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reprint of " After Soul Traveling about 10 years: We are Everywhere!"



  You likely would have to understand this was a very long process. It's not like I just woke up one day and could soul travel. No. It started when I was dying of whooping cough and had sort of resigned myself to dying at age 2. I expected to die.

Then I was lying in my grandmother's lap while she sang Hark the Herald Angels Sing one Christmas (likely 1950) and Archangel Michael and his band of archangels showed up and healed me.

This began my conscious path towards being a soul traveler like the Archangels. Because this is what Archangels do.

So, after they saved my life I wanted to become like them from then on. So, I did over the years become a soul traveler like the Archangels. But, it took until I was about 21 or 22 before I was proficient at this.

The big change was when I was sick and going to college in San Diego and living in Rancho Bernardo with my parents. I was around 22 years old and drove my VW bug out to the desert and stayed in a friend's house that they kept for weedends and vacations there so it was empty on 2 1/2 acres then.

So, I went out there and was trying to dry out a cold or flu. So, went to sleep but was uneasy in my sleep. So, I woke up about 2 or 3 am and went into the Bathroom to relieve myself. But, when I went to flip the light switch on my arm went through the wall. This was completely unexpected and meant I wasn't in my physical body like I had thought.

Imagine thinking you were walking around in your physical body and you found out you were not in your physical body and your mind and soul screamed in horror.

Because you had never experienced this being separate from your body while thinking you were still in your body ever before.

So, I wracked my brain to try to think what I should do?

I remembered reading how one should walk back into their bedroom (or wherever they were sleeping) and walk up to the base of their body and basically lay down into it.

So, that's what I did.

However, then when I did this and got in sync with my body I started to shake because of my fear and terror of what I was experiencing. So, this was so completely disturbing to me because I was completely alone. This was beyond anything I could deal with alone at that moment. So, I simply packed up my things at about 3 am in the morning and loaded up my VW Bug and drove back to Rancho Bernardo.

As I drove away, I said to God, "God, You just scared the living hell out of me and I almost had a heart attack. Can't I please now have a good experience instead of almost dying?"

Two months later God answered my prayer:

I woke up and I looked back and saw my body there. I was okay this time because I was still connected by my hips to my toes. So, as I sat up out of my body I could see my face behind me sleeping peacefully. Then as I was sitting up I also saw another me with an angelic look on it's face walking into the room. The angel version of me laid down into me and we laid down into my physical body and then I said, "Thank you God! I understand now!"

So, what had happened this time was a complete paradigm shift.

What had happened was I had experienced that souls and bodies can live separately. Knowing this I knew I had an immortal soul. I knew I would never really die. Only my body would die because I couldn't I realized.

So, over time I used to get out of my body and sit on the roof in my soul and look at the stars. Then I would walk down the street outside my house and eventually travel all over the earth. But then, I thought, "Hey, if I was in space my body is here at home breathing. So, if I go into space I won't have to breathe. I think that could work." Yes. That worked.

So, then I went to Venus which I had heard a lot about. Then I went and visited other souls that lived their in soul bodies (because it is 600 to 900 degrees Fahrenheit there) and no human body can live there.

So, the souls there on Venus told me to go into the sun if I wanted to visit God in the Center of the Galaxy. So, i went into the Sun and it felt a lot like swimming in a hot tub but it didn't burn me. The biggest surprise was the Plasma beings who also had souls like humans do there.

They sent me to the Center of the Galaxy through a device there.

But, when I made it to the center of the Galaxy God wasn't there any more than he is on earth sort of like Jesus was on earth. So, God is everywhere but maybe not in the way we might expect.

So, when I went into the center of the galaxy I met the species of beings that created this physical galaxy. Boy! was I surprised at the way things really are.

So, after that,  (about 10 years later) I started to realize that "We Are everywhere".

How I came to this realization was by realizing being anywhere or every where is effortless once you realize you are everywhere.

You don't have to really try to be any one anywhere because you are naturally everywhere.

Why Is this?

My way of describing this is that we live in the mind of God. So, the physical universe is really only the mind of God. This is the best way I can explain how all this works.

So, By then I was 30 to 32 before I realized all this. So, this is my experience now. We are everywhere so there really isn't anything to fear.

So life is a game but it is a serious game that God has designed for us. IN realizing what the universe actually is we are free.

So, now I pretend the world is real. I pretend marriage is real. I pretend the universe is real. However, at core I really know that it is all just "The mind of God!"

We are everywhere because we all live in the Mind of God!

However, likely if you become a soul traveler likely you may have an experience like this too eventually like I did.

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