Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Starving People Won't Back Down

In the last year worldwide the cost of everything has gone up now over 30% on average everywhere. If you were a person of any age and you were already paying 90% of your yearly income for food already this is a recipe for disaster if there are a lot of you like this in any one country. Here in the U.S. we pay on average only 7% of our income for food yearly, but there are many countries on earth where the average is 30% or more. When you have averages this high or more governments start to fall. This is part of what his happening in the Middle East all the way to China. In the middle East you have statistics like over half of the people are under 30 and over 30% of the income of all people in each country is going to food. Like I said this is a recipe for disaster for ANY country. Because this many young people coupled with these high percentages for food means LARGE amounts of people under 30 without jobs or being able to get married because they can't afford it. When this happens people begin to riot for food, jobs, rights and governments will fall. This is a given. Armies will NOT prevail under these circumstances because starving people since they have no other alternative will join to together to fight until their last breath. This is a given everywhere on earth.

This will only likely get worse as prices on all commodities like food and oil only increase during these times of Global Weather Changes and no more easily reached oil. These two factors combined with unsustainable world populations will eventually likely cause about 50% of the governments on earth to collapse. Only governments that can actually feed all their people one way or another like in places like Europe and the U.S. and Canada and Australia will stay viable governments under the present set of world problems because Starving People Don't Back Down!

It is said that the average group of people on earth begins rioting for food within 48 hours of no food.

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