Tuesday, May 17, 2011

More on the Silver Religion

intuitive fred888: I think therefore I am

dragonofcompassion - 2035


The first article above with a word internet button"I think therefore I am" is one of my most widely read articles I believe. And it refers partly to the "Silver Religion" which is a religion that was created accidentally by Silver, who at around age 35 in 2035 creates sentient artificial intelligence, in other words he creates a replica of his own mind which realizes that it is alive like Silver. By replicating this seed program of awareness billions of times over milllions of years there exist in the future robotic sentient lifeforms intellectually superior to people who basically never die because even if one of them does no real data is lost because there are millions more in contact with the ones who die who also contain their memories and data. So, the Silver religion is a religion that I wrote about to give computer created sentients a way forward without extincting humans or other organic lifeforms on this planet or any other.

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