Tuesday, May 31, 2011


An Empath is someone who can experience exactly what you are experiencing. The problem with this is that this can have all sorts of effects on everyone around them. My primary gift is different than being an Empath. Mine is primarily a survival tool (individual and group) called being a Precognitive psychic. This means that I often know things before they happen and the real effects of this often are kind of awesome in regard to being able to save one's own life or the lives of those others who take the time to listen.                                           

Having these things is a good thing for everyone when that person's motivation is to help themselves and others in a positive way. However, as we know this is not always the case. I knew someone years ago that would (as an empath) pretend to be God. In other words she would when someone around her was talking to God she would intercept this telepathic conversation and pretend to be God because she could. Likely she started doing this as a child with her parents or brothers and sisters to get them to do what she wanted. But doing this as an adult is kind of scary. So whenever she would do this I would call her on this and she sometimes would laugh. I would tell her that it was really bad karma to manipulate people in this way but she would even do this to her children to direct their actions and behaviors and I always thought it was wrong. I'm a firm believer in Free Will because without it I think most of us would just prefer to go jump off a cliff. At least that's the way I feel. Without Freedom why live?

So, I had another experience recently with her doing this (because I was within about 40 miles of her) and because this to her is her special practical joke of how she can control others around her. I wasn't amused by this when I realized what she was doing. And she isn't the only person that does this. Often ministers of Church's are empaths and this is how they get their church members to give money by telling their members (as God) to give large amounts of money to their church.

Though I was raised to be a minister by my parents this is one of many reasons why I chose not to become a minister too as an adult. I could not ethically condone becoming a used car salesman to make sure a church got repaired in a telepathic way. Also, I believe God isn't in any church necessarily but usually mostly in nature. So I see churches mostly as a way to make people give money to buildings. I guess some people need this but if I want to meet God I go someplace like Yosemite or Mt. Shasta or the Tetons of Wyoming. I don't really experience God in most churches just a lot of really sad confused and many times dying people. Everyone must have their own experience but this is mine.

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