Friday, April 22, 2016

A Belief in God?

What do I think about a belief in God?

Obviously, to become enlightened you don't have to believe in God, you only have to be enlightened and have compassion for all beings in the universe. However, to me, when I study Buddhism, for example, there is hierarchy it's just that the meaning of what God means is entirely different to a Buddhist than it is to a Christian, or Muslim. And in Hinduism there are many many Gods so that is different too. So, there are many paths to Enlightenment which to me means education, experience, Compassion and Wisdom and right actions toward oneself and all others.

So, in the end it isn't God one needs to believe in it is in the sanctity of all life. Otherwise, killing self or others has no real meaning to that one at all. And we see this demonstrated every day in schoolyards around the U.S. by mass murderers where they kill many others and then themselves. IF that person considered his or her life and all others as sacred they would never kill anyone even themselves.

Will murder suicides increase as less people believe in the sanctity of life whether they believe in God or not?

Likely Yes.

So, depending upon what someone believes in and whether they are considered to be sane enough to be around without being killed by them will become more and more important worldwide as time goes forward from here.

So, in this sense whether someone believes in God or not is not what is really important here, it is whether they see them being alive or you being alive as useful to anyone or not.

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