This was my favorite bike I ever owned. I bought one used in 1975 and I kept riding it until my oldest stepson traded it for a sound system for his bedroom in 1989 years later. I jumped it early as high as 8 feet off the ground (the bottom of the rear tire was 8 feet off the ground) and rode it through many adventures in the back country and survived them all. It was light enough to throw from side to side with your hips in the dirt to change directions quickly and yet powerful enough to do some hill climbing with (even though it came over back onto me on my back where the tank hit me once but strong enough to go end over end all the way down the hill after the tank hit my back and wasn't damaged at all and then I rode it 30 miles home from there. This was a very amazing bike to own and ride. My only complaint might be it wasn't fast enough on the freeway to get out of the way of problems there like a bigger bike (500 CC or over might be). But, off road it was always a dream and could ride at 65 or 70 all day on the freeway if that is what you wished as long as you stayed away from semi trucks because of the windage around them on a bike this light.