Wednesday, May 18, 2011

more on Cell Phones killing Honeybees

Cellphones among other things are Killing Honeybee...

I was thinking more about the problem of cell phones among other things killing honeybees. It appears to destroy their directional sense if I understand what is said correctly. If that is true is it also killing the directional sense in a slower way in all animals, birds and humans as well. So, my question is are we causing an evolutionary adaptation away from being being able to navigate without a GPS device in the wild by using cell phones over time? And if this is true what happens the first time there is an EMP(Electromagnetic pulse) or Solar Flares that will eventually knock out all satellites and possibly even all electrical power stations on earth?

For example, in 1989 around the time my older daughter was born there was a plasma storm from the sun which knocked out a power plant in Canada. The same day the Aurora Borealis was seen as low as Arcata and Eureka, California which is quite amazing. Every 11 years there are sunspots and there could be computer or power plant outages or satellite outages including GPS satellites as well. So this is something to think about.

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