Sunday, May 8, 2011

Jonathan Flow Speaks about Immortality

Jonathan had been speaking with Arcane and the Solar Logos lately about this. The question was "How will Human Immortality affect the souls of the beings that live upon earth?"

Arcane's point of view (since he had already been alive for thousands of years in real time was): "Jonathan, being basically immortal for all intents and purposes is a lot like when you grow up from birth to babyhood to childhood to teenage to adulthood. In other words, in the process of the years going by you become many different people. I have even heard you describe it as still being basically the same person as you were at age 10 years old just with more armor and experience in that you can more easily and efficiently deal with both opportunities and problems as they arise than you could as a teenager."

Jonathan thought about all this and said, "Yes. That's about right. That is my experience."

ARcane went on, "Well. Take those experiences and multiply them by 1000."
Jonathan drew in a breath at this thought and said, "If what you say is true, you barely still recognize yourself from when you were under 100 years of age."

Arcane said, "Yes. I am presently over 3000 years old in real time and if I feel just too distant from who I was at under 100 years of age I often just travel through time on the invisible and watch myself in a former time."
Jonathan said, "Doesn't your younger self recognize your presence?"
Arcane: "Maybe. But it is sort of like when you experience angels or disembodied human spirits walking around or even people walking outside of their bodies as they sleep at night or daydream."
Jonathan said, "Yes. That is an ongoing experience for everyone. It's true. So, you are saying that when you feel too disconnected from the purity of your former self you just go visit yourself as you used to be to feel more integrated?"

Arcane looked deeply into Jonathan and said, "Yes."

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