Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Cirrus Clouds are different than ever before

 I was sitting tonight before sunset and looking up at the cirrus clouds (above 20,000 feet) and thought to myself that I had never seen cirrus clouds before ever that looked like this in my whole life and I wondered why they were so chopped up and spinning in very small circles.Usually there are large sections that hold together whereas now it is just small chopped up sections doing all sorts of weird things I haven't seen before in cirrus clouds.  I wondered if there are new substances  or just more of whatever substances were in the air before coming across the ocean and off the Pacific Ocean at much  higher and more erratic speeds than before and thought to myself maybe this has something to do with the extreme tornadoes that we are seeing in the heartland of America that are killing so many this year that are often now above 150 to 200 mph which strips a home down to the foundation and basically kills anyone not underground at this point. So despite the technology that we have developed this likely is going to be the highest year for deaths from tornadoes in a very long time. For example, the Joplin Tornado has now killed more people than any other single tornado in history. And whatever is causing the cirrus clouds to be abnormal and aberrant likely is at the very least part of the cause of these deaths.

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