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reprint of "Psychic Rape"

If you are an intuitive or even if you are not consciously an intuitive this is a description of how "Thought are things". A good way to think about this is that a car never was until someone thought about designing one, and then building one. Thoughts are all things in this sense, so one should be careful how they think because there are consequences to all thoughts and feelings. So, a thought and a feeling can be a reaction to something else but it also creates ongoing actions and reactions too which might reverberate for thousands of years throughout many generations of mankind.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Psychic Rape

Because the subject of rape and abortion has come up I realized it might be the right moment to write about Psychic Rape. Because as an intuitive this is something I understand from observing life all my life.

One way to put this is that Sexual thoughts are a perfectly normal part of the lives of males and female humans and always have been. Religions and churches try to suppress these thoughts and to direct them as a way of channeling them in a controlling way that benefits the religions and churches and often makes people crazy. This I have observed over and over in people I have met throughout my life.

So, I have developed a more pragmatic approach that I have advocated to everyone I have met that was interested since my teens and early 20s regarding this.

One has to start with the fact that people having sexual thoughts are normal. Trying to make people not have sexual thoughts is about like telling people they cannot think about or eat food. It is the same thing.

So, my point of view is that sex for most people is sort of like food. If you don't get enough of it it makes you crazy. Period. Of course there are exceptions to this but I would say the exceptions are about 1 person in 10 and they usually never have children.

I remember holding my son in my arms after delivering him when I was 26 and I thought to myself, "So this is what all this has been about!" And I felt happy and at peace having felt I had discovered God anew in my new born son.

So then psychic rape is when someone sexually takes someone in fantasy in their mind(but not physically) without their permission. The problem with this can go in many directions.

First of all if you are an intuitive like me you know directly from 24 hours a day experiencing this that all thoughts and feelings are real. But, they are real in a different way than physical things are-sort of. In other words all thoughts and feelings affect reality in subtle or strong ways but they do not necessary change physical reality in any observable way.

For example, if someone was raped and murdered physically at some location and someone came in and cleaned up the body no one would know anything had happened. But a psychically sensitive person might pass that way and feel what had happened and be very upset and not ever want to go to that place ever again. And they may or may not know why.

Likewise, if any person has an extreme fantasy about having sex with someone else it always affects the relationship between those two people in some way, shape or form. This can be good or bad or any way in between. But it will have some effect upon any future relationship between them whether or not those two people ever have consensual sex or not.

So, for example, if two people are intuitives and one of those psychically rapes the other without the others psychic permission this could damage any possibility of an ongoing relationship ever happening between them.

So, what I'm cautioning people about is if you are going to fantasize about someone it is a good idea to at the very least ask in your mind what they other person feels about this. If they say "yes" in your mind it might be okay with them. But if you get "No" and still pursue this fantasy (not physically or verbally with them) but only with yourself it can create negative outcomes.

So, though I'm not advocating people be so disciplined that they never fantasize about another person, what I am saying is all this kind of stuff does have various kinds of consequences karmicly  so if you are going to engage in these fantasies make sure you get permission from the other person's soul or else you could be generating negative karma.

Many people think that being physically true to your mate or significant other is what is important because often people have problems when they don't. However, most realistic adults who are not trying to drive themselves insane with celibacy see that physically being true to one's mate or significant other is as far as that loyalty goes. This seems to be a general consensus among mankind.

So, whatever you do physically or just in fantasy remember there often are consequences to almost everything you might think, feel or do that affects your life in some way, shape or form at some point.

So, developing your ethics around "Do unto others as you  would have them do unto you" on not only a physical but also a spiritual, mental and emotional level might be more important than you might think now long term.

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