Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Male Opinion: Weddings are Stupid

I've never blogged about this before that I can remember. However, I have always felt this way since I was a little child and since I was a little child most men have felt this way too. Or, sometimes they equate Weddings with a lifetime of emotional and financial imprisonment which a wedding can also lead to unless you are a thinking person. And then there are other men who are just so very grateful to be with the woman they want and the children that they have that they don't really care about whether they marry or not because just being with their wife and then their children is the single most important thing in life to them.

But that doesn't change the fact that for most men weddings are just a waste of time (from a man's point of view).

However, if you are viewing this from  a woman's point of view or the point of view of any children that result or that are adopted in this marriage then Weddings are the very essence of life itself which is really great for the 50% of marriages that actually last of the 100%.

So then you have to look (if you are realistic about all this) that you have only about a 50-50 chance even if everyone shows up for the wedding and actually says "I Do" or "I will" for(both people). And those aren't very good odds. So then, everyone at a wedding has a 50-50 chance of being very disappointed before, during and after every marriage.

We just don't live in a fairy tale kind of world.

I have been married three times. Am I sorry that I got married any of those times? No. Would I rather have died than gone through my two divorces? Yes. But then I'm a survivor and many people are not. So when push goes to shove I tend to be one of the few that survive almost anything. Were those divorces fun? NO. I would rather be pushed out of a plane at 20,000 feet without a parachute than go through another one.

So, since you only have a 50-50 chance guys this is something to think about seriously before you say, "I do." Will you be able to survive it as well as your wife to be an kids if anything goes wrong? Are you willing to be blamed for anything that goes wrong? (This is still the way that it really is legally and emotionally and financially all over the world). If and When it all blows up if you are a guy you will be blamed for everything whether it is your fault or not. This is a given. So are you man enough to deal with it? If so, get married. Otherwise, walk away. Man up and know it could kill you and your wife and potential kids  or walk away. That is the choice.

There are no fairy tales. Just real life. But I will admit that after 3 marriages and three biological kids and two step kids and 2 god daughters that I have raised. Family and kids are great and they will either keep you young or kill you. There is no middle ground. Man up.

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