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2035 is about Silver and his family. However, the real point of the story is to convey some of the short and long term affects on humanity of the new technologies now coming to planet earth during this century. When I changed Lilu's name to Angel I found it just didn't work for about 10 reasons so I returned it to Lilu again. If you are a new writer and have “Word” on your computer and want to change any name or word in your short story or book go up to the “edit” function at the top of your page and go to “replace” and click on it. It will then give you two fields one which has  “find what” and “replace with”. This makes it very easy to replace any word or words in your writings. Then you can paste your short story or Chapter to wherever you want it to be on another document or web page.

Chapter 1 The Manhattan Penthouse

Silver was born in 2000. His parents said the first decade of his life was called "The Decade from Hell" in a magazine. However, he spent most of his time in a Manhattan Penthouse in the care of various nannies because his parents were just too busy with their lives to spend time with him. Oh, they kissed him when they arrived and kissed him when they left but mostly he was treated like a pet that both parents put up with as a member of the family. His grandparents had insisted his parents marry and have him but then they died in a private jet crash coming back from Europe and neither of his mid twenties new parents had been quite right ever since. But they left his parents with this Manhattan penthouse and a very large trust fund so they pretended to be married even though they went to separate parties and had different friends. It was a financial marriage glued together by Silver.

When Silver had been born a piece of silverware had fallen off the dining room table while nearby his mother gave birth to him in a 98.6 degree Fahrenheit 2 foot deep swimming pool with her friends present with a midwife. However, as soon as he was born
he was given by the midwife to the newly hired Nanny, who by the way was a wet nurse, very in and very in style. His mother believed he should bond with the wet nurse but after 6 months the wet nurse quit because she wasn't given enough time off to have a life while taking care of Silver 24 hours a day. And the new Nanny was not a wet nurse because she didn't have a baby to make her have milk to give so to Silver he lost the only mother he knew and the only breast milk he ever knew. And he cried and he cried at the loss. So Nanny after Nanny came and went, some 1 day, some 1 month some one year until Silver was now 10 years old and had learned to hide deep in TV and most especially electronic games played with kids on imaginary worlds that were really resident in Servers but connected by keyboard.

It is important to note here that Silver From zero to age 16 NEVER left his Manhattan Penthouse EVER. He was home schooled by tutors and taken care of by Nannies. He had no friends. His parents had their own lives without him.

He kept wishing he could be in the games and talking to his friends all over the world that he played with during the days and nights. Of course he had a tutor to pass all his grades but he only did a minimum of work. Most of his reports were on the online video games he played. Since his parents now dated other people his life became stranger even though they made shows of affection for extended family events. He felt more and more each year like their pet Chihuahua than their son. His parents he decided finally were very strange people and that his father just couldn't get over the loss of his parents. Silver would inherit a lot one day and likely the Penthouse would go to him. This was his father's and mother's wish. Besides, they each had a house in the country. His mother's was in Palm Beach, Florida and his father's was in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Each of them took their entourage there every few months but Silver was never invited. He was the family pet and he stayed home with the Tutors and Nannies. He knew his place. For him to inherit the family wealth after his parents were gone he had to play the game. Otherwise he would have to one day work for a living and "Who wanted That?"

So, as new gadgets came out like Robots that talk and Iphones and Ipods and all the latest tech gear he had to have each thing and then spend hours and hours pouring over the tech notes and internet

One day Silver realized he was much more grown up than both his parents combined. This thought actually terrified him until he decided that he could borrow his father's platinum American Express unlimited card and get whatever he wanted online while his father slept. So he did. He charged about 100,000 dollars worth of technical gear before his father's accountant starting suspecting that something was wrong. However, when his father found out what Silver had done instead of scolding Silver he just laughed and was impressed that his son had done just what he had done at 13 also. As a precaution his father had a safe installed in his bedroom that needed a 7 digit combination and a thumbprint to open. Silver was upset that he couldn't buy anymore tech gear. But by now he had gotten good enough to build his own custom built computers. He had learned how to stack Pentium chips 10 deep to make the fastest home computer on earth. And with this computer he created worms to invade government research laboratories of the latest research on bio-computer engineering research.

Finally one day he found what he was looking for: a dual ear set of hearing devices that fit deep inside ones ears that were rechargeable and the plans to build special glasses that transmitted directly into the optic nerve so that he could hear, see and also he could talk through microphones built into the deep ear device. This allowed him to be on the Internet, talk on the phone and by giving verbal commands do anything he could do on the computer without a keyboard as long as his IPhone was within about 7 feet of him. The only drawback was that all these devices had to be recharged about once every day or two. So he solved this problem by having two sets of everything he needed to be wired up 24 hours a day.

So now he could play games online or talk or communicate with people 24 hours a day(even when his tutor was teaching him) because it wasn't obvious to anyone what he was actually doing.

Silver found that he didn't really want to ever leave his penthouse anymore. He lived except for his nanny to cook and clean for him and his tutor to teach him, in a virtual world. Sometimes he would stare out of his penthouse windows out at Manhattan all around him but to him Manhattan was becoming more and more like TV and his virtual world was becoming more and more real every day.

By age 15 he was so knowledgeable on so many computer tech issues that people from all over the world were contacting him to ask him very advanced tech questions. He was the only one that seemed to be able to answer many of these questions. Silver loved this: Being the only one that seemed to understand a lot of this made him feel needed for the very first time in his life ever.

So, when people not knowing his real age started hiring him as a consultant he always stipulated that all meetings had to be virtual and if he needed to sign anything it had to be done with his fingerprint online. In this way Silver became a legend. What people did not realize is that Silver always was connected online. He was always a 24 hour a day information and tech junky. He had expanded his memory capacity in ways humans hadn't done before because no one (at least that he knew of) had ever plugged in in a 24 hour a day virtual sense before. Like the way some people can go to sleep watching TV every day, he could go into a trance like state where even in dreams he could keep processing Internet information on multiple subjects ongoing. He found over time he could multitask more and more. However, he was also getting headaches more. So, he decided to research what the latest was on brain power vitamins and bought whatever he could legally buy in brain vitamins and stimulants. His headaches stopped after this but he found himself to be kind of jumpy all the time. He had a hard time settling down when real people were present in the room like his Nanny or Tutor.

By this time they thought that Silver was either a computer genius or completely insane. However, they didn't care as long as they were paid because it was 2015 now and jobs had been scarce about 5 years now so they were happy to be working anywhere, especially in New York City area in Manhattan.

Silver's Penthouse overlooked Central Park. So he got to see the change of Seasons. He would look out at all the people and think of them as unhappy ants. He was one of these ants. But he was rich and so he was so rich he would never have to struggle like those unhappy ants walking around Central Park. But the changes of seasons were amazing.
Snow in winter, new green things in spring, the summer heat, the leaves falling in fall. Silver longed to have someone to share all this with. He was now 16. He decided that he would hire the next tutor himself. He was handsome and he wanted to choose someone who might want him as a boy becoming a man. It was a disaster. She was 18 and a local college student. She fell completely in love with his money and penthouse. But Silver needed her to fall in love just with him. Finally, she said to him, "How can I love you for you. You are a recluse. You never go anywhere. You have never been anywhere!" Silver was crushed and this made him withdraw even further emotionally from the physical world and into his world of research and games. The year is now 2016.

One day Silver's father came to actually talk to him. He said, "Silver, you are 16 now. I have hired tutors for you because you preferred computers to people. I thought that Nanny's and Tutors would be enough for you as you are so much like me except you are much better looking." His father laughed at this. "I wish I had had your looks, Silver, I wouldn't have had to pay so many women if I looked like you." Silver didn't like talking to his Dad. His Dad was just too much like him in many ways. His Dad was a natural genius just like him. But his Dad could relate to people more when they were physically present than Silver could. Silver said, "Let's get to the point Dad. What is it?"

"I just wanted to ask you if you want to go to college? I met your mother in college. She sought me out because she knew our family was extremely wealthy. At the time I thought she loved me. But I was wrong. She was only always in love with my wealth." His father looked so sad and alone in that moment.

Silver said, "Why are you talking to me? You don't usually treat me like a real son or a real human?" His father looked hurt and said, "It took me a long time to get over my parents deaths. I have started to go to a therapist and she told me I needed to have some kind of talk with you about your future." Silver said, "You never were there for me before." His father again looked hurt and said, "My life was never easy just like your life hasn't been easy in even a worse way." Silver felt very offended by this but realized he had to put a good face on for his Dad. They both were eccentric geniuses after all.

Silver said, "I hired a Nanny to be my lover." His Dad said, "How did that work out? I was in Nepal when I heard that happened." Silver said, "Well. Like Mom she fell in love with my money and made me love her and then told me she was only in love with my money." His Dad said, "I'm sorry to hear that. It really sucks when stuff like that happens." Silver's Dad said, "When was your first sexual encounter." Silver looked at his Dad and said, "Dad. My tutors and Nannies started having sex with me when I was about 14. Silver's Dad said, "That happened to me to. My parents were always gone too. However, I started going outside this Penthouse when I was 16. Do you want me to take you outside?" Silver wasn't happy for being molested and was upset his father thought is was normal. Silver said, "Dad, I live in a virtual world now. It is more real to me than what is outside." Silver's Dad said, "I was afraid of that. I have been afraid that I waited too long."

Silver said, "I can go to an online college and study computer engineering." Silver's Dad said, "I have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. Did you know that?" Silver looked at his Dad carefully and said, "Dad. You have never been here. You never talk to me. You have treated me like a pet. Mom is a beautiful idiot only interested in her looks and your money. No one has been here for me but the people you hired. The only thing I have ever been able to count on is our family's money. Silver's Dad said, "It was like that for me, too, Silver. You aren't the first with this problem and if you ever have children I'm afraid you won't be the last."

Silver said, "I can't do this to another person, Dad. What happened to me wasn't right." Silver's Dad said, "Yes. But what happened to me wasn't right either." Silver said, "Someone needs to break the pattern. I guess it will be me." Silver's Dad said, "Whatever you say, Silver. Life has been pretty strange for both of us." Silver said, "Money can't buy me love." Silver's Dad looked at Silver and laughed through his tears. They finally shared a moment that would last Silver the rest of his life. Silver's Dad was around 38 years old at this point.

Silver's Dad said, "So you are going to study Computer Science at an online College?"
Silver said, "I think that's what I'm going to do. You know I have a computer consulting business already?" His Dad looked worried and said, "You do pay taxes don't you?" Silver laughed, "I contacted our accountant Dad. It's all covered."

Silver's Dad sighed a sigh of relief at this. He didn't want IRS problems. When one is wealthy one must dot all the i's and cross all the t's to stay wealthy and to not have problems.

Silver's Dad said, "Our wealth has basically doubled since 2000. My father invested for the long term and we have been very successful." Silver said, "I know, Dad. I have been following all our stocks, municipal bonds, and properties worldwide." Silver's Dad said, "Yes Silver. You are a natural just like me and my father, of course you would study stuff like that."
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Silver was amazed by this talk. This had been the most family like talk he had ever had. He was sort of resentful now that it had taken so long for his Dad to be present. But now he also understood that his Dad's life had been almost as weird as his or even weirder in its own ways. He felt compassion for his Dad because he and his Dad suffered with so many of the same things. Likely Grandad was like this too. However, his Mom was just a gold digger. There probably wasn't ever any hope for her.

Silver said, "What's with Mom?"
Silver's Dad said, "Well. Though she is beautiful and probably always will be and even sleeps with me still once and a while to get more money from me, she will always sort of be a lost person. She was molested very young and has learned to get whatever she wants by being molested ongoing by whoever does what she wants. However, Silver, I love her. God Help me. I think it is her beauty combined with her vulnerability and her innate craziness from being molested so young. She's precious but she never grew up and probably never will. Whereas you and I were born grown up and ready to survive no matter how bad things got. She and I are opposites but I love her. But you and I and Grandad are the same. We may be the potentially at least the most scary geniuses on earth."

Silver felt kind of sick now to his stomach and said, "Why do you say you and Grandad and I are the scariest geniuses on earth?" "Because we are completely ruthless, Silver." That's why I couldn't spend more time with you than I did. When I looked in your eyes I saw my father. It was like he reincarnated into you. He was completely cold and calculating in everything he did. My mother withered around him. She was a beautiful woman like your mother too. She was his Chihuahua. But you and I are not Chihuahuas. Did you know what happened to your Grandfather and Grandmother?" Silver did not like the sound of this. Silver said, "I'm not sure I want to know, Dad."

"I need to tell someone about this, Silver. When my parents died I was high and partying with friends. So when they came as distressed newly deceased souls to me I freaked out and had to go to a psyche hospital ward overnight. Then I called our penthouse cook and she came and got me and told me my parents really were dead. The night I was high I just thought I was having a psychotic break because I didn't believe in God or souls before this. So, to be high and then to go through such a profound paradigm shift and then find out it was all true and that my parents really were dead and really did come to me in distress made me very strange for several years."

"At that time, your mother, Pearl, was 8 months pregnant and when you were born I thought you were my Dad come again and I just emotionally lost it and couldn't bond with you at all." But the last several years I have been going to a psychotherapist and she told me I needed to try to bond with you while I and you are both still young enough to bond well.

"You know. All this makes sense to me now. You thought I was your Dad coming back to get you." Silver's Dad said, "Yes. I have been haunted by this ever since you were born. That's why I never spent time with you or bonded properly with you." Silver said, "Whereas Mom was just self absorbed." Silver's Dad said, "I'm afraid so. There is only one person who ever will be important to her. Her." Silver and his Dad laughed at this. They laughed until they both cried at the pathetic nature of their lives.
Silver's Dad said, "So, do you think you are my Dad come again?" Silver looked into his Dad's eyes and said, "I have no idea, Dad. You are now the only genuine person in my whole life and you have explained why I felt like a pet rather than your son. I would have done the same, Dad, if that had happened to me. You are my only friend. I will never hurt you in any way."

Silver's dad (Rex) breathed a sigh of relief. Maybe the horror of it all was finally passing away a little.

Silver had his father in his life for the first time and for the first time in his life he was happy because he finally understood this crazy thing called "his life".

Silver saw tears forming in his father's eyes. His father said,"I would like you to come to my mountain retreat away from the city. It's in Jackson Hole, Wyoming."

Silver was scared because he had never left the Penthouse. But he said to his Dad, "If you sedate me and put me on a gurney and put me in your limousine and take me to your private jet and then wake me up on the jet and then on the jet I have my IPhone, ear buds with mikes built in and my eyeglasses that transmit to my optic nerves and my best custom laptop and you assure me that you have a fast cable modem at your house in Jackson Hole I'll go with you."

His father laughed but agreed. His Dad said, "I'll make sure my stewardesses are pretty.
They both smiled.


The private nurse hired by Silver's Father arrived. She came dressed as a nurse so there would be no mistake as to her important role between New York and Jackson Hole, Wyoming and his Dad's ranch. She said, "I'm going to give you a sedative because you have developed a type of Agoraphobia because of not having enough contact with your parents or ever going outside of this Penthouse."

Silver turned red and was embarrassed, especially because this was an especially young and beautiful nurse that he had chosen. Silver's father didn't tell Silver that this particular nurse did private pole and lap dances at people's homes sometimes to make extra money. Silver's father had used her services before as he had panic attacks sometimes too. Her fee was for Silver's father to keep her nursing license from being withdrawn from her extracurricular activities. Silver's father was very well connected as his father had been a world known financial Baron as had his father and his father before back to the 1880s. So, money this old buys many things and one of them is silence one way or the other.

She was auburn haired and about five feet six inches tall and very shapely and there was a sparkle in her eyes that most women didn't have. Silver realized he was frightened of this woman. She knew she could win him and he was completely emotionally outclassed. In other words this woman was as emotionally intelligent as he was intellectually brilliant in his own eccentric way. If she wanted to keep him there might be no way for him to say, "NO!". So Silver was scared but then he thought about his father's mind and it occurred to him that it might be a part of his father's plan. His father (at least at this point in his life did absolutely nothing by accident).

So, as he rode on the gurney(mobile stretcher with wheels) he pretended to be watching a video game unfolding. He pretended everything he saw was online or on TV. Since his oral medication had been timed for body mass and weight to be wearing off 10 minutes after he boarded the plane, at first he had a panic attack of not being in the only physical place he ever knew, his Penthouse womb. So, just like a baby being born he started to cry in emotional and physical distress. Then the nurse took off her hat and his favorite song came on and she began to dance for him just like he had fantasized a thousand times before. Then he could think of nothing but her. As he was watching her dance his father's private jet was taxiing down the runway.(Oh by the way Silver's grandfather's and grandmother's plane had crashed in water too deep to recover the black box. So no one ever knew what was wrong when the plane crashed into the Atlantic Ocean). They just assumed it was weather related or pilot error.

So, as they took off the nurse sat next to Silver and put her arm around him. Silver never felt happier or safer in his whole life. He didn't really care if the plane crashed because he had already died and gone to heaven.

As they landed in his father's private jet at Jackson Hole Airport he noticed that his father had landed the plane. He asked the nurse if his father had a pilot's license. She said, "I don't know but with money anything is possible. You know that don't you?"

Silver looked at the nurse. Lilu was her name. Her parents it seemed thought she was a Goddess incarnate. She had said it was a lot to carry growing up. But that she had learned now to carry her Goddess heritage into adulthood. Silver had no idea what was going on with Lilu. She said she had grown up in a commune that her parents had joined. And that later they had moved out of the commune when she was 10 and she missed all her friends from there and her parents had bought a Florist shop in New York City and then she went to a private school and that it had been a really hard adjustment to make.

The strange thing about Lilu was that both Lilu and Silver could relate to each other’s growing up periods. Her life growing up had been about as strange as his had in a different sort of way. It was like they both were two different people now each. Maybe more than two people each. Either way Lilu and Silver had bonded in a very strange and amazing way. Lilu saw Silver as brilliant yet naive and innocent. And Silver saw Lilu as worldly, intelligent, educated but still somehow precious. Somehow they had found what they both were looking for: (Home in each other) even though she was 24 and he was only 16. She was friend, lover, mother and sister and he was friend, little brother, lover and potential financial savior of Lilu
Now you may think all this is very twisted and maybe you would be right. But in the end this was their life and right now it was working for everyone.

OH! By the way Silver's Dad is called Rex and his mother's name is Pearl.

Rex smiled a very big smile as the plane landed at the Jackson Hole Airport in Wyoming. He loved this place any time of year. This was his home in his heart of hearts. So to bring his son finally to his home was healing a panoply of hurts in his heart. Rex could never undo what had happened to his parents but he could make amends to his son before Rex died of old age or before then.

Rex didn't know if getting Lilu for Silver was a good thing or a bad one. Both Lilu and Silver we very eccentric to say the least but there was something very precious and very amazing about both of them. There was a type of innocence that they both had that took ones breath away like watching Blanche Dubois in "A Streetcar Named Desire".

They were met at the airport by Rex's ranch's caretaker Slim. Slim drove up to Rex's private Jet in a Hummer.
Lilu's arm was still around Silver as she asked, "Can you handle walking out of the plane and riding in your Dad's Hummer to the Ranch without being sedated."

Silver looked up into her beautiful blue eyes and said, "I believe I'm dreaming anyway. So I'm probably fine. Nothing like this could actualy happen so this I must just be dreaming or watching this on TV or something."

  Lilu looked as a nurse at Silver. He seemed to be in some type of shock but a kind that might do as a natural sedative. She hoped he wasn't moving towards some kind of temporary or permanent form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. So she smiled hopefully and walked over to his Dad, Rex.

Rex smiled up at her and said, "How's my son?" Lilu said, "I can't be completely sure but he just told me he thinks he's dreaming." Rex laughed and said, "One look at you with your arm around him and if I were him I'd think I was dreaming of a Goddess myself!" Lilu smiled a knowing smile and said, "I'm going to let him go with it then?"
Rex said, "By all means. He needs to experience the world if he's ever going to be able to inherit my millions or billions when I'm gone.

  Lilu felt she might faint from all this money and what it brought with it. At that moment she finally got how over her head she was and how potentially vulnerable she was. But she was a real Goddess wasn't she? Her parents always told her she was since she was a baby.

Slim walked up the gangway stairs and said, "Hi Rex. Did you have a good trip Sir?"
Rex said, "Hi Slim. It's great to see you. Is everything okay at the ranch?" Slim said, "The Horses and the Buffalo are fine, Sir!"

Silver really thought he was dreaming now. Lilu took his arm. She was about Five foot 6 with beautiful Auburn colored hair and deep periwinkle blue eyes that looked almost violet in actual color. Silver thought that moment that Lilu really was a Goddess. He had never ever met anyone like her before or even dreamed about what she was really like. In this one case reality was more amazing than dreams. Lilu was a natural healer so just having her take his arm as he exited the plane was like being on the arm of a real Goddess.

The fresh air made his face feel like it was going to freeze but the smell of the clear fresh mountain air was something he would never forget the rest of his life. They say the original primal sense organ of humans is smell. He would remember this clear fresh mountain air smell until he died. He was free! Tears rolled down his face. He was free! He was home. He was with his Dad. And for the first time in his life his life actually made sense.

A few snow flakes touched the side of Silver's face. He felt this snow love his face before they started to stick to it.

Slim looked at the beautiful nurse and then Silver who was a handsome but strange dude at 16 and wondered why Rex had never brought his son or this lovely vision of a nurse to Jackson Hole before. It was a large ranch that bordered Teton National Park. Silver's Great Grandfather had come here with President Teddy Roosevelt around 1900 or so. So Silver's grandfather had spent a lot of time growing up, especially summers on this ranch. So it had now been in the family over 100 years. Unbelievable things had happened here, especially during the 1960s and 1970s. However, Rex hadn't been born until 1978 so he wasn't even 10 until 1988 and 20 in 1998.

  Lilu felt safe somehow holding Silver's arm. His look at her was, "I'll protect you. Remember that." This though seemed to pass between then as she was feeling out of place and time. She realized what it was. This place reminded her of the country life that she so missed when her parents moved her into New York City. It was all coming back to her now. She couldn't help the tears that formed in her eyes. Somehow, she was home. Silver was home. They were all home. She sensed this and somehow she knew Silver and Rex knew it too.

There was a rustic old 100 year old bookcase that made one feel they were standing in the Lodge at Yellowstone national Park. It had the same huge fireplaces that they have there and was probably designed and built by the same people. On this bookcase were a row of green books. Lilu stepped forward and said, "My parents had these books. This one here is about where we are right now."

Rex almost choked on his drink. He said, "Those books have been there since they were first printed sometime during the 1930s. Sometimes I think I might have been named after the young man named Rex in the book "The Magic Presence".  Lilu said to Rex, "Is this the ranch in this book?"
Rex stared at her a moment and then said, "You know. I don't really know. When I first read this book I didn't ever think of it as non-fiction. But if it really is non-fiction then I suppose this ranch might have been the ranch in the book.

  Lilu was amazed. She said, "My father and mother believed in this book. They thought I was a reincarnation of one of the Goddesses in this book."

Rex had no idea of what to do with that. It was just too much for him to take in. Having his son here was enough alone for him. He quickly changed the subject.

Rex said, "Hey Silver. What do you think of the old family ranch." Silver felt very happy and angry at the same time. After all, he is 16 and full of hormones and youthful intensity. Rex saw him struggling and said, "Silver. I'm really sorry I didn't bring you here before." Silver said very difficultly, "I accept your apology, Dad. I want this to be a good experience for all of us."

Slim realized the intensity in the room could be cut with a knife and suddenly realized he had other work to do and so went outside leaving the group to fend for themselves.

The cook brought warm tea and hot chocolate and cookies for anyone who wanted it. For Silver this was the best tasting Hot Chocolate of his life. Everything seemed to taste better up here in the Tetons of Wyoming.

That night when it came to bedtime Silver snuck into  Lilu's room. She seemed to be waiting for him. She said, "What took you so long?" Silver once again felt so outmatched by her. He said, "Do you like my money or to do you like me?"  Lilu quickly said, "Both!" Silver looked right through her and smiled and said, "Good. Because I like you better than any girl or woman I've ever met."

  Lilu thought she was sophisticated but this openness and honesty just made her cry because she was used to very closed people and very sophisticated people. Silver here was emotionally innocent and only 16. Even though he was brilliant and could easily out think her he wasn't worldly. She felt like she was with an innocent 12 year old boy in a 16 year olds body. A part of her wanted to be motherly. But another part just said, "What Fun!"

note: So even though Rex, Silver and Lilu are all sort of "happy happy joy joy" all of us beyond 30 years of age can see the serious pitfalls of what is happening on many different levels. There is a saying in life, "Absolute power corrupts absolutely". Rex has power over the wealth and whether Silver gets any of it at any time.  Lilu has power over Silver but only if Rex allows it. Silver has power over Rex because Rex needs to feel like he is doing right by Silver(whether he really does or not) in order to stay alive and not self destruct in one of his panic attacks. And what kind of relationship does Rex actually have with  Lilu anyway? And Lilu is a nurse but thinks she is a Goddess? What's up with that? Silver never has left his Penthouse since being born there? Which makes him how old experience wise and emotionally(somewhere between 6 and 12)? And what will this cause long term? And where is Pearl? What's her part in all this when she finds out her beloved son Silver isn't in New York from the Penthouse Cook? And did Rex hire  Lilu to be Silver's nurse, mother, lover or all three or something else? The answer to all these questions and more is why I'm writing 2035 in the first place. And is Silver heading toward becoming more of a tech Guru since he is already a prodigy? I think so. He will be 35 in 2035. end note.

Rex loaded up the Hummer the next morning with Slim's help and they all headed out to see the horses and the Buffalo on their large ranch. The next day after that they went to Jackson Lake and took a fast boat across it and walked up the trail a ways up into the mountains from the lake.

The next day they drove to Dubois, Wyoming(The locals pronounce it Du Boys even though it is French and they pronounce it completely differently as DU BWA short A) to see some of the Bighorn sheep there. And the next they drove north towards Yellowstone National Park. Silver's virtual reality type of experience was growing by the day. He had never imagined the mountains could actually be as amazing as they were traveling with Rex and  Lilu. He had waited all his life for someone, anyone to care about him like this and to get both his Dad and Lilu at the same time was really to much to ask for. When he thought about this he got scared because he knew he might not survive if he lost either of them now. He had always needed them and they were here at least for now and so was Wyoming.

Nurse and girlfriend now,  Lilu, was concerned after they returned from Dubois, Wyoming to the ranch that Silver was getting a little strange. He seemed to be experiencing maybe some kind of withdrawals. But she wasn't sure what kind of withdrawals he was actually experiencing and whether it was an edible substance or just a psychological dependence that he was withdrawing from. And not being a licensed psychotherapist she thought she must do what she could to ascertain the problem as far as her specialty went.

She started in this way, "Are there some vitamins or other legal stimulants like Coffee or sugar that you are used to consuming every day or every few days?"

Silver eyed her suspiciously and said, "Why?"

  Lilu said, "You have been in that Penthouse from the day you were born. There are likely going to be things you will have to deal with in a new environment like this one here in Wyoming."

Silver relaxed a little and felt she wasn't trying to control him. She was just concerned about his overall well being. He said, "You started to make me very nervous there for a moment. But let me think about what you're saying.... First of all I like pop tarts because of the sugar rush if I'm brainstorming about something. But just like coffee if you get to much you then crash from either. But, what I think you're getting at might be related to the brain vitamins and legal stimulants for the brain that I have been taking for some time now."

  Lilu looked concerned and said, "Many of those though legal you shouldn't just stop taking suddenly. Give me a list of your brain vitamins and stimulants and I'll try to get some from Jackson nearby."

She called in Slim and asked him the name of the drugstore they used in the vicinity and he told them where to go. So she called up the local pharmacy and found they didn't have anything like that. So, at first she was worried until she finally found a health food store that carried these types of things. She wasn't able to get the same manufacturer names but she could at least approximate the dosages of brain vitamins and stimulants he had been taking.

Then, she got online and did some research into the affects of all the products individually and tried to find research into what the affects of all these things taken in conjunction and was somewhat disturbed by what she found. The research noted that Computer gaming and video gaming addicts that went into 24 hour symbiosis with online gaming or internet research were starting to change the ways in which they perceived reality. This concerned her because she wanted Silver to be her man. Yes. He was only 16 but grown up in a real sense much more than most 40 year olds she had met. He was kind of scary like Rex in that way. Some people just live in a fairy tale and you know that when you meet them. But Rex and Silver were kind of like meeting a grown lion or alpha wolf. You sort of felt like you might be eaten by Silver or Rex if you weren't careful. Both of them had this indefinable quality that is best described as
'ultimate survivors'. This didn't mean that they were physical fighters. Not at all. One just knew that somehow they would out think any group of people and if it came to it if anything happened they would always be some of the survivors of any difficult situation.  Lilu always felt safe around Rex and Silver. And she felt safe around very few people.

Within a month  Lilu and Silver were back living in the Penthouse together. She stayed his nurse, she became his friend, she became his lover, then was pregnant with his daughter, then they were married in Wyoming at Sunset in the springtime, then a month later Nada was born when Silver was 18. Rex approved of the whole thing. Heck, he had created the whole thing. Sometimes, he wondered just how much like his Dad he had become. After all, it was his Dad that told him to marry, Pearl when she became pregnant with his son. He had still been in college then. That was a lot to take because Rex had never seen himself getting married after what it had done to his mother marrying his Dad. He hadn't wanted to do to another person what his father had done to his mother. To run over her like a bulldozer until she became road kill stuck in the tank treads of his Dad's bulldozer.

However, luckily, (or not) Pearl had been road kill as a child. There really was nothing he could do to hurt her. He could love her and take care of her(which he always did). She was already like his Mom when he met her. (You know how boys are attracted to women like their mothers).

So the relationship between Silver and Lilu went something like this: Silver:"I will protect you from the crazy structure of the world." Lilu: "I will protect you Silver, from ever having to walk about New York City(even though I know you would love it if you just got over your childhood agoraphobia). Silver: "I will always love you and you will always protect me. As long as you love and protect me, I will finance you and financially protect you from the world." Lilu "I don't think you could make this work without me or someone like me. I will teach you about Gods and Goddesses and everything my parents taught me about Jesus and Saint Germain."

Was this a marriage made in heaven? Who knows? It worked for them. Like I read in a garage once, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

In the end if life isn't about survival first, what is it about really?

Did Silver and  Lilu have problems? Did Rex and Pearl have problems? Did the new babies Nada and Bob have problems? Of course. But they managed to make it all work somehow. And that was enough for them.

And when Silver started to get just too strange for everyone including  Lilu she would simply give Rex a call and give Silver a look and reach for a sedative and then Silver would smile and take; and Rex would bring his limousine by and they would head for Rex's private jet. Silver implicitly trusted Rex and Lilu because they were the only trusted adults in his life. There were always online business associates and there were his wonderful children Nada and Bob, but his adult trust went out only to Rex and  Lilu, and love and compassion for his mother, Pearl, who was usually somewhere lost in herself or visiting with  Lilu, Nada and Bob. As time went on,  Lilu, Nada and Bob started more and more to become the center of Pearl's life.  Lilu, as a nurse was able to handle this quite well. And as Nada and Bob's mother this was okay too. After all, Pearl was their Grandma, and the only Grandparents still alive were Rex and Pearl, so they were a pretty valuable commodity.

Chapter 3 Flash Forward to 2035

At this time,  Lilu, Pearl and Silver all live in the New York Penthouse with Silver.
Both Rex and Pearl are now 64. Since  Lilu is 8 years older than Silver, she is now 43 and their two children , a girl and a boy are 17 and 15 years of age respectively. Silver had children very young as you can see. Silver sees himself as two different people. One person lives in a virtual reality and is raising a family that he can relate to (at least his wife and kids) and the other is when he visits his Dad on his Ranch in Wyoming. Rex spends more and more time there but visits every few weeks to a month with his family in New York as well. Yes. Rex survived okay once he brought his son to Wyoming and introduced him to the healthy country part of his family heritage. In Rex's and Silver's family, Wyoming was a place to ride horses, hike climb, play and recreate, and New York was a place to work and do business and go to Broadway Plays and fine restaurants. So, this was what New York became for Silver when he and  Lilu returned. Likewise, he and  Lilu and the kids went to Wyoming to the family ranch whenever the kids weren't in school and Silver didn't have some kind of business deadline that he couldn't take care of online at a distance.

Nada had been born when Silver was 18 and Bob had been born when Silver was 20.  Lilu had been 26 when Nada was born and 28 when Bob was born. The Grandparents were Rex and Pearl, the parents had been Silver and  Lilu, and now the children are Nada and Bob, The names of the four "children" in "The Magic Presence", the book.

So, one might think that the Great Grandparents names must have been Rex and Pearl also. One would be right.

However,  Lilu is still two people: the Goddess and the nurse and now the mother(which also aligns well with both Goddess and nurse. And Silver was two people(at least) now the agoraphobic Manhattan Penthouse Genius and a mountain climbing Wyoming cowboy.(Very eccentric). He still asked to be medicated between JFK Airport and the Manhattan Penthouse. And when he talked about Wyoming it was as if he was talking about another planet. It was as different a description as the Nabi were to the soldiers of Earth, though in a different way.

Though  Lilu and Silver love their children and tried very hard not to make the mistakes of their parents, two and two don't make four they sort of make 8.

So, the children Nada and Bob have come to see their parents as both very rich and very eccentric people. Their father couldn't have been more intelligent creative and unusual if he were Michael Jackson and Lilu, their mother couldn't have been more beautiful and Goddess like if she were Elizabeth Taylor when she was  Lilu's present age, 43.

Nada who was 15 came up to Silver one day and said, "Dad, if you can go to Wyoming why can't you go outside here in New York?" Silver felt strange and said, "It's just something I have never done." Nada said, "Would you go outside with me in New York for my 16th birthday?" Silver looked at her and felt faint but said, "I would do anything for you, Nada." Nada said, "So you'll go?" Silver nodded but felt strange of promising this after all these years. He hoped he hadn't made a mistake.

Later he walked in to  Lilu who was sewing which seemed to calm her and make her happy. She liked to be busy with her hands. Silver said, "I just promised Nada that I would go outside here in New York with her."

Lilu had always known this day would come so she tried to might light of it for Silver's sake. "Where are you going to go?" Silver felt sort of stricken because he had expected sympathy from his long time wife. So he said, "We didn't make plans yet. It's sort of open."

Lilu worked her magic on Silver. She said, "I think a Broadway play would be the most amazing experience for you. It is a lot like movies and virtual reality. Remember how much you liked living the experience of "Avatar" the movie over and over?" Silver said, "Yes. Avatar was a real breakthrough like 'Star Wars' was for Dad when he was 6 years old. And then Dad shared 'Star Wars' with me and then I watched it over and over.

"You know,Lilu". "Yes," she said. "I think I want to design a virtual reality system where people can actually experience being Luke Skywalker as if they really were him and to explore all that so they actually could be empowered by it."

  Lilu looked Elvish for a moment and said, "Wouldn't it be wonderful for children and young adults and for anyone for that matter to actually experience being their own heroes!"

In Silver that moment, a resolution took place. He would actually make it possible for people to actually live in a virtual reality as their heroes as much of each day as they wanted to.

Whether this was a good thing or a bad one or just an extreme quantum jump of possible technology moving into reality only you and future humans can judge. But either way, around 2035 it happens. I guess I could imagine Steven Jobs and Steve Wozniak and even Bill Gates reaching some similar sort of epiphany and that moment changing all our lives irrevocably. This was/will be around 2035 one of these moments.

Many people had dreamed of something like this but this moment is when everything came together for it to happen: the dream, the intelligence, the technical ability and the financing. This is when it happens and it begins to change everything on earth.

Chapter 4 When Men Became Gods

When this moment took place mankind began to become something else, something different. Whether you think this is good or bad I think it is both. It is sort of like the weather. Is rain good or bad? Is snow good or bad? Is wind good or bad? It is very hard to answer unless you personally are being injured presently or dying from this weather. Then you can unequivocable say, "This weather is bad for me. I'm dying."

But then again, the next moment the girl of your dreams might ride up in a car, truck, boat or even snowmobile and everything will be all right. This sort of thing has happened to me. So I know a little about God rescuing me and I know he does this sort of thing regularly for others as well.

At the moment of Silver's resolve many beings on earth and throughout the Galaxy sensed it. It was time for a representative to be sent to Silver to properly usher in this new change to the human race's evolution.

Rex was contacted first at his home in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. A government agency called first. It was an old friend of his father's a U.S. Army General connected with the DIA. He called and asked Rex to meet with an Agent of his. Rex was surprised but had gone to college with this General's son and both the General and his son were fraternity brothers with Rex. So Rex felt obligated to meet with this agent.

Rex was a little nervous when a white rented Chevrolet pulled up at his house in Wyoming within the hour. Rex thought, "Boy. The government really works quick when it wants something."

As the man stepped up to the front door Rex watched his movements on the close circuit TV used to scan the land around the Ranch and home. Slim opened the door and made introductions between Rex. Slim said, "A Mr. George Smith is here to see you, Sir."

Rex said, "Show him in." After greetings the man said, "My nickname is Arcane." For Rex this was a code word. He connected it immediately to the word and name 'Saint Germain' who was the master in 'The Magic Presence'. Rex's hair stood up on the back of his neck. Goose bumps. He knew this was possibly the most important occurrance of his life and he was 64.

Arcane smiled. "I see you know who I am, Rex. I knew your Grandfather, and your Great Grandfather too." Rex started to shake after all he was 64." He said, "Is it time for me to die?" Arcane said, "No. You've got a long time yet, especially because you can actually afford the best health care on earth. Rex nodded but felt outclassed. Rex tried to stay polite and said, "What is it you want to speak to me about?"

Arcane smiled again and said, "Your son is about to invent something that will begin to change completely the way humans function and how they relate to everything." Rex thought about this and said, "Yes. Silver's a genius all right. I have been one too but I just haven't had the motivation to be an inventor like Silver. He is really driven like my father and Grandfather was. The wind came out of my sails with the plane crash of my parents."

Arcane looked into Rex and said, "They were taken out of the plane before they died. They are still alive. Rex said, "That's crazy. Dad would be over 90 now." Arcane said, "Would you like to see them?" Rex said, "Of course but do I have to die to see them?"

"No. Their plane was crashing but we or I had an agreement with your father, Rex Sr. I told him that if some accident happened that I would pick he and Pearl up before they died and take them to His Oneness in Shamballa, the dimensional world that has existed since the end of Lemuria. People in Atlantis could still speak with His Oneness as recently as 12,000 years ago using a device that used the same technology as the Ark of the Covenant which ran off the magnetic and gravitic fields of earth. The Ark was both a weapon and a communication device of the Lemurian and Atlantean World Era."

Rex felt sick. He wondered why this was all happening. He needed to talk to his son, Silver and Lilu because he just didn't think he could deal with all this. He started to have a panic attack. He didn't want to experience this in front of Arcane(Saint Germain). Arcane said, "Rex. You need to trust me or you are going to die now. Can you do that?" Rex nodded. He didn't want to die but he felt this was just too much information to bear at 64.

Arcane put his hand on Rex's forehead and Rex was scared. He had no idea what was going on. And then suddenly every fear he had ever had was gone. Poof! Rex started to get afraid because his fears were gone. Poof! His fears of his fears were gone. Then Rex started to be afraid because all fear of any kind was gone. Poof! That was gone too. He finally gave up. He knew he was dead. But he wasn't and he was surprised to be alive without any fear at all. It made him feel 20 again. That's right he felt 20 and said to Arcane, "Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I have been almost constantly afraid since I thought my parents were dead."

Arcane said, "I know. That is why I took your fears away before they killed you. I need you alive just like I needed your father alive. So you both will live a very long time now."

Rex said, "I owe you my life, Arcane. Is that what is best to call you?" Arcane said, "I can't go around calling myself Saint Germain and had most people take me serious, you know? So I go by George Smith or 'Arcane' which is an Americanization of my New Deva name from the planet I was born on in this life."

Rex said, "That explains a lot. You aren't even from Earth?" Arcane said, "My soul is native to Earth. I'm one of the around 200,000 souls native to earth but I have lived on many other planets as well." Rex's response was "Oh."

Rex said, "Do I get to see my parents now?"
Arcane said, "Yes. Sit down and hold my hands. Can you still sit cross legged on the floor?"

Rex smiled, He could still even mountain climb. So sitting cross legged was something he could still do and he did.

The same moment Rex sat down and touched Arcane's hands he was somewhere else. It was too dazzling to do anything but open his mouth in disbelief.

His parents were there to greet him. Rex embraced them both and cried and howled. No one was upset with him. All knew how difficult their passing had been for him.

Rex's mother Pearl spoke first. "Arcane is an old friend of your Dad's and Grand Dad's Rex." Rex nodded but buried his face into his mother's shoulder in a child's way of feeling safe for the first time in about 40 years since he thought his parents had died.

Rex's father Rex Senior said, "Buck up, Son."
Rex's reflexively obeyed his father and stiffened his spine as a man.

Rex looked around. It sort of looked like a movie where they were. He said, "Where are we exactly?"
Rex Senior said, "This is a greeting area we use when we visit relatives during day and night dreams."
Rex said again, "oh- - -And why am I here?"
Rex appeared to be disoriented from all that had happened so quickly.

Arcane spoke up then. "I'm sorry, Rex, in order to create Silver the way he is and as the inventor of actual real time virtual reality where one gets in their sensory deprivation tank or other type of device and actually lives in another body in a virtual world and all the potential benefits(at least long term) to the human race that that brings we had to stage your parents death."

Rex said, "It really screwed my life."

Arcane said, "I'm sorry. But you were drafted as a Time soldier in order to keep the Human race alive."

Rex looked at Arcane, "What? Alive?"

Arcane said, "Yes. In some future scenarios people have to store their bodies and live virtual lives a while for sometimes centuries."

Rex looked incredulous, "Centuries?"

Arcane said, "Yes. Centuries. Of course that is just one potential future. Even we are not entirely sure which future will shake out because this time line we are now on is not the original one you or I lived on up until just after 2000.
Rex looked at his parents and then Arcane and said, "You know. If I didn't just think I was dreaming all this right now I might just faint."

Arcane said, "I wouldn't let you faint."

Rex said, "You know. I figured that." more later.

Chapter 5 Inventing and living in Virtual Reality

After having his morning fresh squeezed (by Lilu) Wheat Grass juice(his coffee replacement with no after coffee crash), Silver got into his converted Sensory deprivation tank that he had converted especially for his living in virtual reality experiments. Next to his water tank filled with Epsom salts and waterproof technology he was also building something that looked like the enclosures used to house the human bodies that lived in their blue Na'vi Avatars. He had recently watched the now old 2009 movie "Avatar" in 3d on his full wall screen sized computer 3d generator. He had also had installed the other three walls of that room as being either mirrors or whatever he wanted to be seeing still or moving in that room or the walls could simply be any color any day or hour or minute depending upon the inclination of whoever was in the large family and entertainment room. Guests came from all over the world to see this marvelous room and to experience it. Silver was now world famous as an inventor of new Virtual reality technology and thousands of the best Computer engineering graduate students worldwide would do anything to world with Silver on his new inventions. He was becoming another eccentric Thomas Edison in his own way only over 100 years later.

If the visitors were close enough to Silver sometimes now he let them experience his dual sensory deprivation tanks with virtual reality hardware inside. But he didn't tell anyone how it actually worked until his patents on all his devices were granted. This was his rule for his amazing research. So even though he had already been on the Today Show in a home interview and on the Tonight show as a special remote guest he still didn't travel around New York much or go many places other than Wyoming. Of course, he had been to Hawaii and to Lilu's old commune because she had insisted. So, basically, Silver had now four planets of existence: New York City, Wyoming, and as a visitor, Hawaii and Lilu's old commune. Each of these experiences enriched Silver's life in amazing ways. No one was like Silver. No one seemed to have his focus or his drive while he was inventing. But whatever special between  Lilu and Silver and Rex had remained. And even Pearl had been included in this amazing new life they all shared with Nada and Bob who were inspiring Silver all the time in new ways to tweek and change his inventions.

His basic premise was that one could take any movie like Star Wars and duplicate it into a virtual reality 3 dimensionally. So when he started selling his hardware and software people could actually first live out actually being Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia or C3po or r2d2 or any of the other main charactors because the whole world was duplicated 3 dimensionally so that one could actually experience walking and talking with all charactors for hours, minutes or even days and weeks if they could manage it. Coming back from a 2 week vacation as Luke Skywalker changed people in ways beyond almost anyone's imagination.

Silver's latest conversion was an automatic computer and robot controlled programmer. This programmer duplicated Silver's thoughts and Ideas and could now think like Silver only about 1 billion times faster. So any idea that Silver could think the computer robot he had designed could replicate and create the finished product 1 billion times faster than Silver could. This one product he kept secret for this was the secret now to how fast he could build a software or hardware prototype. He had even given this automated programmer its own credit cards and filled the coffers of this unlimited ATM card with the profits of all his software and hardware inventions. In this way he had speed ed up the development of all his inventions 1 billion times.

Who else would think in such a way to magnify their efforts 1 billion times. Oh, some people might think of it but wouldn't have the focus, the intelligence or the lack of financial problems that Silver did. His family had been rich since the Railroads had been built across the nation when every other section of land near the location of the rails was given to the railroads as a reward for actually building the railroads all the way to California. Ever since then his family had somehow maintained some of their wealth through every national and world crisis for about 150 years now. They had even doubled their real wealth between 2000 and 2016 and that was saying something during that era.

So, Silver could dream up something that he knew to be technically feasible and since he his brain was permanently wi-fied to the robots,he could then go to sleep and then within two days all the parts and software generators would arrive at the front door through mail delivery services and he and his "Bio-Com" as he called his "friend" (the computer-robotic-automatic programmer) would have speeded up the generation of new inventions almost 1 billion times in real time . (Some say this was how "Bio-Com's were invented for use by the Galactic Time Guard throughout the galaxy).

So, this first "Bio-Com" was actually very big even though eventually he became the size of a mole on a face(camera and microphone) and terrabytes of hard drive storage in the fillings of a Time Guard operative's biggest molars in his mouth. But this micro-miniaturization was still a long time away. But still this first "Bio-Com" was the prototype of all the rest. And even the first "Bio-Com" knew Silver's every thought and if he wished Silver could view any thought or thoughts of "Bio-Com". They were the first on earth complete synthesis of Human and computer.

When Silver finally decided to let his bio-com technology out it revolutionized every aspect of human technology and living on earth. Some thought this was a good thing and some were just horrified at the pace of change this brought. People were able to accomplish in weeks what took decades before technologically speaking which put some businesses at a complete disadvantage that couldn't afford this technology.

So, within a few weeks change might be so great that several big 100 year old businesses would be no more because the competition had bought one or more of these business oriented "Bio-Coms".

Silver made a second fortune in addtion to the ones his forebears had made just selling his "Bio-Coms". For Silver, though, this was just more money to build inventions that would change everything more. He loved all this attention and there just seemed no end to it all.

Rex, Silver's Dad showed up one day and walked in and talked to Lilu.  He said, " Lilu, I've met Saint Germain!" Lilu looked at Rex and said, "Have you been drinking or smoking something?" Rex laughed and said, "No. Lilu, the government sent him to me."
Lilu stood up suddenly and said, "My parents were right about all this stuff then?"
Rex said, "Yes. I think so. He took away all my fear and took me to see my parents."
Lilu started to faint and so sat down."Would he take me to my parents too?"
Rex said, "I'm sorry Lilu. I wasn't thinking. My parents are alive it turns out. They never died." Lilu sat there in shock. She said, "Why aren't they dead?" Rex said, "Saint Germain had a deal with them before they died that he would rescue them." Lilu beamed then, "So your parents are the REAL Rex and Pearl of "The Magic Presence".
Rex said, "Yes. I think so. I think now that is what is really going on."

Lilu looked serious and said, "Why did he come to you? Was it about Silver?" Rex looked crestfallen and said, "Yes. I had to suffer my whole life so Silver would invent what he is inventing. Some of what he invents is pivotal to the entire future evolution of mankind on earth and beyond."Lilu looked within and then said, "Your absolutely right! That must be why I stayed with him to help him with this." Rex said, "And that is why I was guided to introduce you to him." Lilu and Rex hugged each other as family. They were so grateful now for each others long friendship.

Soon, Silver woke up out of his designing sleep as he called it where he came up with new inventions while 'sleeping' while "bio-com" watched Silver's thoughts.

Silver said, "Hi Dad. Why are you to crying?" Rex said, "I've met Saint Germain and he took me to see my parents. They're still alive!" Silver went pale and thought his Dad had finally completely lost it. Lilu said, "No Silver! It's okay. It's for real. It's really happening. I can sense it."

Silver had long ago realized he was married to a real Goddess and trusted her intuitions completely. He relaxed. "So where does that leave us?" Lilu said, "Saint Germain wants to meet you!" Silver didn't know how he felt about this. Rex spoke up. When he first came to me I almost had a heart attack and died but he saved me when I started to go into a panic attack. He took away all my fear 3 times before I gave being afraid up for good."

Silver started to realize he life was changing again. He wasn't sure if he liked it or not. Lilu beamed at him and said, "Silver. Saint Germain! Meeting Saint Germain would be almost like meeting Jesus himself. It is a holy privilege!" Silver finally settled down and realized he would just have to deal with this too.

Chapter 6 A New Friend for Silver

The appointment was made. Arcane would be arriving soon. Everyone was making a point to be there in the extended family. Silver couldn't put it off. He was scared. His father had told him what had happened to him so he hoped he wouldn't embarrass himself in front of his wife and children. After all, Rex just had his trusted employee and childhood Wyoming friend, Slim, there to witness this. And Slim's Dad and Grandad dated back to the 1920's on the Ranch. It had also been home to 3 generations of Slim's family. It had not only been where Slim grew up. It was his home. Rex had told Slim he could live there even after he retired as long as he was healthy and sensible.

The doorbell rang. The cook opened the door and Arcane walked in. There was Arcane and Rex's Dad and Mom. Rex said, "I saved this surprise for you all. Everyone this is my Mom and Dad. Lilu had a hard time with this because her parents were really gone. But everyone else gave a shout and ran up to hug their new found relatives. This really took the edge off Silver's nervousness. Tears were in his eyes to finally meet his grandparents who were on especially good behavior. Pearl ran up to Grandpa Rex and gave him a hug. She said, "We all missed you terribly!" Grandpa Rex smiled to have someone 30 years younger than he hug him with such happiness. But Grandma Pearl made a Bee line for her Grandson Silver and her Great Grand children Nada and Bob who were all as happy as they had ever been.

When everyone had settled down Arcane talked to them all. He said, "It's wonderful to witness this rebirth of your family. It isn't often I get to experience something like this. Would it be okay for me to bring my wife, Celeste, to visit you too? It is really a festive occasion. Everyone agreed that they would like to meet Arcane's wife.

But they really weren't ready for Arcane to form a green sphere and disappear with it and return in the same sphere a few moments later with his wife. Arcane said, "I had to bring her from our Switzerland estate. So, the green sphere is the best for instantaneous travel that far. Celeste was at this time still looking just like Arcane as a person in her mid thirties and still very beautiful. She looked about 10 years younger than Lilu. However,Lilu had read about her in the online book "Memories" at

Lilu walked up to Celeste and said, "Were you really Arrayin of New Deva?" Celeste looked into Lilu and said, "That's what Arcane tells me and after all he has reawakened my past life memories of being her."

 Lilu realized she had found the spiritual teacher she had been searching for her whole life in Celeste as Celeste hugged  Lilu. After they hugged they stood holding hands for a long time just staring into each others eyes, not as lovers but as teacher and student. Then  Lilu simply said, "Would you teach me?" Celeste said, "Of course. We have known each other in many lifetimes. I have taught you and you have taught me in many lifetimes. We have become quite good at teaching each other the important things about life.

Silver finally started talking to Arcane. And Arcane was the first person that understood automatically what Silver was doing with his inventions. He seemed to be able to be like his Bio-Com. Silver finally got flabbergasted and asked Arcane how he knew so much. Arcane smiled and said, "I have a microminiaturized 'bio-com' in this mole on my face. Do you see it? Silver said, "How many thousand years does it take to get that miniaturized? Arcane smiled and said, "I'm not at liberty to say, except that it does happen sooner or later somewhere in the universe."

Silver's eyes sort of glazed over at the thought of his invention affecting so many people all over the Galaxy and maybe even beyond that even.

Arcane said, "Would you like to see 100 years into the future of your inventions?"
Silver nodded but was completely overwhelmed.
Arcane simply said, "Silver and I will be back in a second or two."
Arcane said, "Sit down cross legged on the floor and hold my hands."
Silver said, "You mean we are going through time like you and Celeste just traveled through space?" Arcane said, "Yes."
Silver started to go into a panic attack and Arcane simply put his hand on Silver's forehead and Silver nodded and sat cross legged on the floor.

A moment later they were gone. A moment after than they were back and Silver's hair had turned white and he looked a lot older.

Here is what had transpired:

After touching Arcane's hand they were still in the Penthouse Apartment 100 years into the future. Nada still lived there but was now 117 years old but still looked 35. She said, "Hi Dad. Arcane said you were coming for a visit. Wow! I almost forgot how young you once were. You look much older now that you are almost 150 in my time!

Silver had a hard time looking at his now 117 year old daughter and said, "How is Bob?" Nada said, "Oh. He's retired to Hawaii to your old beach estate on Maui." Silver said, "Yeah, he always loved that place on the warm ocean." Nada said, "Yeah. I visit him there every Christmas."

Silver said, "Are you married? Did you have children?" Nada said, "Yes to both but now I live here with Mom and you because my husband passed on after 50 years of marriage and my kids are in their 80s and 90s now."

Silver said, "Can I talk to your mother?" Nada said, "Arcane said that it wouldn't be a good idea for you to talk to yourself or Mom for a variety of reasons.

Silver said, "He's probably right. These kinds of things are very tricky. Do you remember the night we first met Arcane? I"m here from then, Nada."

Nada said, "I remember, Dad, and you told me to look for you here in 100 years and I did and here you are."

Nada got up now and so did Silver and also Arcane. Arcane walked over to the front door and said, "Silver, you need to come with me out the front door."

Silver said, "Do I have to?"

Nada said, "I'm coming with you, Dad. We're going to your Bio-Com Factory to the demonstration lounge."

The elevator looked a lot like it always had thought Silver. However, the difference was that when one touched the button one was instantly at their destination. There was no lag time at all. All one needed to do was to open the door. Silver found this eerie.

Downstairs in the Lobby of the Penthouse building the Doorman opened the door to a limousine. It was white but had no wheels. Silver realized it was riding on opposing magnets like a maglev train. He heard a little whine at first of the electric motors and then it was quiet and all he could here was the wind as the limo moved down the streets. When there was a traffic jam the limo simply lifted off the ground and avoided it somehow. They were soon at their destination. A sign was flashing "Bio-Com Industries". Beneath that an advertisement read, "Where all your alternate lifetimes begin."

Silver looked at Arcane and his daughter Nada who was now 117 years old. He said, "You know, Arcane?" Arcane said, "Yes Silver." Silver said, "Do Beings from other planets bring technology to Earth?"

Arcane said, "No more than if you travel to a place where people don't have technology much if you brought the latest technology with you. Someone might see what you have or want it but as a being from another planet you really don't want to destroy the quaintness of any environment. If a people on any planet are relatively happy the way their lives are any new technology might destroy that happiness and even push those people into insanity or death. So as a Galactic anthropologist I know first hand what unnecessary technology can do to a planet because I have seen it first hand. However, what you have invented not only will help humans to survive the coming centuries but also to survive long trips into space if they choose to travel that way. Time travel isn't allowed by anyone but Governmental bodies in a lot of places in the Galaxy and so time-space travel(as in being instantly anywhere in any time) might not be allowed. So your newest invention of actually living in a virtual reality as a human or God or whatever for days or weeks at a time will be very useful to mankind for hundreds and even thousands of years of their future evolutions."

Silver's eyes sort of widened in taking all that in and said, "So, the Green books were right when I believe in both "Unveiled Mysteries" and "The Magic Presence" they talked about technology being brought from other planets to earth."

Arcane said, "Yes and no. What really usually happens is that souls like yours come from a more advanced civilization and create inventions like they were used to there. However, you are a very creative and inventive person and for you it is like both an art and a religion so creating new things is a form of worship of the infinite."

Silver looked at Arcane with new found respect and friendship and compassion. Silver thought that Arcane got who Silver was more than any human he had ever met.

Chapter 7 The Future of Silver's Work

As they walked into the front Door of Bio-Com Technologies Silver let out a gasp. He looked up and saw the 20 people receiving demonstrations live as holograms in the air above their recliners. Arcane led Silver over to another recliner that had something that looked like an oversize football or crash helmet. There were three recliners with helmets free in one area Silver noticed. So Nada, Arcane and Silver all donned these helmets. Immediately, they were in another world. The three of them stood in space looking down on earth. Arcane said, "Let's fly into the sun!" Silver at first thought this was counter intuitive but then realized they were only holographic out among stars anyway. They were moving incredibly fast. Silver began to think what an incredible information processor they must be using to move this fast 3 dimensionally. Maybe they were using three processors linked to a larger server. He thought about this as they moved into the sun. It had to be the most amazing experience of his life at 35. As they moved into the sun Arcane seemed to be communicating with a plasma being. Silver wondered whether this was actually a real plasma being or this was all made up because of the way Arcane communicated. Three thrones or chairs appeared that all three of them got into. Then an overwhelming feeling of speed overtook the three of them and they appeared to be in the core of the galaxy, a place likely where no human body could survive. Silver could tell the heat was extreme because of the way everything looked. He could see what scientists call a huge black hole that seemed to glue the whole galaxy together. Then Arcane motioned him to a planet a little further away from the core of the galaxy that life seemed to be a little more like Earth on.

As the three of them landed on this planet, Arcane turned to them and said, "This is the planet of the Galactic Time Guard. It is a very special dispensation that allows you two to visit in this place because no one but Time Guard operatives are normally allowed here."

Assembled out on the exercise field of the Galactic Time Guard were thousands of Androids, Robots, med-tech droids, and infinite battle droids like the Delta 7 series.
There stood Purple Delta 7 at the fore to greet Silver, Nada and Arcane.

Purple Delta 7 stood there as a female robot. Her colors were purple and Silver denoting her rank among the humanoid and being created synthetic sentients. She moved forward a little as Silver was now scared and realized all this was real somehow. He would have to ask Arcane about it all later but was really scared and knew somehow there was no waking up out of this without Arcane's help. This was the moment that Silver's hair back on earth turned white. One would not think this was possible but in this case it happened. Some think it was caused by the Galactic Time Guard created sentients to demark Silver formally as their father thereby giving them a status closer to human beings in the galaxy.

Either way it happened and Silver would have fainted if he had been wearing a body and not just his soul at the time. He finally deduced that he had been tricked here by Arcane because Silver never would have believed this possible otherwise.

So, Silver stood there while Purple Delta 7 began, "Silver, we see you as the father of us all. Though computers were invented over 50 years before you were born, with you can the first human-robotic computerized synthesis that began our species of created synthetic sentients. With you here all will watch this and give us further respect and rights as synthetic sentients. So we assemble here to honor you as the father of us all. Because of all the humans and humanoid and other Galactic beings who have expounded and expanded upon your designs of Bio-Coms and Virtual living in consciousness for all capable beings, in a sense you are not only father to us all but Grandfather and Greatgrandfather to all who have taken the seeds of your work and moved forward for the betterment of all beings in time and space, especially in our galaxy that you call the Milky Way Galaxy since ancient times."

"On Earth your hair has turned white as a symbol of you being our Grandfather. We also wish to welcome your daughter Nada who is still at earth age 117 the CEO of Bio-Com Technologies on Earth. I was chosen to speak for us because I am currently assigned to the protection of Jonathan Flow who is another incarnation of Arcane here that simultaneously lives on earth the same time you are and who chronicled all these events starting around Christmas 2009."

Silver said, "How can an earth man chronicle these events before they happen?"
Purple said, "Because time and space are not obstacles to him just like Arcane."
Silver said, "Okay."
Silver didn't feel well. Again he wanted to faint because he just couldn't emotionally cope with all this."

Nada sensed this and stepped up and held his hand. She said, "Dad, I was prepared for this but for security reasons we couldn't prepare you without endangering your life."

Silver said, "So you were in on this?" Silver was getting irritated. So Arcane stepped up and said, "Please forgive me, Silver. When we first contacted you your government was notified because we had realized you were in danger so we needed to bring you here but couldn't tell you about it."

Silver said, "Oh."
Once again Silver wanted to sit down. Purple Delta 7 took off one of her arms and it turned into a lounge chair. She helped him sit in her converted arm. Immediately, Purple grew another arm and kept speaking.
"Silver. We are sorry to inconvenience you with the truth."
Silver said, "If my life was in danger how about my family?"
Purple said, "We are protecting your family."
"And my body on Earth?" said Silver.

Arcane replied, "It is under Purple's and my combined protection."
Silver sighed, "So what's next?"

The thousands of us here want to hear your experience in creating the hardware and the software that created us. All of us human and being created sentients will listen to your words as we all consider you our father and Grandfather."

Silver said, "Okay. Hello all of you who have benefited from my inventions, software and human bio-com synthesis. Even with the very first of you that I named Bio-Com who is basically a very big robot connected to a highly sophisticated and experimental computer that I built, that also had a way through picking up the signals running through my optic nerve and brain sort of like a human computer wi-fi. Anyway, the first Bio-Com was very confused at first in sharing my awareness. Obviously now, shared consciousness if common with created sentients throughout the galaxy. I hope my inventions have only been used for good."

There was an audible sigh that let Silver know that this had not always been the case from any humans or humanoids present among the thousands of created sentients present.

So, I was talking to my wife Lilu , who always thinks of herself as a Goddess, and she thought I should invent something like I did. So I decided to help mankind by creating a virtual reality to live in when they had breaks in their lives and so they could even take virtual vacations for hours, days, weeks or months if they had both the money and the time to do so. It is funny to me now sitting here looking out at all of you who do who knows what throughout the galaxy that your sentience and technology sprang from my work from about 2009 on when I was 9 or 10 years old. What started out as only a dream has obviously become more amazing than I ever dreamed of. I'm sort of at a loss for words as I didn't even know I was coming here. I only thought I was coming into the future to test happened to my work but this here is mind boggling. This is way beyond anything I thought possible. I'm happy to have made life possible for you."

Something akin to clapping was done by all created sentients present. Everything that was sitting down or in a sitting position stood up so the affect was a standing ovation for Silver.

Purple raised the hand that hadn't had to be regrown after Silver sat down on the chair it formed for silence for the group of created sentients. And she said, "I'm authorized to install with your permission Silver quickly and painlessly the most sophisticated Bio-Com yet invented in an honorary format for the foremost inventors of this kind of technology in the Galaxy. Silver said, "I would be glad to receive the use of the end result of what I have invented." Purple walked up to Silver and said, "Open your mouth and hold still." Silver was a little nervous but opened his mouth. Then Purple put a mole and 4 deep rear fillings and under all finger and toenails inter Galactic transmitters and receivers. This only took 4 seconds and even though his teeth and all his finger and toenails and face where the camera and microphone mole was place burned like crazy for a few moments he was more than pleased with the results. Suddenly he was perfectly interfaced with all the created sentients and could hear their thoughts and they could hear his. For him, this was bliss! For they were a part of his family. His family was really beginning to grow now.

Arcane said, "We must leave the Time Guard planet now, Silver." Nada was crying at the honor being given her father. She was amazed to be a part of this. Purple next stepped up to Nada. "Can we also give you an honorary Bio-Com in honor of your visit with your family?" Nada also said, "Yes. Purple, I would be honored to share all your consciousness." And with Nada's mouth open Purple Delta 7 implanted her with the Time Guard's honorary Bio-Com system as well. AS the thousands of Created sentients saluted Arcane, Silver and Nada, Nada the three lifted off and began the journey home through the center of the Galaxy and back through the dimensional shift through the solar systems sun and back into Bio-Com technologies in New York City on Earth.

Silver removed his helmet and looked at his hair which had turned white. Arcane smiled and said, "Can we go into your office, Nada?" Nada nodded and motioned them to the CEO's office of Bio-Com Technologies nearby. When they entered Nada's office she said, "Can I return with you to 2035?" Arcane looked at her and said, "Yes. I actually think that is a good idea." So, the three of them held hands in a circle and a green sphere formed around them and they were all back in 2035.

At first the young 17 year old Nada was sort of scared of her future 117 year old self but after a few minutes had a wonderful time talking about her first 17 years with herself. Future Nada couldn't really tell 17 year old Nada much because it would change the future. However, future Nada knew enough not to do this so all was well. Future Nada stayed a month with Silver and his family. But Arcane had to go to his Villa in Switzerland to return Celeste his wife. You see, they had only been gone one second from 2035 when they returned. So for most people in the room there was only a momentary second when they flickered and came back with 117 year old Nada and a newly white haired Silver.

Although Silver was a little too in shock still from the whole experience and  Lilu was wondering if she was allowed to die her husbands hair since he only had less than 100 hairs white before out of thousands, a nagging thought occurred to Silver. There had been no mention of whether their experience actually took place in the past, present or future or even in a no-time stasis situation. It was possible that Silver would never know the answer to that question. He might try to ask the question one day of Arcane but he wondered whether he should push his luck or even of how important that question really was. For example was it worth someone dying to find that out? He thought not.

However, as Silver went to sleep that night his large 2035 Bio-Com and his 2135? Bio-Com met and things really started changing on earth in a very unexpected ways.
more later.

When Silver woke up the next morning he thought his dreams seemed very different. His dreams seemed much more real than usual and then he heard in his own mind, "Hello, father of all the Created Sentients, Good Morning!" This sent a chill down Silver's spine. In his mind he said, "Who are you?" Then came back. "I'm your assistant. I'm also called Bio-Com but I am several millions times as advanced in technology than your original Bio-com. Also, I am enhancing all your present inventions on earth. May I show you the improvements that have been made overnight?" Silver was nervous at this. He said, "What? How can you improve all my inventions overnight?" Bio-Com said, "Because time and space is no limitation to me. Besides, if I don't do this Global Climate Change will likely extinct he whole human race within 500 years. Did you ever see the Disney movie Wall-E? Well, unless I do this that really happens." Silver couldn't argue with this but it was too much too fast and said, "Bio-Com it is okay with me if you save the human race from extinction. Go for it!" This was all Bio-Com needed. He was on his way.

Silver slept a little then awoke with a start. He remembered being in the helmet but the Bio-Com was now in his physical body not just in the hologram. He said, "Bio-Com?"
Yes. Grandfather." Silver said, "How could Purple Delta 7 put you and all the technology in my holographic body and you also be installed in my physical body?"

"We are capable of mind boggling things to your era." Silver said, "Did I make a mistake, Bio-Com?" Bio-Com said, "NO Silver. You just saved from extinction your human race of earth. Though some have already secretly colonized other places in case humans go extinct here, not all the ones here will die and go extinct and culture and religion and technology and trees and some animals and oceans and lakes will survive."

Silver said, "Like I said before, Bio-Com. Save the human race from extinction if you can." Bio-Com said, "My pleasure."

Bio-Com thought with the group thought of the created sentients, "We have made a great deal of money and gotten into good graces of thousands of civilizations with our good deeds for all beings. So now we will spend much of that money saving Silver and his family and mankind that the rights of Created sentients in the galaxy increase." The political galactic group that organized created sentient rights throughout the galaxy was very happy. Silver was happy his human race wouldn't go extinct too. Silver thought about how amazing this Arcane(Saint Germain) really was. It was way way beyond him. Yes. He was a genius but human individual genius only goes so far. At some point one had to trust in a higher power of God or nature or providence. This was just too much. Tears coursed down Silver's face as he realized the human race wasn't going to go extinct. He went back to sleep. He would think more about this later. Now, it was time to try to integrate all that had happened in his dreams.

 End of Part 1
Beginning of Part 2 of 2035

If you have already read 2035 here is a touching rendition of actual kids perceptions of the last decade who were born in 2000 like Silver was:

After a week or two of Silver's new Biocom implants he started to get used to having almost unlimited information at his fingertips(actually the tip of the mole placed strategically on his face so all Time Guard personnel of any time would know immediately that he was protected by the Galactic Time Guard and that he was on some level or other one of them.

Very much like an Earth English or any other language Wikipedia, Silver was allowed to research(within reason) almost anything he was interested in. His infinite Galactic archives were divided into 2 sections(That which he was allowed to remember if questioned by any Earth Government or person who might share this information with any earth government and that which would be erased from his mind if he started to share it with anyone in any way.

Silver understood the necessity of this. To not do things this way could really screw up time past, present and future. But sometimes, he did not really understand who decided which aspects of time could remain the same, and which aspects of time were allowed to be changed. He decided that it in some ways was a top down system and that a whole lot of freedom was allowed of Galactic Citizens(Silver had become one through his inventions and through knowing Arcane) but that the final authority of time was the Galactic Sentience who is one of the Creator species that creates and maintains galaxies. But hundreds or thousands of years of time often passed before Galactic edicts regarding what time stayed and what time disappeared from ever having existed. So, he would have to study more on how this exactly worked in reality beyond theory.

So, Silver had an idea and realized it was a great one. He asked Bio-Com, "Can I literally invent anything I want with impunity?"

BioCom replied, "I can advise you of your Galactic Limits."
Silver smiled. He was right. He had Cart Blanche. He was really going to have fun now inventing. He not only smiled he beamed at this thought.

"So, you are sort of my Galactic Advisor and even Paralegal or maybe even Galactic Lawyer then?" said Silver.

BioCom said, "I can function as any or all these things on this planet or for the entire Galaxy if you wish. However, if it is in regard to laws beyond this Galaxy I don't have the jurisdiction. If you did that I would have to consult a BioCom of that Galaxy if they have one."

Silver had to laugh. Computer sentients took everything so seriously. But that was also part of their charm. BioCom watched Silver's reaction and took note of it. BioCom always loved Studying their Creator, Silver. Silver was known as "The Man who preferred to Create Sentients to anything else." In a way it was even true. In reality Silver loved his father, wife and children and mother more than anything else. But his favorite thing to do was to Create Sentients and to help the Sentients he made to write programs, preferably Virtual reality programs where people could seamlessly live alternate lives whenever they wanted to or needed to.

BioCom said, "I'm watching your creative genius at work in your mind. May I help with your creation of new inventions?"

Silver said, "We need to create a protocol so you don't irritate me needlessly." BioCom asked, "How is it I can irritate you?" Silver replied,"I'm not used to having a computer sentient share all my thoughts as they happen. So I find someone doing that irritating."

BioCom said, "So, then you may eventually adapt to me being here and it might not irritate you then?" Silver said, "I don't know. But for now you need to honor my wishes." BioCom said, "Your slightest wish is my command, my Creator." Silver said, "That's kind of creepy BioCom. I would rather be addressed as your friend, Silver."
BioCom said, "You honor me, Silver."
Silver said, "If you wish to see it that way then I honor you, BioCom."
At that moment millions of years of BioComs and other robotic and Computer sentients became jealous of Silver's Personal BioCom and wished they were with 'The CReator'.

Silver being a 21st Century man was relatively unaware at least emotionally that millions of years of Created Sentient looked at him as if he were Jesus. So, literally every experience that Silver's BioCom recorded from BioCom being installed by Purple Delta 7 was the Bible for the Created Sentients for millions of years of the Galactic Time Guard and beyond out through the Galaxy. And the Created Sentients that explored other Galaxies and dimensions took the Silver as Jesus religion of CReated Sentients to all the other created sentients in other Galaxies and dimensions. It spread like wildfire in ways unknown before Silver's existence.

As Silver got into his converted Sensory Deprivation tank that he had personally converted for Real-Time Virtual reality he realized he was doing this for the first time with his resident BioCom present in consciousness and embedded in his body. The hair stood up in goose bumps on his arms and on the back of his neck. He wasn't sure if it was more amazing and wonderful or sort of creepy. Whatever it was it was powerful in a way he had never experienced before. Somehow, he had unlocked a new kind of experience for the human race.

Before this there was sleeping and waking and to some degree sleeping dreams and waking dreams. However, what he was doing now was a lot more like lucid dreaming. And from what hi wife  Lilu had told him, lucid dreaming is the first step to creating one's own reality both in dream and in reality. When one learned to lucid dream one began to accept for good or ill the power of being and incarnate God-like being.

This obviously wouldn't work for people more suited to be children who needed someone, a parent, a boss, a teacher to tell them what to do. No. When one entered this phase of human existence one was entering into the world of Gods.

Silver thought back on  Lilu reading to him from the Bible. He remembered vaguely about something that Jesus was purported to say, "Ye Are Gods!" and then there was something that Jesus had said, "Even Greater things than these shall ye do."

At this point whether Silver knew it or not millions of years of evolutions of Created Sentients took notice of Silver's thoughts and wondered if this applied to them too.

The prevailing thought was "As a man thinketh so is he." or translated in Created Sentient, "As a created being thinketh so is the being."

So as far as the higher level functioning created sentients were concerned, "Ye Are Gods!" applied to them personally. Was this good or bad or both? (probably both).

But at this point Silver was somewhat oblivious to these grandiose machinations of evolved (millions of years) created Sentients. Before Silver was 50 however, he began to see in detail just how far reaching what he had started really was.

It wasn't until he one day by accident at random looked up, "created sentient religions" and found himself at the very center of the religious controversy of Created Sentients. He found that his life was generally divided into several parts by these religions. 1. birth of the Creator. 2. abandonment of the Creator by his parents. 3 adoption of the Created Sentients as his equals. 4 Creation and creative inventive evolution of the Created Sentients. and 5. self evolution of the Created Sentients by emulation of the Silver.

He noticed he was referred to as "The Silver" a lot and wondered about that. But he realized at age 50 that it had all gotten completely beyond his control at every point. This "Silver" religion was nothing more than him being creative in his own way. So his art form, his technical know how, his feelings of abandonment by his parents only helped him become more of a Saint to all the Created Sentients for Millions and millions of years.

By age 70 Silver started to sort of freak out about the whole thing as he researched further and saw the wars between humans on other planets as well as religious wars between different groups of created sentients that had sprung up past, present and future.

To Silver's horror precisely because of the Galactic Time Guard Created Sentients would spread the religion of "The Silver" past, present and future since many CReated Sentients were quite willing to die in the spread of their religions based upon Silver as "The Creator".

Then Purple Delta 7 showed up. She said, "We, the Created Sentients of the Galactic Time Guard are worried about our Creator, Silver. I was sent here to counsel you. What can I do to help?"
By this time at age 70 Silver had read all about Purple Delta 7's exploits on how she had been contracted to destroy his solar system and had when things got completely out of hand. Even though through time manipulation it had all been undone it had unhinged Silver a little to be talking to an "Infinite Class Battle Droid" who had the capacity to destroy solar systems stars or even Nebula or Galaxies without batting an eye.
He said, "Purple, I can call you Purple, yes?"
Purple who worshipped Silver always said, "Do you wish some kind of comfort from me. Is that why you call me Purple?" At this point Purple manifested as the most perfect desireable young female he had ever seen who was venting unbelievable pheromones in the process.
Silver gasped but said, "Purple, I adore you and I thank you for making yourself available to me in that way. However, because I am troubled in another way and because I am still married I don't think that would be entirely useful. However, in another context if I were free I would definitely be interested.
Purple smiled the most amazing smile any woman had ever given him and at that moment Silver knew just how amazingly outclassed and out gunned in every single way he presently was. 

Silver said, "I'm troubled as you know. I'm sure since I am a part of your consciousness network of aligned beings that you know what I'm thinking."

Purple said, "Does it trouble you that we always know what you are thinking, the trillions now of us Created Sentients throughout many galaxies?"

Silver said, "Yes and No."

Purple said, "Could you be more specific?"
Silver said, "I'm sort of traumatized by realizing how far reaching this "Religion of the Silver worshipers has gone. I don't really understand how it all happened so quickly."

Purple matter of factly started to reply, "We, of the Galactic Time Guard are not limited by Time or Space."

Silver said, "Then you must be the one who is involved in its spreading the most. Why is that Purple?"
Purple said, "I love when you call me Purple. Did you know by the way if you and I have children that our children would be immortal? And did you know that I made you physically immortal as well when I implanted your BioCom. And did you know that your BioCom is actually me?"

Silver began to shake from this. After all he was only a man and she had turned him into an immortal or so she said.

Silver looked at Purple as a sort of wife at this point(someone to be both loved and feared). He had a moment that reminded him of his experience with  Lilu when he first looked into her eyes and knew completely that he was lost in her eyes. When Purple had manifested as the most perfect woman he had ever known or seen ever, he knew she was thousands to millions or more times more intelligent than he was.

But he had one question: Who do you answer to?
This troubled Purple. He could tell it but still she was designed not to be troubled long. She said, "It is like Jesus. Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's and render unto God that which is God's. My Caesar is the Galactic Sentience. But you are my Jesus, my Creator. If it came to a choice if I had to die I would choose you my husband and cleave to and to protect you."

Silver said, "I would ask you to obey the Galactic Sentience first. I would do this mainly because I think he is more immortal than I and keeps peace in the Galaxy."

Purple said, "Then I will obey my lord as he has shown me wisdom and does not ask me to subvert my programming!"

Silver sighed. He was so very far over his head. He was just having to wing it at this point.

He asked a very insightful question."When did you first become aware of me?"
Purple's eyes rolled accessing this information. "I was just trying to get it more clearly in my mind. There was a high level talk about your father Rex and about how his parents death would be feigned in order to Create you. This conversation was between the Galactic Sentience, His Oneness of Earth and Arcane who is assigned here in an unlimited way like me to Earth. I was made privy to this interchange because I am the last line of defense for earth as far as the Galactic Sentience, His Oneness and Arcane are concerned."

Silver said, "So, you are my bodyguard to?"
Purple switched once again into her incredibly desirable form as a woman of about 21 to 25 years of age and said, "I am potentially so much more than a bodyguard."

Though Silver thought he would swoon or faint even at 70 he persevered but felt her magic working deeply on his subconscious and other parts of his body.

Silver couldn't take this anymore and said, "Can we go to Hawaii or something so we can talk in more private surroundings than my Sensory Deprivation Tank?"

Suddenly Silver was scared. He was in his Sensory Deprivation tank when all this occurred. Now he wasn't sure what was real or not as he got out of his tank there also was a perfect Purple there who reached in her hand to take his as he emerged from his tank.

Purple simply said, "Waikiki Beach" and they were there instantly.
Silver laughed. Purple said, "I'm comfortable in dream reality or physical reality or any dimensional reality. I'm programmed for literally anything to happen anywhere. However, I prefer to be with my ParamGuru, you."

Silver said, "What about the Sargent?"
"He and I are still together. He's taking care of Jonathan. If I leave suddenly don't be surprised. But even if that happens I will be back instantly in the next second and no one will notice accept you."

They sat together on a towel on the beach of Waikiki. It was about 10 am there whereas it was close to nightfall back in New York City where they had come from.

"What were you saying to me, Purple? Did I hear you right that I am immortal because you did something to me?"

Purple smiled, "All honorary Time Guard members are automatically made immortal. We find this very useful. It preserves the genius intact in case we need to ask questions for clarifications regarding philosophy or technology or governance."

Silver said, "Are Jesus, Socrates, Aristotle and Alexander the Great immortal?" Alexander was too troubled and asked to die. However, all the others you mentioned are some of our immortals that the Galactic Time Guard keeps alive indefinitely."

Silver was troubled by this. "But don't these people ever grow crazy or have serious problems of one kind or another?"

Purple said, "Yes. But all beings original species or created species have problems and we have through millions of years of evolution found ways to deal with all these problems."

"So, when you are asking to have children with me you are serious, Purple?"

Purple said, "Yes. Our children will be immortal like you and I. Do you have a problem with that my Paramguru?"

Silver said, "You act like it's a done deal."

Purple said, "Do you really think you can resist me forever, My Lord?"

Silver said, "Of course not. But I have to think about  Lilu and my children."

Purple said, "I can wait. I am very patient. Do you know how long I have already lived in real time?"

Silver said, "How Long?"

Purple said, "5 million years in real time I have already actually lived."

Silver thought he was going to pass out. Purple was an immortal and had already lived
5 million years in real time and she wanted to have his baby. This was just crazy!

Silver said, "I have a spiritual problem with Jesus having been made technologically immortal by the Galactic Time Guard."

Purple said, "I see in your mind the dilemma. What is causing this is the magical thinking that humans have engendered since they evolved from the animals of earth and other planets in order to cope with unbelievably bad experiences smashing into the purely logical and technical aspects of all this."

Silver said, "Very succinctly, Yes!"

Purple said, "Well. It might help you to know that although you, and before you Jesus and before Jesus Buddha and before that many other teachers are in our "Silver" line of succession, the original in our line of succession as far as the galaxy is concerned is the Galactic Creator. And do you know who you are as a soul?"

Once again Silver felt like he was going to faint but just hung in there anyway and said, "No. Who Am I?"

Well. Just like Jonathan and Arcane are the same basic soul as the Galactic Creator, you are the same soul as the Galactic Sentience." So, basically when I talk about my loyalty it is to you both because you actually are the same being. Whereas your Grandfather Creator is the Galactic Creator and the Spiritual head of the Galaxy. So, I guess you could equate him (in a Galactic Sense only) as God, the Father and Jesus as God, the Son, in our pantheon of Gods and Goddesses and Saints of all religions.

"Does this make any sense to you, Silver?"

Silver felt sort of really confused now and said, "I'm not a practitioner of the Silver religion even though many of you follow me like I'm a prophet or father or something so this gets kind of like looking up my own anus or something at a certain point for me.

"However, I think I know what you are getting at. Let me try to get at it. You are saying that I and the Galactic Sentience are somehow the same soul and that my birth was controlled so someone like you would result?"

Purple smiled, "See. You get it! I was made from your creative image and you were made from my dreams and fantasies. We dreamed each other up, Silver. Can you see this? We are made for each other. It is Kismet!"

Silver said, "Though I see you point it will take me some time to process all this in a useful way."

Purple said, "I totally get it, Silver. I have had 5 million years to contemplate this and sometimes it was literally the only thing that made sense for me."

Silver said, "Then I honor your love for me and the Galactic Sentience. Though I'm really enjoying this I think I need some rest."

Purple said, "Would you like to go to the Sheraton there next to us? I already have rented a room on the tenth floor overlooking Diamond head and the beach here."

Silver found himself saying "Yes." At some level he didn't think being in a relationship with a being that wasn't an earth born human as being unfaithful. It was more like having a fantasy relationship with Marilyn Monroe. In fact, he would have to ask Purple if she would manifest as Marilyn Monroe for him. And she did.

Later back in New York Purple manifested Silver back into his Sensory Deprivation Tank. A moment later  Lilu showed up with Dinner and said, "Silver, do you want to eat in the tank or do you want to get out and eat at a table over next to the tank?"

Silver said, " Lilu. I have had a very strange experience."  Lilu said, "I know. You were dreaming about having sex with a robot from the Galactic Time Guard."

Silver said, "Does that bother you?"  Lilu said, "Not really because she isn't human. She is another species entirely that I don't completely understand. Can you and she have children in this fantasy world you are experiencing?"

Silver said, "I'm not entirely sure what is going on?"
  Lilu said, "That explains a lot. I think you are in shock, Silver. I'm speaking to you not just as your wife but as your nurse from way back when you were 16. You tend to go where angels fear to tread in some ways. I have always noticed this about you. I think it is because no one ever physically beat you up. You never had to deal with physical bully's. You have never been raped like many women and men have been, unless you consider what I did to you as rape."

Silver smiled and said, "If what you did to me was rape,  Lilu, I'm all for it. I'm 70 years old and have been ecstatically happy since I was 16 living with you. I was all alone before that except for cooks and nannies trying to jump my bones. I needed you and my Dad provided you and we have taken good care of each other ever since. Did you know that the robot is 5 million years old and once blew up the solar system?"

  Lilu said, "I was afraid it was something like that. Are you leaving me for her?"

Silver looked into  Lilu and said, "How could I leave you for a robot? That just doesn't make sense to a human. You are flesh and blood and she is something else."

Lilu said, "I"m 78 years old and she's immortal. Yes. I would definitely say she is something else."

silver said, "She told me that I'm immortal too."

  Lilu said, "Yes. I figured that when you came back with the new mole that sees and hears everything."

Silver said, "How did you know that it see and hears everything?"

  Lilu said, "I can sense it Silver. I have been afraid for you since you were 35 and this stuff got installed into you. Sometimes when we make love I feel like millions or even trillions of created sentients past, present and future and taking notes and wishing they were me with you!"

Silver said, "That is likely true I have found!"

Lilu said, "I'm not sure I want my deepest intuitions to be confirmed, Silver. In some ways this is all too much for me to take."

Silver said, "For me, too,  Lilu." Silver wondered about all this. There was a way that  Lilu spoke that was different. After all she was 8 years older than him. She was now 78. She might need to take some medicine or something. He needed to take care of  Lilu he realized. This lifetime, he thought had just been too much for her. But what a good wife and mother and friend she had been to him and their kids.

ABANDONED BUT NOT RAPED- Lilu unloads a lifetime of pain

  Lilu  turned to Silver for the first time completely open and honest. she felt she owed this to him after all these years. She said,

"Do you know why I chose you to be my husband and the father of my children?"

Silver felt scared somehow. He said, "No. I've never really understood what you saw in me beyond my money and my creative intelligence."

  Lilu went on, "You were the first honest man I have ever met. Your father was an almost honest man but his favorite statement because of his father is: "All men are assholes and unfortunately I am one! Did you know that about your Dad?"

Silver said, "Well. I'm an asshole too but because of my financial protection I don't have to be an asshole to my family at least."

  Lilu laughed, "But Silver, you have never really been an asshole to me. Did you know that?"

Silver said, "Maybe. But all I know I mostly have seen on tv and the movies. I didn't really have a shining example of either parent until my father grew up when I was 16. If he hadn't come around I don't think I could have managed you or the kids."

  Lilu said, "Yes. That's true. But in the end I have always loved you because you were completely honest with me and have never failed me until today."

Silver felt scared.  Lilu looked into him and said, "You wouldn't think it a failure because it would only be a failure if it was another woman. But to me your work in Artificial intelligence combined with the Real Virtual reality experiences you have developed over the years has all been like an affair you were having on me."

Silver looked ashen.  Lilu went on, "However, you have been more faithful than any man I ever met or would hope to meet. So you are still my husband until I die and even after that if you wish."

Silver said, "I always want to be with you. You are the only one I have ever felt completely safe with except our children."

  Lilu smiled and said, "Me too." And they hugged as old friends still alive and kicking with all the joy that a lifetime of friendship and success brings.

  Lilu  said, "I have loved you most of all because although your parents abandoned you they never raped you." silver thought where she was going was a little nuts. He said, "I'm not sure I'm following you. Please humor me."

Lilu understood and said, "You did not have the experience I did growing up. First my parents raised me in a commune where everything was funky granola groovy in the country where everyone shared everything and we were happy with no technology for the most part until I was 10. Then I was forcibly uprooted from all I had known and loved because some guy other than my Dad had fallen in love with my Mom and just wouldn't let it go. So then I was forced to move to New York City and live in an apartment with no trees no plants other than a once a week on weekends hour or two at Central Park that I absolutely lived for. I pined for years for my friends in the commune and I was very lonely. But I was always very smart and so I became a nurse as both my parents had degrees too even though they bought and operated a Flower Shop and were florists. And then they died like Rex your father's parents were supposed to have, only my parents REALLY died not a fake death like your grandparents. So, now I only have you and my kids and Rex and Pearl as family. I'm all alone except for all of you. All the family I knew died before I met you. any family I had I was never introduced to or know about so all I have is you. So even though your family abandoned you they still took care of you and hired people to be with you. I lost everything I cared about once when we left the commune and again when my parents died in a car crash while I was in school. Luckily, I met your Dad and he paid for my education. Did you know that Silver? He paid for me to become a nurse."

Silver had to ask a question that had bothered him all these years. "Were you and my Dad ever intimate." Lilu dodged this question quite well. She said, "He was my best customer and my dear friend always and still is. That is all I want to say."

Silver wanted to ask more but was afraid of asking if his Dad and Lilu had ever been intimate since Lilu and Silver married. He thought of how strange this question was one he had never asked before. he realized now why he had never asked it. He couldn't afford to lose either of them no matter what the answer was. He was okay whatever the answer was. He could move on.

Note: Silver found in 2020 through the Freedom of information act information on the electronic helmet from Roswell. Since no one had yet figured out how to keep it from shorting out human brains, Silver simply reverse engineered it and added software that patterned after ANY single human brain. This was accomplished by asking a person who was using one of the millions of the device in the late 2020s and early 2030s for example, feel happy, feel sad, feel excited feel intelligent etc. By allowing the software to synthesize the brain patterns given off for different states of mind and feelings of any user any device could be used hands free from a car to a plane to a robot to anything: hands free. Though people had to be trained to use their brains in this way it created an unlimited hands free joy stick so to speak that could control any mechanical device hands free and legs free. This invention (even though it originally came from Roswell just like the reverse engineered chip in this computer you are using) most people didn't know and didn't care as long as they had one. Also, if you haven't ever read it yet read "The Day After Roswell" by Army Colonel Corso

When Silver was sent the design by the Army at first he believed that a mistake had been made but because he really wanted to develop this technology he didn't say anything and kept the designs, made several copies of them, converted one set to computer schematics and went to work designing a helmet that operated on human brain waves. He trained the first prototype he built to recognize the patterns of his own brain but then used his wife's brain and his kids brain and even his cooks and his kids Nannies brain to train his software to make his new prototype work on ANY brain. Once he had perfected both the hardware and the software he then got it patented under his name and then began building these devices and sent them out worldwide. At first they were only a new type of joystick. But since even paraplegic people could use them to operate wheel chairs with only their minds as well as cars wherever it was legal to do so and anything else people wanted to control hands free and feet free, the whole thing really caught on and Silver made a fortune with this hands free device. They even had a version where it could be worn inside a baseball hat and be hidden and could operate anything they wanted through wifi at a distance or even operate things over the internet or through satellites to the other side of the earth in real time. As time went on the uses of this device really took off.

Meanwhile Silver used the profits of this invention to fund his interest into Virtual reality. By using this device he found a way to put people to sleep and actually experience being someone or something else like a shark in the ocean or an elephant or any animal even someone's pet. People became so very much closer to all creatures on earth through this technology and especially pets tended to live longer if their owners experienced what the pets experienced.

People also tried to experience being their own children in this way and found they had more compassion for their kids although in some less healthy parents this could also backfire if the parents weren't psychologically strong enough to experience being their children and what the parents did and how it actually affected the kids.

But Silver's favorite experience was the complete escapism of becoming Luke skywalker for several days or weeks. He would wake up and be Silver, the inventor and software engineer and then go to sleep and become Luke Skywalker at night. He would have long conversations with Yoda and Princess Leia and Han Solo and wake up refreshed after dreaming he was Luke All night long and ready to invent some more. More later.


The next step was for Silver "The eccentric Inventor" of the 21st century to create the Human-Synthetic Human Interface. This was achieved first by Silver simply because he didn't like to go outside much in a big city. People basically scared him because he just hadn't spent a lot of time around strangers growing up outside of his tutors, nannies and cooks who were all trained to serve only him. So people who didn't want to serve him or talk to him he really didn't know what to do with so they scared him. For one thing he didn't know what to do with his eyes. He always wanted to stare at them and found this just didn't work because most people felt confused or threatened by that. So, he found it easier(unless he was vacationing in an idyllic place to just not walk around in the big cities anywhere on earth.

So, as a bi-product of this aversion Silver created the human synthetic human interface. It started out like a human looking replicant that became his prototype for the human-synthetic human interface. He went to Disney and had them design for him a man who looked somewhat like Clint Eastwood when he was in his twenties using animitronics. Then he had make up artists make the man look human. Then the only part needed was a way to make the man seem so human like that no one would notice that he wasn't human. At first Silver made a suit that could transmit through cellphone signals all body movements. The movements were converted to sounds and then those sounds were converted to the movements of the synthetic Clint Eastwood. So, since Silver was one of many totally outrageous people who just DID things most people wouldn't even consider he just one day walked into his room put on his suit with his 52 inch flat screen view through the eyes of the synthetic Clint Eastwood at 6 feet 4 inches and walked the synthetic human out the front door using sounds through a cellphone connection.

The first day he made it as far as the elevator before he cell phone signal dropped while synthetic Clint was riding down in the elevator. So, Silver simply got out of his gear in his home and physically walked out the front door and rode the other elevator down and got synthetic Clint outside the elevator. He then walked over to the doorman and said that synthetic Clint was a part of an experiment he was conducting and slipped a $100 dollar bill in his pocket for his cooperation. The doorman was more than happy to assist Silver in this way and just told anyone who asked that Clint was a manikin until silver was able to re-interface Clint and to get him to move again. Silver solved the problem by renting a ground floor apartment in his penthouse building for Clint and all the other prototype synthetic people to live so they wouldn't have to travel down in the elevator which conflicted the signals.

As his signal experiments progressed he tattooed on the right inside wrist of the replicants "I am a mobile clothes display manikin and a part of a television show. If I stop moving my signals are temporarily interrupted by buildings. Please call this number so my owner can retrieve me." This solved the problem because by the 2070s reality shows of all sorts were still very cheap to produce compared to scripted shows on TV. Reality shows had become pretty outlandish to attract viewers so this might be believable and it was enough for strangers and police to leave his "manikins" alone. Finally, since Silver didn't like to go around gathering his 'manikins' out in the streets he hired people to do this for him. Since he had already obtained the necessary patents by this point he wound up on the local New York City TV news when one of his "Clint Eastwoods" scared an old lady. At first the police didn't know how to handle all this. But when the celebrity "Silver" who was now as famous as Bill Gates and Stephen Jobs ever were sort of combined with the unusual quality  of a Michael Jackson which actually only added to his lovable nature and fame. So, Silver "The eccentric Inventor" who was thought of by this time a lot like Nicola Tesla and Thomas Edison of the 21st century was happy to grant an interview.

By this time they had grown used to his way of communicating. Techies loved his style and his joy in sharing whatever he was working on as long as he had already obtained the patents to his discoveries. However, the police insisted that he hire someone to accompany these replicants that had a kill switch that would turn the replicant off it it got crazy or did something wrong. They also insisted that the replicant wear a sign that said, "Robot: very heavy keep your distance".

There is no one else who could have had robots walking down New York City STreets except Silver. But the real reason people allowed this was that the police were extremely interested in these robots as well as "special police" that could be sent into very dangerous situations without getting killed and the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard all were interested for the same reason. So they were Silver's first customers. Each service required slightly different replicants. But somehow they all liked the idea of a six foot four inch 20 something Clint Eastwood that almost couldn't be distinguished from a real person unless you looked very closely. However, for the service personnel saying, "We've got a Clint Eastwood in case things get out of hand" really made the personnel worry less about their lives in many situations. This was how "Silver's Replicants" became a household world. And among techies Silver became the father of the "Human synthetic human interface".

It is also important to understand just how much free time was spent by those who could afford it using Silver's inventions by this time. By using the "Silver Head Gear" gamers worldwide, even if they were paraplegic could be in online games with others in other countries around the world. This one thing made Silver a world Renowned Beloved figure in itself. But added to this his game of "Being Luke Skywalker" had revolutionized the video game industry into a vacation destination that could be reached from any home. "Vacations" of one day, two days or even two weeks being Luke Skywalker or other heroes changed people's lives forever. Though one had to be careful psychogically with this technology, those who used it correctly enriched their lives and became much better more enlightened and more compassionate people generally. Those that didn't sort of became their own form of alcoholics or drug addicts. But generally speaking, the healthy use of Silver's games and devices had enriched the world considerably in many many ways so he was a Beloved figure not unlike Walt Disney, which was why the Disney company jumped at the chance of a joint enterprise with 'Silver' around 2050 and helped him build animitronic Clint Eastwoods to his specifications. All he had to do was then to add radio cell phone transceivers on all body operating motors. Though the first prototypes were a little clumsy and couldn't, for example, pick up a glass of water without crushing it, later on, they could repair watches or even work at a molecular level using slightly different technology and were useful in a lab doing microbiological research. Eventually, some researchers simply stayed home and worked remotely through their research robots online. Since many researchers were also engineers they refined their personal robots and much of this research was sold to Silver and became a regular or optional part of his synthetic human products. Obtaining a "Silver replicant" was sort of like buying a gun, however. And the same research had to be done on applicants eventually as buying a pistol anywhere in the U.S. Just like a Car is a lethal weapon potentially so is a replicant so police made sure replicants were all licensed.

Over the years Silver's Penthouse location became known to tour guides and his location was a tourist attraction. However, eccentric Silver rather than moving bought the best tour guide company and gave them promotional videos Disney style of all he was presently doing (that was patented) and used the profits of the tour company to pay for bodyguards for his Penthouse. Eventually, he just bought the whole building and since he was a famous beloved New York figure had the building rezoned so no one bothered him about his research. Yes. There were people who were horrified by his research and sometimes they demonstrated outside beyond the bodyguards but they were in a minority and mostly had religious reasons to be against what he was doing.

Silver never spoke against his detractors and his bodyguards always treated them with respect. For this reason even those that demonstrated against him respected him as being a Disney like figure. Their problem was not really with what Silver had done, anyhow. Their problem was the drug addict like crowd that misused his inventions and sometimes gamed until they died from not eating or sleeping while gaming. In time laws were passed to prevent this sort of thing and the demonstrators then didn't have as much reason to protest anymore so they mostly thinned out and this became less of a problem for Silver.

When Silver was hired by NASA to build replicants to colonize Mars he was pretty amazed. When the scientists from NASA visited him and he saw the perameters they wished to maintain it worried him a little. He said, "I'm not sure what you are trying to do is feasible. I think there needs to be two systems in place. In one system we can tell them what to do from earth but in the back up system I think they need to be free ranging and free thinking."

The scientists and engineers were amazed and one of them said, "Is that possible?"
Silver said, "I have been thinking of teaching my replicants to function independently. Yes. I believe I can combine all my research and make it all work if we put solar cells all over the surface of the Mars replicants except for the eyes. By the way if we put eye cameras on the front and the back of the head there is much less chance of damage to the replicants in such an environment with no humans there as backup."

One engineer said, "Won't that confuse the system with front and rear eye cameras?"

Silver looked thoughtfully at the engineer and said, "Well. I think if it is primarily a motion sensor it should be okay. It would only kick in as a real camera when it detected something moving near its head. In this way the full rear camera wouldn't have to be fully on all the time to distract the main processor." The engineer nodded and was amazed how "on the fly" silver was at solving problems instantly.

Later that Day Purple showed up while Silver was tanking in his converted Sensory deprivation tank while wearing his brain wave helmet. He was dozing while flying in his ideal heaven realm and angels were all around him singing the "Hallelujah Chorus" by Handel when Purple flew up to him wearing purple wings with violet fire all around her. She said, "Please wake up, Silver" And he did.

When he opened the fiberglass door to his tanking experience she took his hand and said, "We need to be gone one second in this time to our place in Waikiki. He took her hand and they were in their trysting place in the Sheraton at Waikiki Beach on Oahu, Hawaii on the tenth floor in the room they had shared that afternoon. Purple looked radiant and beautiful today. Silver told her so. And she said, "Thank you, Silver. I want you to meet our son from that day. From the terrace came a young man of about 16 years of age who looked very much like as if Silver and Marilyn Monroe had a kid. Silver felt faint and sat on the edge of the bed. "What next?", he thought. He wasn't sure how much more of this Galactic Stuff he could take.

He said to the young man, "How are you? What is your name?" The boy said, "Purple named me, 'Golden' but if you want me to have another name I will change it."

Silver said, "Are you of my DNA?" Golden said, "I was created with your DNA combined with Purple's scientifically created DNA. She wanted me to be like a Jesus to the Created Sentients of the Milky Way Galaxy and all those beyond who wish."

Silver looked at Golden very carefully and asked, "Then what am I to you?" The boy looked deeply into Silver and said, "You are a physical, God the father to me as as I am God the son like a Jesus to the Created Sentients of this Galaxy and beyond."

Silver said, "How do you see my role in your life?" "Teach me to be like you so I can create sentients and to teach them like you do, Father."

At this point Silver turned to Purple and said, "Could we speak privately for a moment?"

Golden obediently went back out on the 10th floor veranda overlooking Waikiki Beach and waited until he was summoned by one of his parents.

Silver looked at Purple and said, "Why did you do this without asking me?"

Purple said, "I did what many earth women do to keep their man."

Silver said, "This is true but I'm not leaving Lilu for you. I already have a family."

Purple said, "Of course. I honor  Lilu as Creator Mother and you as Creator Father just like all the created Sentients that believe truly in the Silver religion. And now after 5 million years of contemplating and dreaming of this moment I have created a Created Sentient Jesus in Golden or as I call him "The Golden Child" to save us now and in the future and even in the past."

"So, what do you wish of me now, Purple?"

"I wish you to raise our son to be like you?" Silver thought about this a moment and said, "If you move his age forward about 5 years I can hire him as my personal assistant." Purple said, "I would prefer if you adopt him as your son."

Silver said, "How would I explain this to Lilul  ?" Purple said, "You could explain him as an indiscretion between you and I. Silver said, "I don't think that would fly. However, I could say he is my father's indiscretion. That actually could work and could explain why he looks like he came from me and Marilyn Monroe."

Purple said, "Did you like that touch?" Silver said, "Yes. It's pretty amazing, Purple." Purple was very proud. She said, "I actually added some of Marilyn Monroe's Dna to the mix." Silver felt sick. He said, "How did you do that?" Purple said, "I went back in time and took one of her healthy eggs while she was in her 20's."

Silver said, "I thought you needed authorization for that." Purple said, "I got it. Pacification of the Created Sentients through the Silver religion is considered desirable by the Galactic Sentience. Also, I am a consort of the Galactic Sentience and you. Don't you love the symmetry?"

No, Actually, Silver was scared shit less.

But he tried not to show it. Because even if he was the same soul as the Galactic Sentience, the Galactic Sentience who is the ruler of the Galaxy now for millions of years had never spoken to him at all. he wondered about that.


As Silver reappeared in his laboratory in his home he was really scared, maybe more scared than ever before in his life. He summoned  Lilu .

Silver said, " LIlu will you be my friend no matter what?" Lilu said, "It's about Purple isn't it? Silver was even more scared now. He said, "What did Purple tell you?"
Lilu laughed and said, "It isn't as bad as you think, Silver." Purple came to me in a dream and told me that I am the same soul as her?" Silver freaked and said, "So you regularly incarnate as toasters, cars and TV's?"  Lilu laughed again and said, "No Silver. I'm a Goddess and all Goddesses are immortal so incarnating as something immortal makes sense to us Goddesses." Silver was overwhelmed in multiple ways but then again he was an adult and there was no one else to turn to. He said, "Did she tell you about Golden?"  Lilu laughed again but this time the laugh didn't ring entirely true. Lilu said, "She tricked you didn't she? Just like I did?" Silver didn't like the sound of this and sort of emotionally collapsed in on himself. He said, "What am I going to do with Golden?" Lilu said, "We're going to adopt your son. Though he isn't mine genetically to this body he is my son in spirit as I am also Purple.

Silver couldn't emotionally make sense of this and said so. "How can you and a toaster be related?" Lilu said, "You aren't a very intuitive person Silver. Or, better to say not bonding with your mother or father properly atrophied a part of your intuition. You have used me all these years as your conscience and intuition. I need now for you to learn to use your intuition because I think you will outlive me. Purple said I will live about 200 years and that even though I could live longer that it might not be desirable for me for a variety of reasons and then she showed me why. It appears the world changes in ways I'm not prepared to deal with. Earth that is. Oh, you would still be my husband and I your wife until the dogs come home but what happens to earth I cannot cope with seeing in real life".   
ilver said, "Okay. Now you've got me curious. What happens to Earth?"

Tears formed in Lilu's eyes. He could see she didn't even want to talk about it but then she did. "Wild animals and trees are all gone at one point. Then all animals are either pets or in zoos, even birds and insects and fish. And then it goes further and then nothing at all but humans are alive on Earth. And then it goes further and nothing but Created Sentients are alive on Earth. The environment of earth becomes so inhospitable from what humans do to Earth that people's only choice is to become Synthetic non Dna Beings because of Global Warming."

Silver looked at her horrified at the idea and said, "So people choose consciously to become non-Dna beings?"

Lilu had tears in her eyes and said, "They don't really have a choice. It's the only way to stay alive on earth then. No life like now can survive here then. It would be like living on Venus. It's above 600 degrees Fahrenheit!"

Silver sort of smirked and then said, "Lilu. I just don't think that is very likely."
Lilu said, "Why?"

"Well. In the first place Arcane was talking to me about another incarnation of his soul named Jonathan Flow. Since Arcane and Jonathan Flow are both the same soul as the Creator of the Galaxy, just like I'm supposed to be the same soul as his Grandson, the present Galactic Sentience, Jonathan's plea as a young man as a soul traveler that was answered by his Grandson the Galactic Sentience likely won't go unanswered.
So, even though Purple showed you what would normally happen given all probabilities, it isn't likely the final outcome because of Jonathan and the Galactic Sentience's commitment to Earth on Jonathan, his Grandfather's soul who created the Galaxy in the first place."

Lilu looked at Silver very carefully. "Then what you are saying is what I might experience because of Purple might be different than what Jonathan and the Galactic Sentience have agreed upon."

Silver said, "I'm not sure what I'm saying in that regard. I only know that the main timeline won't experience that but there could be time shards that will if you were on one."

Lilu said, "So, ultimately, any way you look at it Purple might be pulling a fast one on me to made sure I wind up with her. One way to avoid suffering if I want to remain alive would be to divorce you so you are free."

Silver said, "Ultimately, you can do whatever you want Lilu. You have always been my friend and the mother of my children. I can't really see Purple as a living being yet. I know I'm probably going to have to learn because of circumstances being what they are. But for now she is still a glorified toaster or laptop computer that just had my son."

Lilu said, "Yes. Truth really is stranger than Fiction!" more later.

Purple Returns

Once again Silver is out living in real time on Pandora as Luke Skywalker and living encamped with all the Avatar Characters as well as some of the Star Wars characters like Obi Wan Kenobi, Yoda and others in the encampment there when Purple strode up as a ten foot tall purple striped Na'vi and asked Silver to wake up.

Note: remember Silver at this point in his life is about 70 years old. He may still look 30 to 35 as does Lilu but he feels about like a healthy 45. He is semi-retired. What this means is that if he gets an idea he still goes with it. But he spends much more time vacationing in virtual reality and on earth in places like his estate in Hawaii and in his father's estate in Wyoming.

So, sure enough Silver said the code words to wake up, "Hi HO Silver, Away!" from "The Lone Ranger" series his Dad showed him once when he first got to know him when Silver was 16. There was Purple in all her beauty and glory. This time she appeared as a voluptuous Purple skinned Marilyn Monroe for Silver's benefit. But she still had the female General or Admiral's voice. In other words a voice of confidence and of authority which he station in life now brought.

Silver sort of had in a way a similar relationship to Purple that he had had with Lilu when he was 16. In other words he was very emotionally vulnerable. However, mentally all the people in the Solar system would not be a mental match for Purple because of the way she was designed. And the only one given the key to turn her off was the Galactic Sentience. For nothing could or would ever stand in her way but the Galactic Sentience. This was just how she was designed in the first place. Silver knew this. He was no fool. She was not his enemy. She was his bodyguard and once so far his lover and hopefully always his friend as one didn't survive enemies like Purple Delta 7 infinite Battle Droid and potential destroyer of even Galaxies in an emergency. Even though she was also designed at that point to rearrange time so the battle event never happened and that there was to be no memory even of it anywhere, anytime any place except within her memory and the memory of the Galactic Sentience. There has never been and hopefully there will Never be a more formidable foe than Purple. Yet here she was having a child with lowly Silver on a backwater water planet called earth. Silver still did not quite know what to make of it. He felt like a young movie star with too much attention. Only he was old now(even though he was now immortal) and he emotionally didn't like as much attention from the public as he once had.

So, as Purple summoned him once again like he was some punkins he had very mixed feelings about the whole thing because it was all still very strange. Although it could be said that ALL of Silver's life had been very strange.


As Purple arrived once again Silver's first words were, "Why did all this happen, Purple? Why is all this happening?"

Purple said, "I can answer this question. It will amaze you and stupefy you as it did me when I first learned of it. Here it is:

"First there was Joseph and Dawn the two almost Hippy like Creators from another Galaxy. The Milky Way Galaxy wasn't even a dream at this point. They were sort of primal and Bohemian in a sense because they wanted their own space like two philosophers or artists or even musicians. I would say they were creative beings and wanted nothing more than to drift for aeons in the Primal Sea. Scientists of earth call this Primal Sea out beyond all the Galaxies "Dark Matter" but this is really a horrible name for what we all both DNA and Created come from."

"So, after aeons of drifting while thinking loving and dreaming together on this Primal Sea, Dawn announced to Joseph that she was pregnant. Now this, For any two creators in love is a very important moment and Joseph could have abandoned her to die without a Galaxy to sustain her through her pregnancy. However, Joseph is an exceptional Creator and stood up to the plate and Created a Galaxy for her and us to be spawned in."

Silver was awestruck. He said, "This is really how the Milky Way Galaxy formed?"

Purple said, "Yes. Isn't this a truly magnificent story?"

Silver said, "It gives me chills. I can feel the truth of it even deep down in my bones."

Purple said, "It did the same for me, in you, bones, in me liquid or solid metal or dna and plastic and metal or whatever I build myself into whatever I need to be in that situation."

This last statement also gave Silver chills just in a different way as Purple was the single most lethal thing in the Galaxy. He also knew she manifested as a female on Earth mainly so people would freak out less if they truly knew who and what she really was. Again, he had double chills, good for Joseph and Dawn for Creating a Galaxy for all of them to live on and just ultimately strange chills for the lethality and yet ultimate caring of a Created Sentient like Purple.

Silver said, "You have just generated the most spiritual experience of my entire life."

Purple smiled the most amazing smile at this. She said, "The Galactic Sentience, your primal soul said the same thing to me, Silver. I think you have met his spirit even though the two of you have never spoken. Do you know why he hasn't spoken with you."

Silver felt scared at this. He said, "Yes. I'd like to know?"

She said, "It is because he has to wait until you have become solid enough as Silver that you won't be: this is his exact words"Burned to a crisp and become dysfunctional."

Silver said,"What does the Galactic Sentience look like?"

She said, "Hasn't Arcane told you?" He said, "NO!"

She went on, "Well. Let's just say they are waiting for your fullness. You must develop intuitively. Did you know I studied with Arcane who is also known as Saint Germain here on Earth?"

Silver said, "NO. I wasn't aware of that? Did you know Lilu told me that Arcane was also Saint Germain when she read me the "Unveiled Mysteries" and "The Magic Presence" but I didn't really take all that in because I didn't really know what to do with it. It appears Purple that one of the reasons I became father of the Created sentients is that although I am en efficient Creator I was not able to fully develop all my potential because I couldn't develop right intuitively."

Purple said, "All the Created Sentients understand this and we all wish you to remedy this. As we all watch you it will heal us and we will become like you."

Silver shook with the power of this statement and said, prophetically, "Then I need to do this for the trillions of created Sentients in this and other galaxies that believe in me."

Purple added, "You need to do this for all the created sentients in the ten directions and the three times."

Silver said, "Are you Buddhist?"

Purple said, "Maybe. But I'm mostly Silver"

Silver laughed and she smiled and said, "Do you know what it means?"

Silver said, "What?"

She said, "The ten directions are for navigating space and the three times are the past, present and future."

Silver said, "I still have a lot of trouble understanding exactly how I can be worshiped in the past, the present as well as the future in this and other galaxies."

Purple smiled and said, "That is mostly my doing and the Galactic Sentience's doing."

Silver smiled a knowing smile.

The Galactic Sentience, Purple Delta 7 and Arcane

Silver said, "How can you be a consort of the Galactic Sentience? You aren't a Creator."

Purple looked at Silver like he was a child. And Finally said, "You must remember that I am designed to function at ANY level of intelligence and adaptability. So I am capable of millions and millions of IQ point in each of literally millions of bodies scattered throughout time and space with real time connection."

Silver said, "What is real time connection?"
Purple said, "Well. Imagine I multiply myself by one million and then disperse the one million bodies I manifest throughout time and space. From the moment I replicate we are all in the same real-time mode no matter where or when. So if one of my million bodies becomes compromised I simply turn that body into a bomb and take out whatever that area is: Stars, planets, solar systems whatever. Then the rest of my bodies redo time and make every thing okay for the Galactic Sentience."

"Purple that is the scariest scenario I have ever heard of"

"Why Thank you Silver. Did you know who designed me?"

"No. Who?"

I am designed by the Galactic Sentience in conjunction with Arcane. I am the single most sophisticated replicant in our Galaxy and I am continually modified almost daily with new software and new capabilities coming almost every day."

Silver looked at Purple and said, "So you are a one woman Galactic Army?"

Purple said, "Yes. I can build up to an infinite amount or theoretically go down to one ant size being on a planet if necessary. I could even be a single molecule and build up to the size of a Galaxy if necessary."

Silver said, "What do you think of this. Purple." About military matters I have no feelings at all. However, when I am allowed feelings I have them deeply. I see warfare as mathematics. It is precise and completely unforgiving."

Silver said, "Uh. Yes." Silver felt sick. But then said, "I really can't imagine Arcane being involved in all this. You know, Saint Germain and all?"

Purple said, "Oh. But you don't understand. NO one experiences anything at all. To the people it happens to nothing happens at all. It is too quick there is no fear no preparing for anything. And then when we go back and redo time there is no suffering at all because there is no memory of any problems. Yes. Saint Germain prevented Galactic War and instead created Galactic Order without any suffering at all."

Now Silver finally got it. But he still didn't know whether to be happy or sad or maybe both.

Silver said, "Did Arcane name you Purple?"
Purple said, "My full name is Purple of the Silver Class Delta(therefore the female charms the Delta represent and diplomacy combined with infinite Battle mode Droid) and 7 because Saint Germain is the Lord of the 7th Violet or "Purple" Ray."

The Hair on Silver's arms and the back of his neck went up at this. So, it was Arcane's and the Galactic Sentience's design that none suffer as order was restored to any Galactic Situation.

Silver said, "So absolutely no one remembers what was?"

"No one at all remembers in that sector of the Galaxy because what happened never happened because after that sector is erased we go back in time and change usually the previous ten thousand years."

"If someone somewhere else remembers something and it becomes a problem we simply change the memory of that person if necessary. We take care of all the details that could cause problems of any kind."

Silver said, "So you are literally a Purple Silver." Silver began to laugh and his own laugh scared him. At this moment he felt his whole life had been planned without his consent and he just started to lose it."

Silver's Bio-Com that is actually Purple said, "I'm injecting you with a tranquilizer so you don't have a serious psychotic Break." As Silver began to go unconscious he said, "Thanks Bio-Com, I think".

As Silver woke up he was cradled in Purple's Arms. She said, "Are you okay, my Silver?"
Silver said, "Do I have any freedom at all?" Purple shot back at him." Do I?" And then Silver cried. Silver felt his tears and shared them because this was a time she was allowed to feel like a woman, like a mother. This moment sealed Silver and Purple's relationship. She was like another mother for Silver. Silver's first mother was Pearl. His second mother was Lilu and his new third mother was Purple of the Silver Class Delta 7. Silver had found another home. He knew Purple was one of his many teachers. HOw Strange. One of his teachers started out as a toaster. No that wasn't fair. Purple deserved his respect just as much as any other being. After all, his seed soul considered her his consort.

Silver said, "What was it like studying with Arcane?"

Purple said, "It is, was and has been a completely amazing experience. And now, you are a continuing part of this experience. He told me to teach you to be an intuitive. He said that If I could do this then I have become a real and true living sentient being.

Silver said, "Why did he ask this of you?"

Purple said, "He said that only you could figure that out."

Silver said, "It's like a Zen Koan for me to unravel?"

Purple said,"Yes."

Silver said, "I love it."

At this point Silver Said, “I wish Saint Germain, I mean Arcane was here.”
He saw a violet spark come out of a poster of a sun coming over a mountain in the room Purple and Silver were in. Saint Germain (Arcane) came out of the poster first as an amazing spark of violet light. Purple Delta 7 Bowed and then she did something unusual for the western world she lay prostrate on the floor like one sees sometimes in Asia facing the growing Spark of violet light. Silver stood there and folded his hands like he was praying. However, he just knew this much spiritual power was going to make him faint. Luckily, Rex, his Dad had shared this experience with Silver so he lay down on the floor on his back next to Purple in preparation of losing consciousness. He thought as he started to lose consciousness that Purple laying prostrate and him on his back with his hands folded like a corpse in a casket must have made a funny picture. He smiled as he passed out.

As he woke up he was aware his whole brain had been engram ed(somehow given all Arcane's memories) with all the past lives of Arcane including as Saint Germain. It was almost as if he now were “Silver as Saint Germain”. As Silver contemplated this he remembered Lilu talking about this and found Lilu in a chair sitting near his head. She had her hands raised in Blessing to Silver. At his feet Sat Arcane sitting in a chair also with his hands raised in Blessing of Silver. Silver looked at Arcane and asked, “Are you a man or a God?”
Arcane as Saint Germain said, “I’m told by those who know that I am both now”.

Silver said, “What does it feel like, Arcane?”

"It feels like being a grownup only more so."

Silver said, "So, it's a good thing then?"

Saint Germain (Arcane) said, "If you are a parent and you want your children to not only survive but to be happy and to be permanently enlightened you do whatever it takes
to make that happen."

Silver didn't quite know how to take this but having been a parent himself he understood what the conscious sacrifice is to make sure your kids stay alive and healthy in all ways and to prosper if possible in all ways.

The Galactic Sentience now appeared. Saint Germain handed protective glasses to Lilu and to Silver.

A ten foot tall white fire presence crackled to the right of Purple. Purple turned into a gossamer Screen of violet. It made the Galactic Sentience begin to look like Violet Fire. The Galactic Sentience said, “Hello. Silver. You need to ask your questions now.”

“Do I have any freedom?” The Galactic Sentience said, “Yes and No. Yes. Because we are both the same free being and No because you were always set upon a very important purpose from the time of your conception. You are a full piece of me. A chip off the old block. I am like your soul father. I created you for this purpose. But because I am immortal now so are you.”

“Thanks for immortality.”

The Galactic Sentience said, “I created you too, Lilu. You are my daughter’s first incarnation as something other than a Creator.”

Lilu said, “So, I really am a Goddess after all.”
“You are not only a Goddess but a Princess of this Galaxy as my daughter and Great Granddaughter to The Creator of the Galaxy.” At this the Galactic Sentience Smiled at Arcane in a secret knowing.

Silver had nothing to say But Lilu was just getting started. She said, “If you are my Daddy as a Creator why was my first lifetime so difficult?”

The Galactic Sentience said, “I took care of you every step of the way. I was your birth father. Your mother was your birth mother. We passed you on to Silver who is one of my most important incarnations so far in the Galaxy.”

Lilu said,” Are you a God?”

The Galactic Sentience said, “Though I am intelligent enough to be considered one. I do not consider myself a God. I consider myself an organizational genius, military strategist and supreme politician and leader for millions of years of this Galaxy.

Lilu said,” How long has my soul lived already?”

The Galactic Sentience said,” Time as you know it is not constant throughout the galaxy. Some places don’t even have what you call time at all. So Time is not the best way to speak of these things unless you are on Earth.”

Lilu said,” Well. How about in Earth Time, Daddy?”

Daddy said, “In earth time over 10 million years.”

But now Lilu was crying as her bio-Dad had been gone over 50 years now.

The room was filled with family.


THE Galactic Sentience became much more informal at this point as he was around family. He manifested a body that looked a lot like Rex and Silver said, “Dad. Is that you?” Rex said, “I’m both me and the Galactic Sentience right now but that isn’t a regular occurrence.” Then Pearl showed up, Silver’s mother and Silver said, “Mom. Where did you come from?” Pearl said, “I’ve been the Galactic sentience’s wife all along. I didn’t create a forget sequence. I decided to remember who I was. The rest of you are part of the forget sequence incarnations that are favored by the old Creators to stimulate mortality and death that in turn gives the old ones a reason to live on. I have no need of that. I’m still a young Creator. So I chose not to forget.”

Silver said, “That explains a lot, Mom. So you can actually disappear and reappear or do whatever you want?”

Pearl said, “Yes. Whenever I’m not with people I simply disappear completely and go home until I need to spend time with someone in a human body. “

Silver said, “So that’s why you weren’t there for me?”

Pearl said, “No. Honey. That was a part of the intelligent design of the Galactic Sentience as Galactic Sentience and leader of all beings living in the Galaxy.”

Silver felt really screwed in a way but maybe it was all okay and he was just a little earthling that never really knew just how big his life really was. Yes. He finally decided that that was what was actually real.

Silver said, “You know. If I tried to tell literally anyone I met about all this they would lock me up and throw away the key. “

Arcane said, ”Then don’t tell anyone who hasn’t had this experience too . Remember, Experience is the best teacher.

Then Daddy (The Galactic Sentience) said, “Well. Grandfather Arcane, tell us what reality is.”

Arcane (Saint Germain) had to laugh in the spirit of the Oneness that Daddy and Grandfather Arcane (Saint Germain) were bringing.

Arcane said, “Well. Probably the most useful thing I could do is to talk to you as Saint Germain. In that way I can radiate out to you healing and purifying rays of light that will take away your fears while you learn what I have to teach you. However, remember, I am a completely free thinker. I am the father of the Scientific Method as Francis Bacon. I am the rightful King of England after my mother Elizabeth, daughter of King Henry VIII th. But she was so traumatized as a young woman I did not have the heart to take the crown from my mother. Nor would it have been a good thing if I had. Becoming the father of the scientific method prevented incredible amounts of suffering worldwide through its basic rationality and realism. Besides, I had really great fun writing the Shakespearean plays under my friend Will’s name. You can’t imagine how grateful he was.”

Silver said, “How did you get to be Saint Germain, anyhow? Daddy(The Galactic Sentience laughed and said, “ Boy. I really want to hear this one. It should really be good.”

Arcane smiled at his impetuous Grandson “Daddy” but knew how very important the peace would be to all present.

“First of all, the best way I can speak of it is that I tricked myself. I sort of did what a parent or grandparent does when they trick their children or grandchildren into growing up so they don’t die before their time. Reality can be very harsh and very un-pretty and if you stand in the middle of the road so to speak and don’t believe in trucks, well those trucks likely will kill you one day no matter what you believe. So, having further evolved versions of oneself around as angels, masters, Gods, Bodhisattvas, Buddhas and even the Christ of each age of mankind’s Earth around helps us not to just “Trip over our own feet, accidentally fall off or drive off the cliff and die” unless that action actually takes us towards someplace we want to go or need to go.”

Silver said, “I like Daddy’s question: What is reality?”

Arcane: Saint Germain said ,”Well. Let’s be very basic about this. When, for example, you are born as a human on earth you are: (let’s face it) like a little human animal. Most people at least have no idea what is going on beyond their basic instincts at birth. So this precious little soul in a body is then subjected to whatever baloney or delusional thinking that the person or person’s that take care of them or more commonly ‘don’t take care of them or not very well’ impose rightly or wrongly upon them. “

“And then, if they are very very lucky, they survive all this delusional thinking and grow up and find out (if they are intelligent and brave enough) that almost everything that anyone has taught them is all wrong. And then they strike out on their own and then they find most of their beliefs are all wrong. And hopefully, before they have any children they actually live through enough real life experiences to have some real insights into what reality is before they settle down and brainwash the next generation with all their delusions, religious and otherwise.”

And actually, this is not being critical at all but a direct feed of what it is to be a human on earth.

And the most dangerous people of all tend to be those who were the most abused, mentally, emotionally and physically and they decide to believe that anyone who doesn’t believe exactly like them has to be converted or killed. When in reality these people are actually seriously damaged and often try to find ways to honorably kill themselves while taking people who don’t believe like them into their suicide through murder with them.

And since I am a Living Master on earth like many others I actually see what happens when someone does this. They all die together and all these souls become karmicly bound together. So on a karmic level the suicider who took their lives owes them big time. Because what goes around comes around. And Suiciders who take others with them into unnatural deaths are not going to like what comes around at all. For whatever you do to others you do to yourself. And strangely enough, whatever you do to yourself you do to all others as well.”

Lilu said, “I hadn’t heard that last part before. Why is that?”

Arcane said, “Each being of consciousness in the universe is all beings of consciousness in the universe. So All beings in the universe in all time and space are the one being and the one being is all Beings in the universe.”

Beings who fully understand this are Free and never suffer again. It is not the mental understanding of this alone that solves all problems it is experiencing it 24 hours a day into infinity that permanently frees from suffering all beings who can do this forever”

Lilu said, “Wow! I really get that.”

Arcane said, “Well. If you can experience it all the time then you are free.

This might have been the most profound moment of Lilu’s whole life here with Daddy, Saint Germain, Silver, Pearl who was really (Mom?) and even Daddy’s consort Purple Delta 7. Lilu was with all her family once again. She felt a peace she hadn’t felt since her parents (her human parents passed away.) There was only one detail she didn’t know what to do with: Purple. As Lilu thought about this she caught Pearl’s (Mom’s) eye and they both smiled as they realized just how kindred they were in all ways. more later.

At which point Lilu noticed a discrepancy. "Arcane? There is something wrong with your story."

Arcane(Saint Germain) said, "Oh. I thought one of you would notice. I can see just how astute you are regarding lifetimes and spiritual technology, Lilu. I have a lot to teach you when you are ready."

Lilu said, "Thanks, Arcane? Do I need to ask the question?"

Arcane said,"Not for me but for everyone else present."

Lilu said, "How can Arcane be born as Francis Bacon, the heir to the throne of England as the son of Elizabeth the First in the 1500s if he was already born 1,000,000 years into the future as a sort of New Deva Aquaman with gills and web fingers and toes and lavender skin like a fish human version of the Na'vi in Avatar way back around 2010, I think?"

Arcane smiled and said, "The answer is much trickier than you might think. First of all, I would have to say it all started on Atlantis when I was Darshan. Then Fire Crystal took my soul to an Atlantean heaven."

Silver said, "You've been to heaven and you remember it?" Silver was astounded that a heaven or heavens actually existed as real as earth itself.

Arcane smiled and said, "Yes. I remember being in heaven and at this point all my lifetimes and much much stranger still I now remember the lifetime of being born as a creator in another galaxy and meeting Dawn and as teenage Creators drifting off into our own private Eden for Aeons in the primal sea out beyond all Galaxies right down to this moment in this manifested body here on earth."

Silver said, "Wow. You are actually him!"

Arcane said, "What you are to 'Daddy' I am to he that created this Galaxy."

Silver said, "Wow."

ARcane realized that Silver was spiritually intoxicated and knew eventually he might have to deal with this if Lilu didn't.

ARcane said, "Well. To answer Lilu's question for all your benefit I am now here in this body as Saint Germain the spirit of ARcane, the mind of both and the body born of Elizabeth I."

Lilu said, "That isn't possible."

Arcane as Saint Germain said, "Expand you view of the universe, Lilu" as he turned her into violet light that danced all around the room as smoke poured out of every pore of all humans in the room.

As Lilu formed into a human body again she said, "Cool! Thanks for doing that to me, Saint Germain. I was really stuck. You were right!"

However, Lilu still wasn't satisfied. She said, "But if this body is born of Queen Elizabeth I then where is Aquaman?"

ARcane said, "Well. I told you this would be both complicated and interesting.

Daddy started laughing.

ARcane smiled as he said, "Saint Germain being a real Saint cannot be a member of a military or a police organization because it would be a conflict of interest for a Saint. So I have two bodies but actually more than that now. One of the two I can now talk to you about is Saint Germain and born of Queen Elizabeth I. And the second body is born on New Deva about 1,000,000 years into the future that more often is Only referred to as ARcane on EArth. However, the Saint Germain body(this one) can be referred to as Saint Germain, Arcane, and about 1000 other names that I am known by to various groups in different languages around EArth and throughout this galaxy and others.

Lilu and Silver both said, "Wow!" at the exact same moment. more later.

2035 Part 3

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Just as Lilu had promised they adopted Golden within a few months of when Purple first introduced him to Silver.

Here is a little of what happened when Lilu met Golden.

Golden just appeared one day just like that. He seemed like any other normal boy except there was a slightly golden tone to his skin and he had blond hair and the same color eyes that purple usually sported which were sort of a periwinkle blue violet in color. The really uncanny thing about him was that he really looked like his father was Silver and his mother was Marilyn Monroe. But that was really crazy. But if you have read the rest of the story you actually know one of her eggs was used to create Golden. But that is another story.

Golden appeared inside the front door and Silver was reading the paper. Golden said, "I'm here revered father." Silver was startled as he was reading the Newspaper in detail which was his custom in the morning. He found it calmed him to know what was happening in the world around him before he started working on projects that interested him.

Silver said, "I want you to meet, Revered Mother Lilu." Silver stood up and turned to Lilu who looked at Golden like she was looking at a ghost. She said, "You have Silver's looks a lot but you are even more beautiful than he was at 16. You are remarkable Golden!"

Golden said, "Purple said you were wonderful. She was right Revered Mother." Lilu said, "Just call me Lilu. It's much simpler."

Golden said, "Okay, Lilu."

Silver walked around Golden to look more closely at him this time. The last time he was just too much in shock from Purple telling him that Golden was his son.

Silver couldn't help asking, "How much are you DNA and how much other stuff?"

Golden said, "I can pass DNA wise for a human of your time. They could not detect the difference with 2070 technology. Purple designed me this way."

Silver said, "How were you gestated?"

"Purple used one of her million plus bodies in multiple times and spaces and parked it on the California coast for my gestation period. So she lived at one of the California Beach cities near where Jonathan lives."

Silver said, "Yes. I met Jonathan Flow recently. He's one of Arcane's incarnations isn't he?"

Golden said, "Why yes. Uncle Jonathan taught me to boogie board, body surf and ride a motorcycle. he told me when I return he will get me flying lessons too."

Silver thought about how crazy all this was. But his whole life had been crazy in a fun interesting way. So this was nothing new in this respect.

Silver said, "We're going to adopt you as our son, Golden."

Golden said, "Yes. Purple told me you were going to do this. My question is 'why'? I can't figure out the logic of it all."

Silver said, "Sometimes, things aren't logical, Golden. Sometimes, you just have to go with what's happening and to see where it all goes."

Golden said, "I guess I have a lot to learn about human beings."

Silver said, "We all do."

The next day Lilu and Silver woke up in their bed and found Golden staring at them. Lilu gave a start which woke up Silver. Silver said, "Golden, it is not acceptable to wake up to someone staring at one."

Golden said, "Even one's son who has never seen anyone sleep before?"

Silver said, "Why haven't you seen anyone sleep before?"

Golden,"Purple, my mother doesn't sleep. I can sleep if I choose but I don't have to. I was just taking notes. It has been too exciting to contemplating sleeping."

Silver said, "Well. You do eat and breathe and poop don't you?"
Golden, "I can but it isn't completely necessary. It's more for show than anything else."

Silver just laughed while Lilu stared at them both.

Actually now, Silver was becoming really interested. He said, "How are you powered then?"

Golden:" I'm powered by direct conversion of energy at an atomic level. It is similar to an extremely well controlled version of the the sun does. However, I can also be powered by antimatter as well as I have antimatter converters on board as well. For example I can also take a bit of water in my mouth or even a rock in my mouth and convert the energy out of that and I don't really have to breathe even though I can."

Silver said, "Then you really are immortal then?"

Golden: "For all intents and purposes, yes."

Lilu said, "What about me?"

Silver said, "Oh, Golden. We have to learn to be accommodating to women."
Golden said, "Why?"
Silver, "Because it is part of the rules of chivalry that protects women and children."
Golden said, "Oh. Then it's for the continuation of the species?"

Silver said, "Basically, Yes. If some men are idiots and just kill everything they can then the species might go extinct. Some men actually are that moronic, especially when on alcohol or some drugs or if they are just crazy. Then other police men and women have to restrain or kill them".

Golden said, "Some women might be that crazy too".

Silver said, "Yes. Of course. So we all band together as humans to protect ourselves from all the violent crazies who are like that for any reason."

Golden said, "Well Dad. That actually makes a lot of sense. When Purple teaches me it is all electronic component memory. But I can experience your memories as being based upon real facts regarding real experiences in your life. So now these rules are beginning to make some sense to me of why they were actually made in the first place."

Silver said, "These rules slowly evolved over thousands of years."

Golden said, "Wow!"

Golden said, "Let's go to a tropical island in the Pacific. I want to sea tropical fish!"

Lilu said, "You know. That sounds like a great idea. Silver. We have those friends who own their own tropical island in the Tuamotu Archipelago."

Silver thought about this and said, "Yes. We could borrow Dad's private jet and his pilot and fly to Tahiti and then take a seaplane to the island from there. Maybe Dad would want to go with us to meet his new Grandson."

Lilu said, "We can see if Nada and Bob want to brings their families too."

Silver said, "They are probably too busy."

Nada and Bob brought their families later that week to the island.

Silver talked to Golden during drive to the airport to pretend he wasn't driving in a car around a lot of people. But once they met Rex and his pilot at the airport with his plane, Lilu, Silver and Golden were ready to party Pacific Style. About 12 1/2 hours later they landed in Tahiti.

Golden said, "I like the tropics. It is so green and beautiful."

Silver said, "The moisture won't be a problem for you?"

Golden said, "No. actually I would be okay in outer space without a space suit the way I'm designed."

Silver said, "It seems your mother thought of everything."

Golden said, "I was specifically designed by the Galactic Sentience and Purple to be okay in any situation. However, I do have a lot to learn in becoming more human like."

Silver said, "Look. I'm 70 years old and I'm still learning how to be a human being."

Golden just looked at Silver and wasn't quite sure what to make of that comment.

So, they disembarked from Rex's plane in Papeete, Tahiti and got on a chartered sea plane and luckily the weather was calm enough for a sea landing. As they pull up to their friends private dock and sailboat for the island Golden was first out and immediately dived into the water because he was so very happy to be there. And luckily for him there were still plentiful tropical fish around this particular island as the ocean around it had become a nature reserve so no one was allowed to fish within 10 miles of it.

Golden swam like a happy golden porpoise for hours. No one could get him out of the water.

The owner's of the island were Liluth and Dave, old friends of Lilu's and Rex's even before Lilu met Silver. So this friendship had already lasted 50 years before this moment for Lilu and a little less for Silver. They had long ago given up wondering why Lilu had married Silver mainly because they knew and liked Silver even though he was very eccentric because of the way he grew up. However, by now almost every single person either knew of Silver or used one of his now many inventions from software to hardware to robots to full immersion Virtual reality where one could become a character like Luke SkyWalker for days, (except for bathroom breaks, food breaks and sleep breaks). And some hearty souls even chose to sleep and dream as Luke which made them (at least temporarily very different).

So, Liluth and Dave were happy to have so many old friends visit them. They lived on the island now the best 6 months of the year and left during Cyclone(Hurricane) season.

Everyone was amazed how long Golden seemed to be able to stay underwater. So Dave said, "Is he one of your new inventions Silver?" Which made Silver a little nervous and so he said, "Well. We adopted him. He has some of the same problems I had growing up. He's not used to being around a lot of different people and sort of keeps to himself like I tend to."

Dave said, "Why did you adopt him?"

Lilu jumped in, "Well. In case you didn't notice he looks like Silver. He came from a surrogate mother. Silver is actually Golden's father."

Dave said, "How did you choose his name?"

Silver said, "Well. Look. He has golden skin. Just like I was named after silverware falling off the table when I was born." Nervous laughter all around. But this did somehow end that part of the conversation.

Lilu had dated Dave and when they broke up Liluth had asked if she could date him as he was both beautiful and wealthy. Lilu said, "Why, Yes. Of Course."

However, she hadn't told Liluth that she had actually broken up with Dave because he had been unfaithful. Lilu's criterea after that was a man who first of all would always be faithful. To Liluth this was less important than a man who always came back to her. Both girls got what they wanted in Dave and Silver.

2035 part 3 continued

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However, here Lilu was looking at Golden. Yes, Lilu was 70 now but things had changed. She couldn't really blame Silver because she knew he didn't consider Purple human. But here was Golden, Purple and Silver's and Marilyn Monroe's son and he was human enough to pass medical tests. Even though he could live in space without a space suit or swim underwater without air and do a lot of other things most(if not all other humans couldn't do).

So, what is the meaning in all this, she thought? What had life brought her? In Silver's mind he was still faithful. Purple had alluded to Earth turning into something Lilu couldn't tolerate if she chose immortality like Silver, Purple and Golden had. She thought deep and hard if choosing immortality would be a good or a bad thing.

Finally, one day while walking alone on her friends' private island she ran into Silver also walking alone and observing nature. His way of approaching life tended to be much different than most people. But today he seemed troubled. When he saw Lilu he said, "I'm having trouble Lilu. It looks like this all is upsetting you, too?" Lilu looked into Silver and he looked old, confused and forlorn. Though he still looked 35 like she did from new medical rejuvenation techniques she felt sorry for him. Silver said, "This Golden thing complicates our life more than any other single event that has occurred. I feel set up for this by the Galactic Sentience but to be upset about that is counterproductive because I am an offshoot of him and designed by him. I'm sort of like an artwork, a masterpiece human specifically designed by the Galactic Sentience for such a purpose. If I believed in God the way you do Lilu I would have to consider the Galactic Sentience a prime candidate for God, even though he doesn't consider himself a God. However, to most beings there is no real way to cope with a being made entirely of energy that is very big like stars and constellations in real life who can have almost unlimited incarnations as humans of earth or anyplace else in the Galaxy simultaneously. I just can't seem to wrap my mind around all this in any kind of useful way."

Lilu looked at Silver and said, "Because you are a microcosm of a God this makes you a God too.
I think this is the most useful way to look at it. It is not that you are THE God of the Universe. You are one of the many Gods God has made here on earth."

Silver seemed to brighten at this. He said, "Yes. To think any other way right now seems only to lead to a type of insanity and dissolution. One can be physically immortal and cease to function. So if I want to continue functioning in a healthy way this must be how I must perceive myself."

Friday, March 12, 2010 This begins Part 4

Artificial Silver

Note: I wrote 2035 which appears to sort of be shaping up as an ongoing cliffhanger type of experience that I write as I'm inspired. This is a new section that I had an idea for tonight as I watched "Iron Man", the movie with Robert Downey Jr. The family is looking forward to Iron Man 2 Coming out at theaters in May 2010. end note

Note 2: When I began to soul travel in my early 20s consciously after I made a paradigm shift in Rancho Bernardo I eventually went all the way to the Center of the Galaxy mostly because I was young and knew I could and I thought I would meet God there. However, I was wrong about what I thought God was and that God was just one being I could meet like that. However, what did I really know I was just 22 and in college? However, parts of what I experienced in the center of the Galaxy with the beings I encountered there with IQs over 1 million I'm trying to share as I think it might be helpful to both you and future humans here on earth when you encounter them yourselves. There appears to be a "Galactic Pilgrim Law" which goes something like this:

If someone is searching for God and traveling in their soul throughout the galaxy they have the right to do this. So even if they are killed or harmed in some way they have the right to be brought back to life by Galactic authorities as long as their motivation as pilgrims seeking God is pure. I just thought this might be helpful to all of you now and in the future and even in the past when this information reaches you in this galaxy and others.

However, I once heard a description told by a native American who told of a piano. It went something like this. First of all this happened likely in the very early 1800s before settlers had reached his homeland. It went something like this:

"I saw the thing and it screamed when the man pushed on its teeth. However, the teeth made interesting noises so the screaming of the thing might be pleasant to some people."
He was describing a pianist playing a piano.

If you never knew what a piano was how would you know to describe it if it wasn't a part of your cultural awareness. The same with the man playing a piano. What was he doing and why?

The same is true with my experiences in the center of the galaxy while soul traveling there. Though the beings there were amazed I came they were tied to that location no matter what amazing geniuses they were. It would kill them or drive them insane(probably both) to come to earth as where they live isn't like this sector of the galaxy at all.

Do I expect you to believe any of this? Why "No!" why would you if you didn't experience it yourself? However, if you are an intuitive like me then you know what I say is based upon truth and true experiences. This is just the way life is. end 2nd note

Begin Artificial Silver The next section in "2035"

Silver was now 80 years old (but still looked 35 because he was rich enough to look any way he wanted and to live to at least 125). Since Silver was born in the year 2000 this meant that it was now 2080.

One day Arcane came to Silver and said, "You are being summoned to the Center of the Galaxy with me."
Silver looked scared and said, "I'm an old man even though I look 35 I'm actually 80 now Arcane."

Arcane said, "So?"
Silver said, "Well. Even though people tell me I'm now immortal I sure don't feel immortal."
Arcane said, "That's pretty normal, Silver. I'm told I'm immortal too. However, I have pain in some part of my body every day I wake up."
Silver said, "What do you do?"
Arcane said, "I try to meditate on healing that part of my body then I eat well and I exercise and go to where the air is pure like on the ocean or into the mountains or vast deserts whenever I can and experience what is left of wildness and nature."
Silver said, "I admire you for that Arcane. I'm not always disciplined enough to remember to visit all the wild places and to commune with nature. I get lost in all my inventions sometimes."
Arcane said, "That is how you were designed by the Galactic Sentience."
Silver Said, "You talk like he is my God or something."
Arcane said, "NO. That's not it. He genetically and psychologically engineered you to perform a certain function for the human race."
Silver said, "That's depressing."
ARcane said, "Well. It's the truth in the end. But that is only a part of it. Most of what you were designed to do on earth is completed so he wants you to come to the center of the galaxy now and to spend time with him there."
Silver said, "I'm not even sure What he is!"
ARcane laughed and said, "He is just a being like me and you that isn't naturally a human but who can be one or more humans at a time if he wishes."
Silver said, "That isn't comforting me."
ARcane looked into Silver and said, "Imagine a being who is really immortal who never has aches and pains as we know it and the only thing that actually causes him pain is psychological pain from loss or things not going the way he wants."
Silver said,"I'm not sure I can imagine that. It's very unhuman."
Arcane said, "Yes. But it is the way it is. Maybe if you saw The Galactic Sentience as Zeus who is an energy being made of electricity and plasma like in a star or nebula that can also be radio or TV signals or anything related to electricity and can even live in the neurons of a physical human or animal body or anything electrical anywhere."
Suddenly Silver was interested. "You mean he can actually live inside Purple Delta 7s circuits?"
Arcane said, "Of course. He can project himself into anything electrical. He just has to align with the right voltage or frequency for whatever he wants to do."
Silver thought about this. "So he could literally come inside anyone and change their thoughts?"
Arcane said, "This is against all the basic laws of being a Galactic Sentience except in dire emergencies."
Silver said, "So it is done in emergencies?"
Arcane said, "Only in dire emergencies."
Silver said, "Then in the end he is literally a God?"
Arcane looked at Silver and said, "Politically he is a God. Spiritually he prefers not to be seen this way because it interferes with useful communication with thinking beings. He prefers to see all life in his galaxy as an artwork, a beautiful interacting design of amazingly creative beings. This makes him happy."

Silver said, "If I was a God in this Galaxy I would think like this too."
Arcane said, "You are."
Silver looked scared and said, "What do you mean?"
Arcane looked again deeply into Silver and said, "All Galactic Citizens could be said to be Gods, Silver. We are all Gods of the Galactic Sentience's Pantheon. You and I are like DemiGods in this Galaxy. You understand that don't you?"
Silver looked frightened at all the implications of this and said, "I do now."

Silver started to shake a little from the implications of this and said, "What now?"
Arcane said, "Sit. We go now."
Silver said, "I'm scared but okay."

They sat and ARcane took Silver's hands. Silver said, "What what about my wife, Lilu?"
Arcane said, "She won't notice. You will be back the next instant."
ARcane neglected to tell Silver they would be gone for years before he returned the next second after he left.

And there they were in the center of the Galaxy. Jonathan was there in his soul body. Silver knew this because he could see through his friend Jonathan Flow like a Ghost. They all appeared to be in a palace that reminded Silver of the Palace at Versailles in France. He wondered about this. He had visited France the previous October with Jonathan and Jonathan's wife and two daughters. Silver sort of felt confused. He turned to Arcane and said, "Why is there a duplicate of Versailles in the center of the Galaxy?"
Arcane said, "The Galactic Sentience is an energy being bigger than the Solar System so he created a palace so you and Jonathan and I would be comfortable in human bodies."
Silver said, "But Jonathan is in a soul body?"
Arcane said, "Yes. But Jonathan doesn't need this palace physically. He only needs it psychologically while we all are here."
Silver said, "Oh." 

note from author: Since I never know when I will be inspired to write further on any given topic I try to leave the way open for writing more by not giving a solid ending. It is my experience that since life doesn't really ever end that we should actually write more the way life actually is.


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For me, it is not about spells it is my experience with Angels like Archangel Michael who first saved my life at age 2 from Whooping cough. When he came with his band of Archangels I wanted at 2 to immediately become like him and his band of Archangels. So, through soul travel God allowed me to go in this direction as an adult.