Sunday, May 8, 2011

Science and Spirituality

Though my father was a religious man and in addition to being an Electrical Contractor also was a lay minister along with my mother and in charge of a church in Los Angeles, California between 1954 and 1960 (I was 6 to 12 years old at the time), he was also a man of science. Many people in my religion didn't fully appreciate science, however, I was taught to really respect one scientist in particular, Nicola Tesla (the father of alternating current and fluorescent lighting) and a man who once electrified the whole city of Boulder, Colorado so people could have electricity for free. But the problem was that sparks went from boulders and rocks to the hoofs of cows and no radio signals could work using this method because of interference. Though this method likely relates more to how the ark of the Covenant Works and how UFO's might also work(electrically speaking), this was not the method that we have wound up today with simply because it wouldn't be possible to make money from electricity using this method. Since it was reported by some that Tesla was killed because of offering free electricity to FDR during World War II (whether this was true or not) it is a cautionary tale concerning anyone interfering with those who demand to make money from electrical generation worldwide.

So, it is my belief that science is at present is much less about what it is presently possible to do and more about how large cartels and groups and governments worldwide wish to make money from things like the generation of electricity and the general suppression of many technically feasible things and of people disappearing with perfectly good inventions. There are at the very least 100 or more people with great inventions that I have noticed that have suddenly disappeared since I was a child.

If a corporation or government is powerful enough it can make anyone disappear and then propagandize why they are suddenly gone. So, if you are interested in  the many suppressed inventions over the last 100 to 300 years you may or may not find the information available but you will notice how people have disappeared just after announcing to the world many different technical breakthroughs.

So, I guess what I'm saying is that developing one's ethics (spirituality) helps one to navigate the pitfalls one encounters when dealing with not only science but people who think nothing of making people disappear or discrediting inventions as those people disappear.

There have been many movies made about this problem, like "Tucker" the stainless steel car that would never wear out (at least for 25 years or more) and other examples of suppressed technology.

In this article I'm not accusing any one corporation or government of character assassination or  physical assassination of individuals or inventions. I'm simply saying this kind of thing has always happened down through the ages as a way of "eliminating the competition" both directly and indirectly.

So, when people talk to me about the Purity of Science I think to myself, "Give me a break!"
People have been killing each other regarding science and inventions for thousands of years now. (And it hasn't just been religions killing inventors either. Governments, Corporations and competitors have all taken their turn at assassination both of the character of individuals as well as physical assassination.

So, in this article it is my hope that by drawing attention to this fact that more inventions that are actually beneficial to the long term survival of mankind are allowed to exist.

However, the reality is the hit or miss craziness of the real world we all have always lived in. So, good luck world. I hope the inventions we need are the ones we actually wind up with worldwide in the end.

My father was kind of prejudiced regarding Albert Einstein. I could never really figure out why as a child or teenager. However, many people on earth at that time were really horrified at the invention of nuclear weapons. And everyone knew at the time that they never could have been invented without the theory of relativity and so blamed Einstein for nuclear weapons during the late 1940s and especially through the 1950s. There was an ongoing horror that everyone lived with from the dropping of the A-Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. What made the U.S. the most powerful nation on earth, also made the whole world horrified because the U.S. and then the Soviet Union were able to destroy the earth 100s of times over with nuclear weapons by the late 1950s and early 1960s. So, even though Americans were proud to be so powerful worldwide that no nation would dare attack us except the Soviet Union, the other side of this was a horror we all lived with of not knowing when any day would be our last as humans in the U.S., the Soviet Union or any place on Earth. So, science in this sense made every day after Hiroshima and Nagasaki a full time Horror movie everywhere on earth.

And by the way, this horror movie didn't really end until the Soviet Union Collapsed
begin quote from wikipedia under the heading "Dissolution of the Soviet Union" begin quote:

"The dissolution of the Soviet Union was a process of systematic disintegration, which occurred in its economy, social structure and political structure. It resulted in the destruction of the Soviet Federal Government ("the Union centre") and independence of the USSR's republics on December 25, 1991. The process was caused by weakening of the Soviet government, which led to disintegration and took place from about January 19, 1990 to December 31, 1991."

So this changed the whole dynamics on earth and the earth is still reeling from these changes because these changes started during the 1930s and 1940s and kept going until 1991. And then everything sort of ended in that form all over the earth. Then the vacuum was filled with Yeltsin and then Putin but the world changed completely how it operated. And to some degree "Osama Bin Laden" replaced the boogey man of the old Soviet Union. It is unknown what Osama Bin Laden will be replaced with now.

I know I have digressed from the original idea of Science and Spirituality.  However, what I wound up with I find to be interesting and useful in its own sense so I think I'll leave it anyway.

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