Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thor: The Movie

I'm really glad I saw "Thor" the second time today. Sunday, I went to see it but the 3D projector for that particular theater was down and it sort of threw off my whole day. So even though I saw it 2 hours later, I didn't enjoy it like I wanted to.

However, today my wife wanted to see it again this time not in 3d and I really really enjoyed it this time. Everything worked for me. Even seeing it for a second time worked for me and then I could really see what good actors all the leads were in this movie. Thor's personality reminded me a lot of the men in my family growing up and to some degree it reminded me a lot of myself during my 20s because like Thor I was tall and buff and always had attitude. Also, I know this is how my wife still sees me even though I am now 63 even though I'm still 6 foot 5 inches tall. This movie has a little something for everyone.

My favorite quote from this movie paraphrased is what Thor says, "In my world Magic and Science is one and the same." To some degree that is true on this planet as well. For Science is what we know for sure and Magic is what most people are still learning about. In other words as magic becomes science everyone becomes powerful equally."

So, for example, as they rode their horses over the "rainbow Bridge" Bi-Frost road I could imagine technologically in theory how this actually could be done in real life.

For a long time, Asgard, "The realm of the Gods" and the "Greek Pantheon" which is similar have made much more sense in a purely scientific since than most other descriptions of reality, especially when you consider beings from other worlds coming to earth to peoples as yet uneducated in science beyond a wooden wheel and a sword and a Viking ship. So, the Odin and Greek Pantheon both make more sense than many other descriptions of how the universe actually works if you think about who is telling the story of the "Gods" visiting earth and sometimes breeding with human "mortals".

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