will go into the book realizing that it will at the very least be from 25% to 50% government misdirection.

When the U.S. Government wants to misdirect there is a formula for this. First you give some information that can be checked that is completely factual. Once people start to check a few things that can actually be checked and find out that these things check out then sometimes they are then lolled into complacentcy. The next step is to begin to misdirect about 25% to 50% of the next level of "Facts". Then finally outrageous information that is too strange to be true is given to throw people off. What is really funny about this level is that 1/2 the time this is actually the most true and correct but because there can be no public witnesses to any of this no one will ever likely know. (except a few which might still be alive or could already be dead).

So, only when you have someone from inside Governmental intelligence like Colonel Corso and his book "The Day After Roswell" do you actually have the credibility necessary to actually fully believe it. So, though Area 51 might contain some really juicy facts since this is 2nd or 3rd  hand information and not from a military or CIA intelligence higher up Annie could not really be sure of anything she was told completely. She just had to write what she was told. Whereas someone like Colonel Corso of President Eisenhowers military intelligence staff is more credible and along with General Trudeau and Senator Strom Thurmond who introduces Corso's book lends far more credulity than 2nd and 3rd hand information. When Corso was asked whether U.S. Intelligence would debunk his book he said, "They wouldn't dare!" What he meant by this was "The truth has been hidden long enough. We aren't in a cold war or world war II and I'm about to die as the last one alive pledged to write this book!"

I thought you might enjoy me giving you some info of my experiences when I and my son drove past area 51 on Hiway 95 in Nevada. It wasn't originally part of our plans. It just happened that it was the easiest way to get to Las Vegas since my son and I had never been there together before. The button "A Tall Story has the most of my experiences as an intuitive driving by Hiway 95 (which is the nearest you can get to Area 51 and survive it as a civilian):

A Tall Story

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