Monday, May 30, 2011

What Intuitives are Saying regarding what is happening to us and the Earth

The Good news is that all seem to agree that "The Rapture" or whatever you want to call it is in progress now on earth and in the souls, hearts and minds of all humans and likely all lifeforms in and around Earth.  There appears to be agreement that the heaven realms have interfaced with Earth and that this "Joining" continues to go on and to become more solidly permanent with Earth every day and will continue like this for several years likely in increments. Every intuitive that I have met on purpose or by "Accident" appears to share this experience without exception. The youngest is my 22 year old daughter but most are between the ages of 40 up into their 80s. So all these 40 and older intuitives have had plenty of time to hone their skills and to become proficient at "Seeing" what is really going on all the time.

I was skiing with friends recently and one of us asked, "What about those who live in 3 dimensions?" I said to him, "That depends upon your relationship with yourself and all life." I understood what he was asking but how beings individually relate to all this is a very personal and specific experience. So, this was the best answer I could truthfully give.

Earlier in the morning I had spoken with my daughter and she also had been meeting with intuitives and they also agreed with all of this. She added that, "All  past karma appears to be forgiven and everything seems to be starting over." I also had confirmation of this when I was trying to write down an address in my Iphone notepad when the entire page disappeared and I realized that it was a sign that "The renewal" of everything or that the "Starting over from Scratch" was beginning for all life on earth. Some parts of all this take my breath away too.

To the man who had asked the question, "What about those who live in 3 dimensions?" and others I also said, " There is this spriitual Heaven realm going on and taking beings to immortal states and then there is also the 2045 Singularity that is also taking people scientifically and medically into immortal states and these two types (and more) of immortality all seem to be converging rather quickly over the next 20 to 50 years here on earth. So what this means to any and all of you likely will be very individualistic and very specific. However, it all means many different things to all people.

What does it all mean? If you pray then pray and ask what it means for you, your family and all life on earth? If you are scientific by nature consider the possibility that something unique is going on now and over the next few years and beyond here on earth that likely hasn't happened before in anyone's lifetime that is now alive at the very least. This is the best way that I can convey it.

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