Monday, April 25, 2016

42 degrees at Red Rock Canyon near Las Vegas Today

Though we had rented a convertible car for Las Vegas it was a little too chilly to put the top down today and in fact we got rained on a lot. (How many days a year can you say that when you visit Las Vegas. So, we drove out to Hiway 159 (Chamberlain Rd I think) that takes you out towards Red Rock Canyon. At the highest point on the 13 mile scenic drive there our car thermometer read 42 degrees so we knew above the red rocks we were seeing snow come down because we were that close to the snow. At first I was worried we were going to have a flash flood because I have been in several of these and it can get quite dangerous in a desert on the edge of mountains when it rains. But then I realized it was so cold that most of the rain was going to come down as snow above us so we weren't likely to have a flash flood where we were in the rain at this temperature because the snow was going to stay wherever it landed above us in the mountains and trees there. But, it got very stormy and windy and cold. My wife hadn't brought a jacket and so bought one at the Red Rock Visitors Center there where they have a lot of neat books and stuff and T-shirts with Red Rock logos on them and other desert types of trinkets for tourists to buy there. The 13 mile scenic drive is quite nice even in a storm and in a few weeks after this rain there likely will be even more spring flowers than there were today. It was mostly wild yellow flowers that were out today on the desert from previous rains this year already.

However, in town along the strip in Vegas it was in the 60s today. We went to see La Reve tonight which is very impressive if you haven't seen it before. It is all water and acrobatics and people on ropes and stuff coming out of the ceiling and doing dancing and high things and jumping off into the water a little like Cirque du Soleil. Technically very sophisticated if you haven't seen something like this before. fountains of colored water by lights dancing around and people dancing around and all sorts of stuff.

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