Monday, May 23, 2011

Writing and Telling the Truth

When I was little I thought everyone had abilities like I did. In some ways they did but they just didn't use them (at least the way I did). Looking back upon these differences between how I used my abilities and how others often seemed like sort of "crazy children" to me while I was growing up made me realize that everyone views reality differently not only by group but also individually as well. People of a similar group tend to communicate in a certain sort of way that brings out their locality or their church or their famous landmarks or their famous people. But what I realized early on is that everyone has their own private reality separate from all of this if they are intelligent enough or sometimes it doesn't matter how intelligent a person is they have their own private reality that they either share or don't share with others.

Then as I moved past the scary times of discovery of realizing just how different everyone was by about age 5, I realized that I couldn't talk about my religion because there were only about 10,000 of us in the U.S. and only about 100,000 in the World. So most people wouldn't even know my religion and would call it a cult. So, as I grew older my biggest fear always became not if someone was going to harm me or kill me (this didn't bother me as much for some reason). But I was worried that people in the 1950s would find out that I was in a religion that believed in Jesus (but also believed in Reincarnation like the early Christians also did the first 300 to 500 years after Jesus before Emperors instituted slave mentality and hell, fire and brimstone as a way to make more money for the church and to enslave the people in Europe so they could more easily be controlled by Higher ups in  both Church and State.

Also, I couldn't wear red or black, eat any meat, fowl or fish or onions or garlic. (which because I grew up in Los Angeles meant that I couldn't really enjoy any of the really fine restaurants there growing up during the 1950s except for the then SRF vegetarian Restaurants in Hollywood and in Encinitas, California near San Diego. (both are gone now).

So, as a result of all this my biggest fears always were around being found out that I was somehow different. So only those people and friends that I trusted with my life would I share any of this with.

The point of all this is I believe it is useful for writers to share their personal truths with their audience in their writings whether it is blogging about news events, writing short stories or just philosophically expounding upon whatever topic might interest them. And being a writer is a little different than being a texter. A writer needs to write like mammals need to breathe to live. A writer may or may not get paid for it. But writing comes from a real need to share what is meaningful before they die. And sometimes it doesn't really matter whether everyone reads their stuff or even no one reads their stuff, they just have to get it off their chest and through it they learn about life, themselves, the world. Expressing yourself through writing, music, art, whatever allows one to feel alive and not just dead inside. It allows a person to know through their expression that even if someone picked up what they wrote 100 or 1000 years from now that that person might benefit from it. It might even save their life reading some stuff. So by sharing what is most important one saves lives including their own every time they express themselves. So the more truth a person can share (remember you still have to protect yourself from creeps who might want to harm you so be sort of vague about where you live, who you are etc.) but besides that sharing your truths can save a life, bring a tear to an eye. Help someone who is having the same kinds of problems as you etc. So if it works for you tell the truth as much as it is safe to do for you and your friends and your kids. Sharing the truth saves us all!

So, whenever I write I always try to share the highest level of truth that is safe for me to share. I feel I owe not only myself but all beings in the universe past, present and future this ongoing kindness! And you might think or feel the same way too!

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