Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Driving Technology

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Excerpts from the May 30th, 2011 Time magazine that you can also find at time.com
The article (advertisement) is called "The 2011 Guide to Automotive Advancements and is sponsored by Toyota.

I found some very interesting ideas regarding hybrid and fuel cell technology here so I thought I might share some of it.

For example, in a graph here it shows that a fuel cell car has no emissions at all (unless you consider water vapor an emission). It has a range of 430 miles presently that are being presently tested for manufacture right now by Toyota.

Begin quote:

"The next big thing: Plug-In Hybrid"

---Toyota is launching 11 different hybrid models within 2 years globally, seven of which will be all new, not merely the next generation of an existing model." end quote.
this is a pretty interesting development right there!

next quote: "The Prius Plug-in can operate in all-electric mode at highway speeds of up to 60 mph, producing zero emissions during short commutes."
end quote.

next quote: "The Prius PLug-in Hybrid demonstration vehicle can be fully recharged with a household electric outlet of  110volts in just 3 hours. With a 220 volt outlet, it takes just one and a half hours to fully recharge-"

being quote: By 2035 there will be 1.6 billion cars on the roads of earth and if they all are non-hybrid gas and diesel driven cars the CO2 emissions will reach 8.2 billion metric tons per year.

Yet it's been estimated that if every one of those cars was powered by hybrid technology, combining a gas engine with an electric motor, those emissions could be cut nearly in half." end quotes.

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