Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bridesmaids: The Movie

Hysterically funny movie. And yet after watching it you also might feel that you were triggered in some way by the movie. My wife said it best. She said, "I felt as a woman a little hung out to dry watching this, a little exposed." Well, welcome to the world that men live in in every movie like "40 year old virgin" or "Superbad" or even "Knocked Up" or "The Hangover".

But I agree "Bridesmaids" is a breakthrough kind of movie for women. As a comedy it tends to go places only movies mostly about the habits of men and boys were allowed to before in "Saturday Night Live" kind of adult humor. I thought the whole movie was hysterically funny and something very new and breakthrough in its approach for women. However, I found when I got out of the movie that I was at emotional loose ends in some ways. For example, when I was trying to emotionally cope with going from a 14 year marriage with kids to now an almost 20 year marriage with another daughter I used to watch the Tom Hanks movie "Castaway". So I found it a little spooky when Kristen Wiig also choose this survival movie in her moment of need. I must have watched this movie about 50 times trying to survive all the emotional changes in my life during my late 40s and early 50s. Since I was sort of a survivalist in the early 1980s I could really relate to this movie. Anyway, for raucous laughter  the Bridesmaids movie is a must!

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