Saturday, May 7, 2011

Psychologically Surviving Human Immortality

The Brave New World of Potential Human Immortality...

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I was thinking in regard to both individuals and world society would be in their consciousness in regard to all of this. Individually, this would be one set of problems but might not be as big a problem as we would think now because by the time that someone chose to become immortal they might be 60 to 80 years old and already have had to become extremely adaptable to have survived that long in the first place.

So, that would mean that psychological survival in regard to all this would mainly be in relation to world society in general. If most or all cultures decided to allow human immortality in some or all people then the problem would become societies and not so much of the individuals who have become immortal.

Another thing is that becoming immortal doesn't mean that one is impervious to accidents or mayhem. So, one will only stay immortal if one doesn't have some sort of accident that would be fatal. But still, the potential for living indefinitely becomes possible and so many likely that already survived until 60 to 80 years of age would embark upon the path to potential human immortality or possibly might also be called, 'Living indefinitely if there are no accidents'. But I have the feeling that being called "Immortal" might be sort of like being a Superhero so that name likely would stick as a goal to be attained much like a college degree to the PHD level or running a 4 minute mile or something like that.

So then, achieving physical immortality might cause the most problems to religions in general. So, people who were attending churches who might be upset by human immortals just might not tell people there their real ages or real histories. In other words people might need to live on in a sort of anonymity in regard to their real pasts being 100, 200 or 300 years before as time goes along. As human immortality becomes more common as it reduces in price to become so, it will likely create a need within world cultures to ration who can have children when. Though in the end it might look like China in the last 50 years or so, it might be necessary to avoid overpopulation of the earth.

The weather changes caused by Global warming will decrease the population of earth because of reduced amounts of food grown, the inability to feed people and to keep animals for food at the same time, the end of fish in the ocean to fish for(we are almost there already) etc.

So, because of all these changes and the ever increasing prices of food and everything on earth (up 30% worldwide for all things in the last year worldwide) many more people are likely to starve and to die of weather calamities worldwide.

So, living in a country with a good educational system and technology education will allow people to survive whereas in other countries without good educational systems or weather information, many of those people won't get enough information to survive what is coming.

So, being aware of what is going on on all levels will tend to create a better chance for survival worldwide. So, more and more education and  good information and good food is a life or death thing worldwide.

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