Sunday, May 8, 2011

Human Immortality is Inevitable

Please follow my logic and see what you think about it.

We do Not live in a static universe (one that never changes). Things are always changing in the universe.

Since we do not live in a static universe, logically as humans at this point we will either nuke ourselves out of existence or we will scientifically and spiritually become immortal or we will do both.

Therefore, if we can be both creative and self disciplined, my thought is that achieving various types of human immortality will be a better outcome than committing suicide as a species by nuking ourselves out of existence permanently.

Even though immortality itself might take many different forms and be a challenge in itself, as long as people were allowed to make this choice and not forced to become immortal in  some kind of human hell, I think immortality could unlock the full potential of what a human or group of humans could ultimately be. This could be limitless once we pass the Singularity which is predicted to occur by 2045. (I personally think it will be much sooner as in intuitive).

What do you think of my logical premise? Thinking about the desirability and usefulness of immortality is something that all of you capable should eventually think about because it will eventually come and affect all of us in various ways. Rather than be a victim of the future, why not help create a future you can stand to live in long term?

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