Sunday, May 15, 2011

Jonathan and all the Changes

Jonathan Flow had had unusual dreams all night long. It was as if the universe was trying to tell him something. Then he woke up late Sunday Morning and his 15 year old daughter and wife were streaming  a  Netflix version of "Romeo and Juliet" with Leonardo Di Caprio  on his widescreen flat screen TV in the living room. He thought about how this movie dovetailed in some ways with the two worlds here on earth he had been experiencing for several months now since his sojourn to Mt. Shasta and the Golden City with his 22 year old daughter on a skiing trip there from the Western Coast of California where he lived.

He thought logically about all the changes he had experienced the last several months of experiencing "The Golden City" at Bunny Flats on Mt. Shasta and of it following them down to the little city of Mt. Shasta, of then following him all the way home to the coast, of the Solar Logos (ruling plasma being of the physical and spiritual sun) sending a spirit copy of the Sun to empower the Golden City to become a "Heaven Realm that would interface with all of Earth as long as it was needed by everyone and everything that lived on and around Earth.

He then thought about how the "Heaven Realm" had spread from his affluent community on the coast all around the world. He wondered why he was a witness to this. Then of talking once again with his 22 year old daughter who was also an Intuitive and of how she was meeting people who were having experiences like this in Oregon as well.

But today, his mind was trying to ferret out more of the truth in regard to "What was real?" and "What was truly happening now on Earth?"

Often, in times like these logic might be helpful. So he decided to use critical thinking to separate fact from fiction. That would be a good start.

Okay, his daughter and he together had experienced all these things. Then his 22 year old daughter and her mother had gone on a Dolmen tour to Russia which had been a little upsetting that Jonathan wasn't the one(or one's) going with his daughter to Russia on this trip. Then, his childhood friend had died in Bakersfield and Jonathan had not been able to speak the day before the funeral because he was too upset. He heard his wife talking in the other adjoining hotel room there but he was just too upset at his friend's death. But the next day by God's Grace he was okay and able to be supporting to his best friend from Junior High through High School and beyond was laid to rest by his family and friends.

Then, he watched how after Osama Bin Laden had died the earth component of the two worlds "Heaven and physical earth) had suddenly disappeared leaving only a heaven realm of earth. So, logically one of two things had happened:

First, either the physical earth and the Golden City Heaven realm had blended.
Second, or the physical earth had disappeared somehow and left only the heaven realm of earth.
But thinking as a Mahasiddha does Jonathan asked the question:
If this is true why is there still death and strife upon the earth?
So, Jonathan looked deeper. "So", he thought, "then what we might be experiencing is some kind
of place that is neither physical nor fully spiritual in a completely idealistic way. What we all might be experiencing is a "Safe" Earth that was created because the last physical earth had to leave and possibly go somewhere else in space and time. He thought about this and liked the basic symmetry of it.

"Yes", he thought, "Though this world is now a heaven for those like me, it is also a testing place for many many others. God is wise in a way that is unfathomable to most beings. But how can this world be a heaven realm for me and a testing place for most others?" And he realized that the answer was very simply that God was unfathomable in his or her or the Beings infinite Wisdom.

Finally, Jonathan was beginning to have peace about all of this.

Then Jonathan got into his 4wd Truck and took off and started driving because intuitively this was what life seemed to want. Next, Arcane appeared in the passenger seat next to him and said, "Jonathan, why do you think I took you and put you in another body when I was about 17 years old on New Deva flying with the water dragons and why do you think I took you to visit Purple Delta 7 on the Galactic Time Guard training planet near the center of the Galaxy?"

Jonathan said, "Well. I've had some time to think about it now. And I've come to the conclusion that everything I think or feel now changes things."

Arcane: "Yes. That's part of it. But mainly I want you to be responsible for all your thoughts and actions waking and sleeping."

Jonathan: "But is that even possible for a human being?"

Arcane laughed and said, "A fully functioning Mahasiddha empowered by God or whatever you want to call it, The Force, the Dharma, The Buddha, whatever,  is not exactly a human being at this stage of evolution."

Jonathan: "Then what is a Mahasidda at this stage of evolution?"

Arcane(Saint Germain) said, "At this stage of evolution a Mahasiddha might not be mortal anymore."

Jonathan: "I find that hard to believe."

Arcane: "That does not alter the truth of what I'm saying."

Jonathan: "I find what you are saying paradoxical."

Arcane: "Exactly."

Jonathan: "So how am I supposed to deal with you telling me that I am now immortal?"

Arcane: "Just accept it as fact and move on. That's the best way to deal with any paradox. What did you do with the almost infinite paradox of having lavender skin and telepathically talking to an riding on Water Dragons that fly through the air like flying fish on earth?"

Jonathan: "I really had no choice at that point other than to just accept it as fact and move on."

Arcane: "Exactly. So in the same way one deals with whatever the reality is of any moment by just accepting it and moving on. If one doesn't do that one is no longer functional and sometimes will die."

Jonathan: "So this is the secret of life in a sense. Just accepting the truth in any situation so one can move on in life."

Arcane: "Yes. Since all states of consciousness are impermanent accepting changes as they occur while being compassionate and wise to oneself and all others creates immortality both here and beyond."

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